Indore’s Central Zoo to re-open aquarium after three decades
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Indore’s Central Zoo to re-open aquarium after three decades

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Kamla Nehru Prani Sangrahalaya, the central Zoo in Indore is readying to open the first aquarium in Indore after almost three decades. The last aquarium in Indore was shut down in 1992 and since then there have been no aquariums in Indore.

What's the update?

The zoo is planning to clean out the old tanks and introduce new ornamental fish in the same. Making sure that the visitors get to experience the best of marine world at the zoo.

The Facts

The fish are planned to be segregated according to the types of water that is best suited for them. The Kamla Nehru Zoo has ten big tanks that will be put on display for visitors.

Zoo is also planning on bringing in Japanese koi carp, tiger shark, gold fish, doctor fish, mollies, guppies, neon tetra fish and several others. A separate tank is to be made for marine fish which may include, octopuses and sea horses.

Why is it important?

The aquarium will not only be educational for the visitors but will also help in the preservation of the aforementioned species of fish. The aquarium will especially be beneficial for educating kids about the different types and species of fish.

Knock Knock

The aquarium has the potential to become a big tourist attraction after its completion. Let’s hope that the aquarium readies soon and brings a little bit of the ocean and more biodiversity in Indore.