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Remember what Saif Ali Khan's character said in Tashan, when in acute crisis? "Mujhe akalmand banna padega, khatarnaak banna padega, Kanpuriya banna padega" (I will have to become smart and dangerous, I will have to become a Kanpuriya). You too can follow his suit now that we have listed down 11 prominent phrases from the Kanpuriya language. So rejoice in the fact that now you have a collection of eccentric and rare words available at the flick of your finger!


We all know someone in our group who just keeps on exaggerating everything, like saying that they chatted for an hour with their crush when in reality s/he just said 'hi'. Like everyone around the world, Kanpuriyas too call out such behaviour but in an unsual way- they term the person as 'bakait'.

Usage: Bahut bade bakait ho tum bhai!


For Kanpurites, one word that describes every idiot, stupid or duffer of this world is- 'baudam'. Very peculiar, we agree but doesn't this word just add the flavour of local dialect without seeming reproach-worthy? We think it is some distant effect of Urdu on the Kanpuriya language!

Usage: Kitne baudam ho? Itna bhi nahi pata!


Kanpuriya dictionary had a term for 'swag' in it long before it became a cool trend! Sometimes, people do misunderstand this term and think that it refers to how cool a person is. Yes, we realise that there's a thin line between the understanding of these words, nevertheless, we want your Kanpuriya-vocab game on point!

Usage: Apne Chulbul Pandey ka bhaukal hi alag hai.


Extending their quirky language to define what the world calls- "friggin awesome!", Kanpuriyas like to use 'chaukas' to define everything- doesn't matter if they are passing a sarcastic comment or actually appreciating it.

Usage: Tanu weds Manu bahut chaukas movie thi yaar.


Honestly, there are some words that cannot be translated correctly into English and that's why you will have to manage with a not-so-apt gif for this section. Basically, 'chikayi' means mocking someone but not in an excessively derisive manner that ends up hurting the person who is on the receiving end.

Usage: Aaj to Rana ne tumhari bahut chikayi le li bey!


If you too are an ardent 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai!' fan, then you must've heard Happu Singh say this a number of times. Well, you would do too if everyone around you was as irritating as the characters of Vibhuti Narayan and Manmohan Tiwari. So, next time someone is exhausting you with their behaviour, you know how to address them!

Usage: Tum to bade hi chiraand kisam k insaan nikle.


When Rajjo Pandey in Dabangg said "thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab", all the Kanpuriyas auto-corrected thappad to 'kantaap'. A slap that lands precisely below the ear is called kantaap and while there is no major difference in the two words, using the word kantaap is more about emotions!

Usage: Abhi ek kantaap padega to pata chalega panjeeri kaha bat rahi hai.


No, this word has no relation with the royal title Khalifa or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai yet its connotations are no less than a royal reality check for someone who is extremely overconfident! So keep that attitude in check or else you'll be labelled as 'khalifa' in Kanpur.

Usage: Gaadi araam se chalao, zada khalifa na bano.


'Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no no'- The song by Capone played in your head too, right?! All the emotions conveyed in this 11-word sentence is put under the umbrella term 'labhed' by Kanpuriyas. We think you can interpret the meaning yourself now- 'trouble'!

Usage: Dusro k pachde me pad kar apna labhed kyu badha rahe ho?


Having friends in high places help you to get all your work done easily and sans trouble and a person who has such friends has 'pauwa' (not the kind Katrina Kaif was offering in Chikni Chameli). So basically one who has pauwa, is a higher level of jugaadu person who doesn't need to resort to sycophancy to get their work done.

Usage: Bahut pauwa hai tere bhai ka, ek phone se hi kaam ho jaega.


Well, when spoken in a demeaning manner, 'rangbaazi' means showing off but sometimes a generous Kanpurite may use it to appreciate somebody's style (only "sometimes"!). Far away from its etymological meaning, this phrase has livened up conversations among buddies with its intended meaning for years now.

Usage: Kuch palle pada nahi aur bhaisahab chal diye rangbaazi mein.

Knock Knock

We hope that this list is helping Kanpurites find a happy place, even if they are living away from the city, with a healthy dose of nostalgia and a trip down memory lane. While you guys are on that trip, did you come up with any more phrases that we can add to our list? Do mention in the comments below!

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