A new flyover at Jawahar Marg, Indore to ease traffic flow

A new flyover at Jawahar Marg, Indore to ease traffic flow

A decade long traffic bottleneck in Indore may soon be cleared out. This bottle neck is none other than the one at Jawahar Marg.

Why it took 10 years for Indore authorities to figure out a solution? Back in the day, merchants and traders in the area had protested against the construction of this new flyover. Since then, the plan had been shelved.

What's the update?

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At its core, the goal is to ease out the traffic flow, which is why it is vital to cut down on bottlenecks.

Though this is not the only place in Indore that is the root of traffic issues, it is certainly a major one. To get started with the project, the IMC has sent out a team of surveyors who will scout the area and will identify key choke points. Following that, experts from different teams will draw up a plan prior to the construction of the flyover.

During the planning, the route of the flyover will be finalised. As of now, the plan is to construct a flyover on Jawahar Marg which will connect Bhagat Singh Square to Sardar Patel Bridge. In turn, the most crowded choke point in Indore will become all the more streamlined.

Knock Knock

The traffic condition in Indore is pretty abysmal as it stands. With the addition of this new flyover, we can finally expect streamlined traffic. With the help of the traffic cops, the situation is slowly but steadily improving and we're on the lookout for more such developments.

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