Food & Nightlife in Indore

If there is one thing that Indore is known for, it is Poha. The Indori Poha has been charming visitors ever since the olden days and even today, it is an essential part of the whole Indori experience. Sure, the dish tastes amazing, what with so many flavours, the many toppings and textures. But have you ever wondered why has a simple breakfast dish become such a big part of our lives? What was it that made Poha synonymous with Indore?

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When you think of comfort food, what exactly comes to your mind? Is it a steaming bowl of Indori Poha? Maybe a fancy white sauce pasta from your favourite Italian place? Just maybe ghar ka daal chawal? But if it's something to satiate your sweet-tooth, then perhaps we've found something for you.

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Biryani is undoubtedly one of the finest meals you can have. The rich aroma, the light fluffy rice and the big flavours make for a decadent meat dish that is as filling as it is delicious. While Indore is the king of all street foods and awesome snacks, there has definitely been a need to a stand-out biryani place.

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The flourishing cafe culture in other cities has overtaken Indore too and in return, we Indoreans have access to some of the most beautiful and diverse cafes here. The city is brimming with eateries which offer divergent cuisines and our palates are never bored when in Indore.

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Now that the winters are here upon us, there's nothing better than sitting with a book in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other. The simple thought of such a sight brings joy to the soul, so you can imagine what experiencing it will actually be like. If you're in Indore and are looking for a place that lets you do this, then we've got something special for you.

Cafe Chapter One is one of Indore's most happening and youngster friendly places. During the winters, their beverage menu is certainly something to soothe the soul and is pretty much a salvation from the cold.

What's the vibe?

This is one of those rare places in Indore that just floors you as soon as you walk in. The place is very tastefully and fashionably done up, and manages to keep things clean and simple, which is something that we're loving.

Apart from that, there's a really interesting spiral staircase that takes you to the top floor. The staircase actually adds volumes to the whole ambience of the place. Airy, chic and open, Cafe Chapter One is a place that's perfect for a lot of occasions.

What can you get here?

Though the main attraction here is the beverage menu, the food options to try here are plentiful as well. Here, you can take in some classic winter dishes such as the Cheese Poppers and the Five Chilli Pepper Pizza. Each of these blew our minds and were like a gush of fireworks just exploding in our mouths.

Apart from that, the beverages are plentiful. All the Chais that you can imagine, all the coffees you've always wanted can be found here.

We especially loved what the Irani and Sulaimani Chais had to offer. Each of them had a punchy taste that just brought back our energy. The Irani chai had a very sweet and creamy flavour, which left a lasting taste in our mouths. The Sulaimani Chai was quite different as it had a somewhat sour taste, a liking for which comes only once you acquire a taste for it.

As for the coffees, we just went with the classic American Espresso, which in itself was a treat for the soul. We were also fans of their Cappuccino, which was enough to wash away all our troubles.

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We're always on the lookout for cool places that can bring some love into your lives. Cafe Chapter One is indeed a place where you can chill- alone or with pals along with a hot steaming cuppa joe and take the winters as they come.

If there's one thing that Indoris are known for, it is their love for food. The Indori Poha and Namkeens are world famous and for good reason. However, Indoris often can't find the best of food in the city, which is why this Indori food carnival is coming as our saviour.

The Indori Zayka Food Carnival is on its way and we're already prepping our taste buds for it. The carnival promises three days of unforgettable food, fun and entertainment, along with a few special surprises. Interested? Well, read on to know all about it!

What's happening?

Foodies in Indore, it is time to rise up because on of the biggest food carnivals is coming very soon! So go ahead and ditch those cafes and swank places as you take in the taste of some authentic Indori and Central Indian dishes. Bringing together the ethos and culture of this vibrant city, the event is going to be a whirlwind of fun.

Here, it's not just about food, though that is the main attraction. There is also an entire dedicated area just for shopping. When you're here, you're not going to want to get out as they give everything to you right on a platter. Apart from that, you should also brace yourself for a few musical shows and an amazing menu!

What food will you get here?

You may think that this fest will offer only the same old Indori dishes that we love so much, but that is not the case. The event will pack everything related to food and Indore and will tell a story through it all. Not only is it a celebration of colloquial Indori cuisine, it is also an homage to the past of the city, which is where all the rare dishes stem from.

Additionally, there will also be a few other age old Madhya Pradeshi dishes which should catch your fancy. Littis and minty chutneys will beckon you as you walk along the carnival so be sure to have a good appetite when you do plan to go.

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Whenever it comes to food festivals, we're always for them. Indore in itself has such a vibrant food scene, but when there's a fest that brings it all under one roof, we just can't help ourselves. So what are you folks waiting for? Go ahead and pig out to your heart's content!

When: December 20-22

Where: Fagun Gardens.

For more information, click here.

Now that the winters are here in Indore, we've all got something to look forward to. With the winters, there comes a sort of a freedom that's hard to find in the summers, mainly because of the harsh sun. Now that you're free to do whatever you want, here's what we would suggest.

On a cold, winter day, all that can soothe the soul is a warm cup of a hot beverage. In Indore, there are many places that let you do so, but one place that sticks out is Koffee King. These guys know how to give you a good pick-me-up during the winters and we're all for it.

What's the vibe?

