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Get onboard a feasty flight with THESE 11 flavourful dishes at Indore's Sarafa Bazaar!

A witness to flourishing jewellery businesses during the day, Sarafa Bazaar transforms into a thriving food market when the sun sets.

An unparalleled hub of gastronomical adventures, Indore presents a diverse food plate that can surely fascinate your taste buds in uncountable ways. Amid the city's rich culinary heritage, the street food market of Sarafa Bazaar blossoms at around 8 PM every night, ushering an expansive range of delish delights for the locals and the tourists.

It is believed that the historic food trail located in this jewellery market, has been functional for over 100 years, as a shining testament to Indore's rich epicurean legacy. A witness to flourishing jewellery businesses during the day, the site transforms into a thriving food market when the sun sets! So if you are enticed to trudge through the lanes of Sarafa street food market, you can simply not afford to miss out on these 11 lip-smacking delicacies.

Bhutte Ki Kees

Your Indore eat-inerary is essentially incomplete if it lacks Bhutte ki Kees, one of the city's most-loved specialities. A fried paste of boiled and mashed corn topped with onions, grated coconut, interesting spices and other things, this is one of those few dishes which instantly melt in your mouth. With its moist and silky texture, a spoonful of this dish will leave your palate craving for more!

Where to find: Joshi Dahi Bada House, Saawariya Chaat House

Dal Bafla

An alternative version of Rajasthan's favourite Dal Baati, this dish found in Sarafa Bazaar guarantees a wholesome experience for your taste buds. With baked wheat and semolina dumplings bathed in ghee, a tangy-spicy lentil soup, chutneys and pickles, the Dal Bafla plate assures a perfect explosion of piquant flavours!

Where to find: Rajhans

Khopra Patties

Fried potato balls stuffed with a luscious mixture of coconut, Khopra Patties from Indore have travelled across the country to win over uncountable food buffs. Freshly prepared upon order, this dish is alongside a tangy chutney, bringing to you a typical combination of the best culinary shades!

Where to find: Vijay Chaat House


If you have a penchant for sweet delicacies, your sugar-soaked dreams will come to life with the magnificent Jaleba, available at the Sarafa Market. Wrapping a generous shot of thick syrup in a crisp and crunchy cover, this gigantic elder sibling of the much-loved jalebi, is an unbeatable treat for the ones with a sweet tooth!

Where to find: Ashok Gupta's stall and other vendors

Egg Benjo

Giving an altogether new definition to what you call 'nourishing', Egg Benjo packs a soft and scrumptious omelette within pillowy buns. After the first bite, it would only take you a few moments before you wolf this down your gut. So, need we say more of this appetizing concoction of all things good?

Where to find: Johny Hot Dog

Sabudana Khichdi

Simple yet inviting, Sabudana Khichdi blends the beauty of authentic Indian tangs in a gravitating way! Prepared with Sago, the humble dish is adorned with flavoursome mixtures of sev, onions and freshly chopped coriander. Being low on calories, it is largely liked and devoured by health-conscious people, amongst others.

Where to find: Sawariya Seth Khichdi


A winter speciality, Garadu is that one dish your tongue longs for, to indulge in an episode of guilty pleasure. Made with fried yam and dressed with select spices, it delivers a pleasurable burning sensation on the tongue upon the first bite. Being a truly exceptional preparational, Garadu will definitely find a spot in your memory!

Where to find: Multiple carts & stalls

Dahi Bade

Soft and juicy lentil fritters dipped in smoothened curd and topped with tangy sauces, popularly referred to as Dahi Bade are a delicacy relished with joy, across India. But if you have them at Indore's Sarafa Market once, the quintessential flavours will definitely pull you back again and again!

Where to find: Joshi Dahi Bada House


"Indore gaye aur Poha nahi khaaya to kya hi khaaya"

Cliche as this line may appear to you, Poha is a dish that assuredly symbolises the soul of Indori food. Served with jalebi on the side, the savory prepared with flattened rice has become one of the most notable highlights of Indore's culture. While you can find this dish almost everywhere in the city, the options available at Sarafa Bazaar will leave you drooling!

Where to find: Every sweet shop

Malpua & Mawa Bati

A must-eat for die heart fans of all things sweet, Malpua are thin pancakes made of flour, khoya and semolina, that are deep-fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Served with Rabdi, this dish presents an opulent gastronomical experience! If your sugar cravings are still not satiated, you ought to try the magical Mawa Baatis too!

Where to find: Shree Bhairavnath Mishthan Bhandar, Parag Mishthaan

Hapus Ice-cream with Sh​rikhand

Amid a range of delish savouries, this dessert amalgamates rich Shrikhand with creamy Alphonso ice cream. Topped with the choicest dry fruits like pistachios and cashews, the serving resonates with a royal appeal. If you can find this right after finishing your Garadu plate, your palate is bound for a roller coaster ride!

Where to find: Agarwal Ice Cream Shop

Knock Knock

We wonder what effect this list had on you, if not an instant activation of the salivary glands! Amid our amplified carvings, we have to ensure our safety and that of our family members during these uncertain times. So if you are planning to hit the Sarafa night food market anytime soon, you must not forget to carry along your masks, gloves and sanitiser. Besides, social distancing must be guaranteed at all times, despite the routine hustle and bustle of this grub gallery!

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