IMD predicts thunderstorms & light rains in Indore on March 8 & 9

IMD predicts thunderstorms & light rains in Indore on March 8 & 9

Western disturbance on March 7 leads to rise in temperature in Indore and Ujjain

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Indore is likely to witness cloudy weather and rainfall in the next couple of days. Thunderstorms have been experienced since sundown while the day remained cloudy on Monday. Despite that, the city also witnessed the highest temperature of the week. The maximum temperature on Monday was only 3.3˚C lower than the highest maximum temperature recorded in the state.

Western disturbance causing thunderstorms and rainfall in Indore

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The rise in temperature was a mere 0.7˚C in 24 hours which made the recorded temperature 32.7˚C on Monday. IMD issued a yellow warning, stating light rain accompanied by a little thunderstorm in the area. This is due to the western disturbance on Monday evening. The next western disturbance will get active on Tuesday directly impacting the temperature.

The highest temperature recorded in Madhya Pradesh was 34˚C in Khargone and Khandwa regions. As per IMD, there are chances of light rains in these areas till March 9, citing the western disturbance that is active since Monday evening. Similarly, the Ujjain division will also experience light rains and with the western disturbances impacting the temperature, the city witnessed a 2˚ hike in the normal minimum temperature at 17.6˚C.

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