Koffee King is a simple place that likes to keep it clean and speaks volumes through its beverages and quick bite options. The place in itself has a toned down vibe and gives you a break from the usually loud bistros and cafes, which indeed have a charm of their own.

When you're here, you just want to relax, take in the simplicity of life and enjoy the smaller things that make our lives so special- like a hot chocolate or a coffee.

What's on the menu?

To put it quite simply, a number of options that are tasty enough to make you keep coming back for more. Their smoky grilled sandwiches, cheesy pizzas and light pastas are often perfect for a mid day meal. Pair that with their amazing and heartwarming coffees, hot cocoas and teas, and you've got a place where you can spend your winters just reading a book.

We would suggest that you go for either the classic latte coffee, which has just the perfect blend of cocoa beans, milk and froth on top. If you're feeling especially filmy, go for the creamy hot chocolate, which is basically heaven in a mug.

If you're in the mood for something a but more heavy, the Italian fare here should do the trick. With the winter sun out, and the rays beating in on the open, airy cafe, the vibes just seem to take things up another notch. Needless to say, we were completely floored when we visited the place for the first few times.

Knock Knock

If there's one thing to love about the winters, it is the fact that we can binge on some of our favourite dishes. Hot chocolate tends to top the chart when it comes to that and Koffee King is one place that isn't messing around. So folks, the next time you're feeling down and out, you know where to go.

When in Indore, there is no lack of good food options. You can find almost every cuisine that you might crave for and moreover, you can find places that do justice to the food they're serving. The options are plentiful, yet there's one place that stands out from the rest and has our attention more than anything else.

If there's one place in Indore that knows its Italian well, it is Quenchyard. This cool cafe has come to be our favourite spot and we're sure you'll love it too!

What's the vibe?

We're often looking for the perfect place which is good for an outing with your pals as well as your family. Quenchyard is a place which delivers on all the fronts with its vibrant decor, chill vibe and warm tones.

The open interiors, warm and inviting floor plan, chic decor and classy vibes make Quenchyard an all-round spot where you can chill, unwind and relax at the same time.

The best part is that they've even got a rooftop joint which is just perfect for biding away the winter evenings.

What's on the menu?

You may think that this place is all show and no substance but actually, that isn't the case at all. These guys know how to cook up a mean meal and a taste of just about anything will tell you that!

The last time that we were here, we tried bits of various different cuisines, which were, needless to say, beyond what we expected. The best of it all however, was the Italian fare.

We started off with the chilli cheese toast and followed it with the classic fish & chips; we have to say, nothing could kick off our meal better than that. The flavours of each element of the dish comes out beautifully and gives your tastebuds an experience akin to fireworks.

As far as the main course is concerned, go ahead and try the spaghetti bolognese, which is just simple comfort food, so delicious it gives your insides a hug; while the messy pasta is a classic pick-me-up.

Other dishes that left us wowed were the chicken steak sizzler and pesto chicken, both of which should be on your list.

Knock Knock

There are actually very few places in Indore that one can consider to be a complete package and Quenchyard is one of those rare gems. The food and the ambiance will hit the right notes every time and within a visit or two, the place will become your favourite joint in town.

Address: 84/3/1, Barsana Garden, Opposite Akash Hospital, Bicholi Mardana, By Pass Road (South), Indore

Price for two: ₹1,500

Sunday is a day to relax and let loose after a hectic work week. There's no doubt that you'll wake up on a Sunday, well after the alarm has stopped ringing. Once finally up, who wants to break the easy going, laid-back lull of a lazy Sunday morning, so the best way to move ahead would be through a no fuss-no muss brunch.

Coffee, juice, sandwiches, toast, eggs, pancakes, chai-parathe, idli, whatever your pick be, a brunch is always a good idea. Have we made you hungry? Well, head over to Vidorra- The Terrace Tavern, this Sunday to be part of a brunch that's the perfect way to end your week.

A lazy Sunday brunch is what we're talking about!

A brunch to satiate kings themselves, this all-you-can-eat buffet has all you'd want from the best of continental and Indian food.

The fact that you can gorge out here to your heart's content means that you're going to be here for a while and we suggest that you skip a few meals on the previous day, just to build up your appetite.

The best part is that you can experience all of this with some soothing, light music and a great ambiance, which adds a whole lot to the experience and makes your Sunday brunch all the more special.

What should you have?

Well, we're huge fans of pretty much everything that Vidorra serves. In fact, it's one of our favourite places and you really can't go wrong, no matter what you choose to have here.

However, we would suggest having eggs, sausages and the Hawaiian Chicken salad, which is a must try for those who love mild and comforting flavours. Now that you're done with the breakfast part of your brunch some stuffed naans and a helping of macchi lahsun kebab should do it for the lunch part.

We also love the seafood here and that's why we love the fish kebabs so much. Once you taste it, there's no going back. As we said, pretty much anything you have here will make you a fan of it, so don't dwell upon it too much, go ahead and just have a bit of everything.

Knock Knock

Indore isn't at a lack of cafes, but when it comes to places that are good for brunches and lazy Sunday meals, then Vidorra is the place to be at. Offering an immaculate view of the city and pairing that with some amazing food is what this place is all about and we're all for the Sunday brunches they offer.

Address: 1001, Rooftop, Shekhar Central, Palasia Square, Old Palasia, Indore