Events in Indore

Indoris, are you guys ready to let loose and let the laughs out? Are you guys on the lookout for an insane comedy show, one that lets you relive your childhood and the little joys that come with it? Well, then sit back, relax and read on to know what's in store.

In December, you guys can go ahead and pay a visit to Harsh Gujral's newest and funniest comedy set, Jo Bolta Hai, Wohi Hota Hai. Through his show, Gujral will take you down a trip through memory lane, back to the days when we were kids.

What's buzzing?

Indoris, prep yourself to laugh out loud at Harsh Gujral's comedy show. His show aims to bring alive the magic of youth and reminds us of our own lives as children. He peppers his comedy with relatable tidbits here and there, which is what usually tends to dazzle audiences.

Harsh Gujral's comedy show revolves around a whole lot of nostalgia, childishness and living in the moment.

When it comes to talking about the present, he has his own lighthearted way of looking at things. He can turn even the most serious accounts into fresh jokes and interesting and captivating stories.

About Harsh Gujral

The man is a mixture of all legendary Indian comedians. His style has an aura about it, within which one can clearly see the influence of Indian comedians. His charming stage presence, mixed with his panche for all things quirky makes his comedy sets some of the most interesting ones in a long time.

In case you haven't seen what he's capable of, then do check out his YouTube channel, where he posts work from his new comedy sets. He has got quite a dedicated fan base, who are always looking for his next work.

Knock Knock

Indore is coming up quite good in terms of its growth as a performance hub. Artistes and comedians are increasingly looking at Indore as a great audience and honestly, we're thrilled about it.

When: December 06, 2019

Where: Papaya Tree Hotel

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Of late, we've been seeing a rise in the list of stand-up comedians, musicians and other artistes who’ve been visiting Indore. If you're on the lookout for an event that will leave you in splits, then you have to head over to an insane comedy show by the one and only, Pratyush Chaubey.

The man is making his way to your city and folks, believe us, it is time to be hyped up! His fun filled jokes, light hearted humor and funky take on life, makes him a stand-up comedian who can win hearts all over. Within no time, you'll be ROFL-ing like there's no tomorrow!

What's Happening?

In case the long week has got you down or the tiring assignments and the never ending chores have been taking a toll on you, then this event that is for you!

Though the show itself is just a few hours long, the impact of the show will stay with you for days to come. You'll soon be internally smiling if you just recall some of his jokes, which is perfect for all those boring family get togethers!

His comedy is really light-hearted, pointed towards social issues and on the whole, grounded. This is something that's missing from the comedy scenes these days and Chaubey realizes that, it's all about the comedy and nothing else!

About Pratyush Chaubey!

Chaubey's journey to stand-up comedy is one worth commending. Having left his job as an engineer at a leading company, he fully invested himself to the art of stand up comedy.

For a long time, he struggled and in his initial days, YouTube wasn't very kind to him. However, he waded through it all, found his own niche and an audience that appreciates him and then he made his way up from there.

Knock Knock

We can safely say that you're going to be in for a surprise when you see him masterfully perform his craft. His style of telling his woeful story through jokes and hilarious situations, is what we love about him.

When: December 08, 2019

Where: Effe Cafe

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Indore, are you ready for the most energetic music event of the year? Gear yourself up for an electrifying party and dance the night away to some hip and peppy Punjabi beats. Bringing alive the spirit and gaiety of Punjabi Music, Gaana Crossblade has a great lineup of artistes who are going to paint Indore city red!

So, folks, what are you even waiting for? Grab your friends, book your tickets fast and brace yourself for a day full of musical passion and joy.

What's happening?

The biggest Punjabi Music fest in the country is is coming to Indore! The energetic aura, the peppy vibes and the groovy beats, all of them beckon you to the mega event. Even if you are not a fan of Punjabi music, this music show is a must visit because it is the stuff of legends.

At Gaana Crossblade, you can forget your worries, the troubles of daily life and everything else. The event gives you an opportunity to just immerse yourself in a world of music, fun and frolic, while dancing to the beats of your favourite Punjabi songs. Now who would give up that opportunity?

Who are the performers?

By this point, you are probably wondering who is coming to the Gaana Crossblade event. We hear you.

Gaana Crossblade, the mega music show will be graced by some of the best Punjabi musicians in the industry today. You'll get the soulful and hard hitting tunes of Divine, which will put a spell of energy on the night. On the other hand, B Praak's peppy, groovy beats will make you want to dance the night away.

Hold on folks, that's not even the end of it! Apart from these two stunners, the show will also bring to you Gurnazar who has a very diverse dynamic that adds a level of vibrancy to the entire night. In fact, the list of performers is expanding and the final lineup is expected to be even more impressive!

Knock Knock

Gaana Crossblade is one of the best and most happening events we've come across in a long time and we're really excited to see how the show will pan out. You guys should hurry on and get those tickets now because they're selling out like hot cakes!

