All schools in Jaipur & other Rajasthan districts to reopen from August 2

All schools in Jaipur & other Rajasthan districts to reopen from August 2

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Amid the lowering scale of COVID infection in Rajasthan, the state Education Minister on Thursday announced the reopening of schools from 2nd August, across all districts. These institutes have been shut ever since the outbreak of the second COVID wave, in April this year. Schools also had to halt operations after the first wave took over, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students and staff members.

Although schools have been conducting classes online in order to keep the curriculum going, it is difficult to match up to the exposure imparted in regular on-campus classes. Concerned about the same, the authorities have now decided upon resuming classes

Home Department to soon release detailed SOPs for COVID control

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The State Education Minister relayed the directives regarding the opening of schools via his Twitter handle, soon after a review cabinet meeting held here. The decision has been finalized in view of the bettering scope of the pandemic in Rajasthan. Both, the infection spread and the case positivity ratio have dipped here significantly since the second-wave peak, creating a conducive environment for students to return to schools.

It needs to be pointed here that students from rural and remote regions in Rajasthan could not access the online structure of education, due to a lack of resources and infrastructure. Thus, it was becoming increasingly necessary to reopen schools to ensure that their academic year is not wasted. An additional expert view, which highlighted that children face no threat from the virus strengthened the backing of the order.

Detailed notification with SOPs for COVID control in schools will soon be released by the Home Department, officials stated. They also mentioned that the decision to reopen coaching institutes and universities would be finalised later.

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