IIM Indore to train female family members of cops in MP, in financial & entrepreneurial skills

IIM Indore to train female family members of cops in MP, in financial & entrepreneurial skills

Starting with a pilot project in Indore, the initiative will eventually spread out across the state.

With its enterprising approach, IIM Indore has worked on an array of projects to improve and strengthen the social ecosystem. Now, the institute is partnering with the Madhya Pradesh government for an initiative to empower the female dependents of police personnel. As per the plan, the B-school would chalk out and implement interventions to transform the beneficiaries of the program into sound financial managers, equipped with entrepreneurial skills.

IIM-Indore to hold training programs in collaboration with Arth Sangini

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Settling the plans for this project, the IIM-Indore director has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Additional DG of the Madhya Pradesh police. The top-notch institute is associating with the state government to coach wives, sisters and daughters of police on issues of financial management. Collaborating with the NGO Arth Sangini, the institute would hold training camps for the women to educate them about topics related to financial literacy.

Reportedly, the ADG said that the partnership is in its nascent stage and the plans will be amplified in days to come. With an objective to positively affect the lives of female kin of approximately 1 lakh police personnel in the state, the initiative would assuredly benefit a lot of women. As per the current plan, the pilot project, all set for execution in Indore, would work to the advantage of female members of 5,000 cops in the city.

Training program to spot women with innate entrepreneurial skills

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Reportedly, another representative from Indore Police stated that the project would facilitate the women with information that would not only help them in better management of scarce resources but also encourage them in making fruitful investments. She further affirmed that if any woman is found with innate entrepreneurial skills during the training program, she would be tutored with niche knowledge about business models and feasibility options. Supporting her with CSR funds of companies working with IIM Indore, the woman would be transformed into a working entrepreneur.

According to reports, the director of IIM-Indore mentioned that the idea of this initiative is propelled by the dream of 'Atmairbhar Bharat' which cannot be materialised in the absence of financially empowered women. If a society plans for everlasting progress, the education and empowerment of women has to be the key focus.

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