Indore news: IDA to carry out major development of buildings, roads & flyovers in the city

Indore news: IDA to carry out major development of buildings, roads & flyovers in the city

The board also sanctioned the construction of previously approved flyovers at Khajrana and Luv Kush square

Indore Development Authority (IDA) board of directors on Monday, approved five development schemes for commercial and residential buildings along with the roads at an estimated cost of ₹1,750 crores. Additionally, the board also sanctioned ₹57.50 crores for the construction of already approved flyovers at Khajrana and Luv Kush square. The plan for these two flyovers was first proposed by the IDA last month, apart from these two locations, flyovers will also be constructed at Lasudia, Vijay Nagar and Bhawarkuan square for which the sanction is still pending.

Development under five different schemes

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IDA Chairman, Jaypal Singh Chawda said, “in the board meeting, we have approved developing five new schemes after clearing around 700 claims and objections received in this regard”. Development work under the five new schemes namely, TPS-1, TPS-3, TPS-4, TPS-5, and TPS-8 are expected to start by June 2022. The construction of a total of 29 km road under these schemes will be prioritised by the administration.

  • As a part of TPS-1, 49.079 hectares of the area will be developed in Khajrana which will cost ₹145.73 crores.
  • TPS-3 will cover development in 143.382 hectares in Lasudia Mori, Tawali Chanda, Arandiya, and Mayakhedi. It will cost ₹335.5 crores.
  • TPS-4 will cover the development of 85.387 hectares of land for residential and transportation. In addition, the administration will carry out the plan and construction of the master road. A total of ₹215.83 crores will be spent on TPS-4.
  • TPS-5 will also cover development in residential areas and a master road in Kanadia at an estimated cost of ₹346.96 crores.
  • The largest of all, TPS-8 will include development in 301.842 hectares of land in Bhawrasala, Bhangya, Kumedi, Kailodhala, Shakarkhedi, Talawali Chanda, Arindya village, and Sudiyamori. This scheme will cost ₹706.67 crores.
Apart from these development schemes, IDA is also examining the feasibility to develop at least 9 flyovers over busy squares in the city. The city civic body had previously issued the plan to construct 5 flyovers at various squares including Vijay Nagar and Bhawarkuan. The motive behind this is to make it convenient for the drivers on these congested roads.

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