The Indore Divisional Cricket Association has set the premise to inaugurate one of the most thrilling and exciting cricket leagues of all times here. Indore will be hosting the 'Expos Live TV', an A-Grade League cum Knockout Trophy -2021 from March 24, which will be kicking in a heavy dose of adrenaline and cheer among all cricket-buffs here. The league returns to the city, backed by the Shriram Sports Groups so get to indulge in the festive galore of this mega cricket-limited over-gala!

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If football is your first love, then why not take the challenge a notch-up and try playing it when half-encased by a torus bubble? Indulge in this and many other offbeat and fun-filled activities with your buddies, right here in Indore, with a visit to Outdoor Play Arena. A haven for adventure aficionados, this is the place you should be at, if you don't have enough leaves from the office for an elaborate getaway. Offering an array of food options and thrill-rides for everyone, this place is an ideal destination for anyone looking to blow some steam off!

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Single or not, this Valentine's Day is going to be a happy one for all you people cuz Harsh Gujral is coming to town! Ready to take you on a laughter riot with his comedy piece, 'Jo bolta Hai Wahi Hota Hai', Gujral will be performiing in Indore on the 14th of February.

Valentine's is right around the corner and if you haven't still chalked out a plan for the day, then it's time to book your tickets to the show right away! A comedy date night with your BAE or a day to celebrate your singlehood, call it whatever you like and head straight to the Papaya Tree Hotel because this event, just cannot be missed!

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Even a bustling city like Indore, can get on our nerves on some days and during such times, we could surely use a mini vacay or an eventful day sans work and monotony! So to make your life in the city a little bit more exciting, Indore's Laxmi Aero Sports is offering us a share of adrenaline rush and if you are a sucker for all things adventurous, pack a bag and head to Paliya Haidar with your friends.

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For the first time in its 200-year-old legacy, the Madhya Pradesh state authorities disallowed the celebrations of the iconic festival of 'Hingot War' in Indore, over the fears of rapid escalation of the highly transmissible coronavirus, as the district continues to be a virus hotspot in the state. The COVID-19 infection has gripped as many as 35,683 patients in Indore, where 1,916 continue to combat the virus while 714 have succumbed to it. Recovery meter stands at 33,053 cases.

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Festivities have taken a subdued tone in the city of Indore with respect to the active spread of the coronavirus. Around 300 places in the city will witness the ritual of Ravan Dahan in the city, including prime spots of Dusshehra ground, Chimanbag ground, Vijay Nagar. However, all events of Dusshera celebrations in Indore will be organised as per the guidelines issued for COVID-19 control in the city. On the brighter note, this also means that for the first time Indoris will celebrate an eco friendly Dussehra.

Where every year, effigies as high as 100 feet, accompanied by firecrackers lit up the city skies, Dusshera 2020, will witness an absence of lavishness. This year, a symbolic Raavan Dahan will take place in Indore, upholding the city tradition. Effigies no higher than 21 feet will be alighted, and fireworks will stand cancelled. Further no participants will be invited to burn the city.

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The festival of Holi is en route and with a plethora of events to attend here in Indore, we'll surely be keeping busy. But by mid-week, the festivities are bound to retreat leaving us high and dry and that's exactly where Kyro is walking in to save the day! This upcoming Friday, the cool kids of the town will be frolicking here for a Rang Panchami pool party and we've got the deets covered.

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Of the multitude of festivals that our diverse country has, Holi is perhaps the one most associated with fun, enthusiasm and zeal. While the essence of the festival remains the same throughout the country, Holi is celebrated in many ways.

In Indore, you can catch one of the best celebrations of the festival right here at the Holi Nation fest, which promises to take your excitement and fun to the next level. Indore is painted colourful during Holi, which makes it a sight to behold and trust us, you want to be at Holi Nation when the colours splash.

What's happening?

The Holi Nation fest is coming to town to spruce up your celebrations like never before. Offering you a slew of performing artists, organic colours, food stations, photo booths and a lot more, these guys know how to get us riled up for our favourite festival of the year.

Apart from that, the live music sets and performing arts will also be accompanied by a rain dance floor, which will surely add a dash of spice to your celebrations. Gracing the DJ stage will be some international as well as local performers. The most dazzling of these are bound to be Olly Esse from Italy and sEEK, another international sensation. Apart from that, the event will also showcase The Rapping Machine, Piyush and more.

Keeping the fest in line with tradition, there will also be live dholak performances so that you can get your bhangra skills out on the dance floor.

Knock Knock

With Holi Nation's mega celebration of the festival of colours, be assured to have an amazing time, so book your tickets right away.

When: March 10, 2020

Where: Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Book your tickets here.

Often, cultural festivals are the best way to get in touch with a city- it's present as well as its past. In a small city near Indore, Orchha, you can catch a whole new side of not just the city, but all of Madhya Pradesh. The Orchha Festival is set to take place in March this year and all you Indoris have to plan a trip here.

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Following the release of the movie Gully Boy, the rap scene in India seems to have resurfaced back to life. Chances are, you've developed a liking for such music and if you're in Indore, you're in for some luck. This valentine's day, you folks can be part of Indore's Biggest Rap Festival which is bringing some of the best in the Rap game right here to the city.

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Over the past few years, the Indian comedy scene has been expanding quite rapidly. We're happy that this is the case because the number of amazing comics that have come out of this field are mind-boggling. One of them happens to be Manik Mahna and he's winning hearts all over India.

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