Celebrate World Fries Day with amazing fries at these 5 places in Jaipur

Celebrate World Fries Day with amazing fries at these 5 places in Jaipur

Pankhuri Agarwal

Pankhuri Agarwal

I don't think a lot of people will argue on the fact that fries are the perfect snack food. There are mostly unmessy, they go well with almost everything, coke, shakes, iced teas and even coffee, they taste pretty amazing, do well with cheese and also act as the best chakhna food. Well, if these aren't reasons enough for you to run and get yourself an extra-large order of fresh made fries, do it to celebrate the World Fries day. Yep, today is the international day of fries and it is our favourite food day, so here's a list of all the places in Jaipur that serve amazing fries.

1. CNF

- Cheese & Fries Cheese & Fries or CNF, as its name suggests is all about those fries. They make them perfect and they make all kinds of fries so no matter what you're craving, they're sure to have it all. We love the normal masala fries, the chilli cheese fries, the makhani poppers fries and the pizza fries. They also serve shakes and that's about it. So if you are craving bomb AF fries and shakes, head to CNF and get your fill.

2. BFFs BFFs

or as we know them- Best Fries Forever, is a great place for delicious loaded fries. There shots and fries, regular fries and garlic cheese shots loaded with jalapenos and chili garlic sauce is our favourite. You should also try the tandoori fries and the cheese blast fries. They also serve amazing tornados, so if you are looking for one, just head on out and get yourself awesomeness on a stick.

3. Foobae & Waff Up Foobae and Waff Up!

is our favourite when it comes to delicious fries and crispy waffles. They also serve a plethora of other things but the fully loaded and cheesy fries are the most loved sections on the menu. Do try the faadu paneer fully loaded fries served with freshly made fries smokey paneer and a spicy sauce. We also never seem to have enough of the Orgasmic cheesy fries, and the velvet cheese fries, they are both the best possible version of a cheese-loaded fry.

4. Burger King

Burger King is a classic and an all-time favourite when it comes to fries. We will never tire or get bored of their classic plain salted fries but the cheese and keema fries here are so good, we would serve them at our wedding. Plus how can you ever top chicken fries? Chicken shaped like fries, the best invention ever!

5. Batidos- Milkshakes and more

Batidos is also a great place for some simply delicious crispy fries. Their loaded french fries with nachos is the perfect blend of two popular snack foods, while the loaded cheese chipotle is a crowd-pleaser. You should also try their loaded cheesy nugget fries.

So what are you waiting for, grab a fork and get yourself an order of fries bigger than your appetite because we know fries don't go to the stomach, the go directly to the heart.