RTO directs private schools in Indore to ensure safety compliance for all operational buses

RTO directs private schools in Indore to ensure safety compliance for all operational buses

A notice has been issued to over 140 private schools in the city, to implement fitness checks for the buses.

Indore's transport department has issued directives to all private schools in the city, asking them to deploy only those buses that comply with the stipulated guidelines for transporting children. After the schools reopened in the city, these orders were given to ensure that the used vehicles are in a workable and well-maintained condition. As per reports, the city has nearly 140 private schools and a large number of them operate privately-owned buses.

Fitness check of school buses now mandatory

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The government of Madhya Pradesh reopened schools for students from 6 to 12 standard on September 1, after over a year of conducting online classes. Due to the lockdown propelled by the pandemic, the interventions for maintenance of the school buses were halted for a long period of time. In view of this, the officials have expressed concern regarding the condition of buses, being operated by the educational centres now.

Thereby, the school authorities have been asked to ensure that the buses are in a completely fit state. As per reports, RTO has warned the management of private schools against the use of buses with expired fitness certificates. If any centre is found violating this norm, strict action will be taken against it.

Schools to stick to the safety norms set by Supreme Court

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Reportedly, the school administrations are also required to adhere to the safety standards set by the Supreme Court in this regard. As per reports, school buses have to be equipped with items like seat belts, fire extinguishers, first-aid boxes, CCTV surveillance and GPS tracking, amongst other things. Further, it has been reported that surprise inspections will be undertaken by the officials to check the compliance of the vehicles with the stated rules and regulations

-With inputs from TOI

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