When: December 15, 2019

Where: Marriott Hotel, Indore

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The quote 'A dog is man's best friend' is one that is rather hackneyed; however, there's no denying that it is absolutely true. The furry little doggos are loved by almost all and these little balls of joy really help us destress.

If you're someone who just can't get enough dogs in their life, then you've got to head over to the coolest event in town. On Sunday, you can spend your day watching doggos try their hands (read paws) at some fun stuff, even cuddle with them and a lot more.

What's buzzing?

At this dog show and adventure fest in Indore, dog owners can interact with professional trainers, veterinarians and dog experts. The experts can then further guide people on how to take the best care of their furry friends. The best part is that you know you're getting only the best opinions from people who know what they're talking about.

Dogs have long been more than just pets and animals for most people, they have become an essential part of our families. For many people, dogs are more like children, and their care must be taken in the best possible way.

As for the dog show itself, the ambitious doggos will go ahead and show off what they know, their tricks, their lush hair and most of all, their cutesy faces. Here, you will be able to spot some of the most well groomed dogs you've ever seen.

Just being at this place is a relaxing experience. Wherever you look, you can find a new doggo to play with, and honestly, what more are you asking for?

What's in it for us humans?

Well, the name of the event has 'adventure' in it, so that's what you get. Here, you can partake in fun filled activities such as zorbing, trekking, shooting, ATV rides and other exciting adventures in the adventure fest. The event really seems like the one stop for everything fun.

Knock Knock

When it comes to fun things to do in Indore, sometimes, you just want a different experience. Something that comforts you, something tangible that makes you feel alive once again, and that is exactly what you're getting at the dog show happening tomorrow.

When: 17 November

Where: Fagun Gardens, Indore

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Heading over to a play can often be one of the most cathartic experiences that one can have. You get to take a look at the world in an all new light and experience something completely new.

Every play you visit has a lasting impression on you and this one is no different. Indoris, it is time to head over to a one of a kind political comedy play that pokes fun at everything wrong with India.

What's happening?

The play titled The Devil Wears Bataa, a play on the words 'The Devil Wears Prada', is all about pointing out the wrong and riling up the hornet's nest. These guys are brutally honest and paint a bleak picture- but certainly a funny one.

The Devil Wears Bataa is a play that allows you to see clearly, to open up new doors that help you perceive things in an all new light, and often, that is just the wake up call you need. Not only is the play a culmination of comical and theatrical genius, it is also an eye opener into the world of things that shouldn't be happening in the country.

Since you're here for the experience and the comedy, that's what you should focus on enjoying. The group of actors is talented and have a few tricks up their sleeve to make the play a memorable one. Their impersonations of old school political leaders is impeccable and is an homage to great theatre itself.

About the organizer

The event is being organized by the Indore cancer Foundation, which is an organization that aims to fund cancer research and provide some hope to those with the fatal disease. Most of the tickets' costs will go towards the foundation, so you know that it's all for a great cause.

Knock Knock

Indore is quickly becoming a performers' hub and with such cool plays making their way into the city, we're excited to see what the future holds. For now, relax and take your mind off things at this amazing comical play that is deeply rooted in reality.

When: 16th November

Where: Ambani Auditorium, Indore

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Indian cricket fans are known for their obsessive love of the sport. Indore especially has a soft corner for cricket in its heart and the love knows no bounds. Hence the new that Indore will host the first match of India vs Bangladesh test series has us Indoris ecstatic.

The match will be held at Indore's International Cricket Stadium on November 14, hence the players of both teams have already reached the city.

What's the update?

Indore, it is time to be on your best behaviour once again because some of the best cricketers in the world are going to be in the city.

Indian as well as Bangladeshi players reached the city on November 11, to get a feel of the stadium and practice for the match ahead of them. At the airport, the international cricketers were met with fans who gushed over the cricketers and showered them with love and support.

The test match is the first in the series and it is a singular privilege that Indore gets to host it. There is a palpable tension for the match in Indore's air and it seems as though the entire city is gearing up for it.

India vs Bangladesh: Match Prediction

The home team looks to be rather confident with the support from fans and are currently in a really good form. The boys in white have been especially on a roll when we speak of the long format test matches. Kohli and his men are currently in the lead by 8 points when compared to other teams on the ICC board. The players are faced with several challenges ahead of them and are looking to secure a spot for the finals in the Championship.

As for the Bangladeshi side, they are a rather tumultuous sort. They have bested the Indians in the recent T-20 matches and are aiming to do the same. However, the planning and strategy required from their side still seems to be missing. At any rate, we can safely say that Indoris are in for a treat.

What are the players up to?

Many of the players are visiting Indore for the first time and a few were spotted by the paparazzi on the streets of Indore, checking out the local sights. In fact, Virat Kohli was seen playing Gully Cricket for what seems to be some sort of a promotional video.

Knock Knock

The test match is scheduled to take place on 14th of November and we can't wait to cheer team India to victory. While the match is first in the series of many to come, it will play a major role in deciding the team's morale.