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THIS 12-yo specially-abled child from Indore defeated COVID with her can-do attitude!

Simi Dutt's courage and passion for life, befits the saying- "You must be vulnerable to be brave."

A specially-abled child from Indore, Simi Dutt, has won the battle against COVID-19 by staying in home isolation and taking her medication on time. Despite the limitations originating out of an under-developed left lung, a kidney and hand, this class 7 student has managed to overcome all odds with her assuredly optimistic attitude. Simi Dutt's story is an example of bravery, for not only does she have a strong will but she has always strived for self-sufficiency.

Fearless & undeterred by physical limitations

Simi Dutt's parents contacted the specialist they have been referring to since 2017, when she started facing breathing issues and was feeling tired all the time. Unfortunately, it turned out that she had contracted the coronavirus and reportedly, during the second wave, her oxygen levels dipped down to 40-50.

Under the guidance of the doctor, she was kept on continuous BiPAP oxygen support and given medications, all of which she learnt to take herself. Eventually, Simi Dutt defeated the virus but reports state that the disease has left her body weak. However, the 12-year-old is confident that her post-COVID symptoms will get better.

Simi Dutt is differently-abled since birth as the left side of her body remained under-developed, however, as a foetus, her sonograms did not reveal these conditions. Her parents have always provided her with the best of opportunities and also encouraged her passion for sports, especially basketball, cycling and skating.

Knock Knock

Simi Dutt's courage and passion for life, befits the saying- "You must be vulnerable to be brave." Her father has been quoted saying, "We treat her normally and she wants to do everything by herself and doesn't like to take anyone's support." We believe that this can-do attitude and support from family is how half the battle is already won!

-With inputs from ANI

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