Dengue infection dips by 8% among kids in Indore in the last 3 months

Dengue infection dips by 8% among kids in Indore in the last 3 months

Indore's total dengue tally stands at 1,186 cases as of December 12

Bringing a major respite to Indore, a report issued by the city DMO highlighted that the dengue infection rate has dipped by a remarkable 8% among kids in the last 3 months. This relief was brought when the district's dengue positivity rate was reported to be reduced to a mere one-fourth of the total share, on December 11. Notably, no new cases have been traced in Indore in the last 2 days, totalling the overall dengue caseload to 1,186 infections as yet.

Cooling temperatures limit dengue spread in Indore

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Going by the report of the District Malaria Officer (DMO), the dengue infection in Indore has spilt down from an all-time high of 33% in mid-November to a mere 25% now. As per official records, Indore had logged 384 dengue cases in children in September, which dipped to 357 in October and then to 333 in November.

The lowering of cases has been attributed to the lowering of temperature, an expert review stated. Colder temperatures are not favourable for the breeding of dengue causing mosquitoes, resultantly lowering the rate of infection and the number of cases. Drawing parallels, the DMO pointed out the previous spike was caused due to incessant rains in Indore that led to the formation of multiple breeding zones and as such, the case rise.

As already known, young kids are most susceptible to diseases whenever there is a temperature or weather change. This is primarily because they have lower immunity to deal with the fluctuating change. Since the mercury is now stable which has further helped to limit the cases.

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