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Winters can often be depressing; the lack of sunshine and the cold make us all gloomy on the inside and we often need something to brighten our moods. If you too are stuck by winter blues and are looking for something to pick you up in Kanpur, we have just the thing for you!

A comedy roller coaster ride called "Jo Bolta Hai Vahi Hota Hai" by Harsh Gujral is a show that will beat the blues and chase away the murky winter evenings in Kanpur.

What's the buzz?

Known for his quick wit and charming style, Harsh Gujral is a an entertainer that will make you question the foundation of your life- your childhood. The man is known to find the most regular everyday situations funny and can make you laugh on the most trivial of things.

Harsh is also known to be particularly experimental with his comedic style and immersive with the audience, which is why it takes courage to sit in the front two rows of his shows. The man works a crowd like magic and his spontaneity and typical North Indian demeanour will leave you in splits.

Knock Knock

Harsh Gujral is one of the few new-age comedians who actually know what they're doing. The man has several tricks up his sleeve and his sheer charm, good wits and funny AF jokes will have you wanting for more. Since a good round of laughter is much recommended for stress relief, you would find Harsh's comedy to do the trick for you.

So, don't wait up, get your tickets now and prepare for a therapeutic laugh session.

Date: December 21, Saturday

Tickets: ₹499 onwards | Get them here

Venue: The Zaffran Restaurant & Banquet, Mariampur Road, Ashok Nagar, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur

If you know anything about fashion and about Kanpur, you know that Amiraah is the place to be at when you're looking for a stunner outfit. The local designer shop is a known legend for providing beautiful designs and out of the box pieces that make you stand out from the crowd.

If you feel, that the designs here get a little out of your budget and a bit pricey, well we have some news for you. Amiraah is organising a garden sale- The Garden Fest, where you can shop stunning designer outfits in under 15k.

Designer pieces & budget prices

The Garden Fest will bring Kanpur a one-of-a-kind fest, a pre holiday garden sale of sorts where the exclusive store will offer great discounts on all of its designer pieces. The clothing items will be at and unprecedented discount offers which will put Black Friday to shame.

The event will be a three day extravaganza which will take place on 13-14-15th December. In the exclusive event, Amiraah will be slashing the prices of its coveted items to make them fall in the ₹500-₹15,000 price block. The price slash, is pretty cheap considering the kind of quality fabric and designs that Amiraah generally offers.

Not just that at the event you'll also be able to relish delicious treats from Kanpur's most loved and exclusive Nu Health Cafe.

Knock Knock

With such low prices and so much to look forward to, we just cannot wait for The Garden Fest by Amiraah to begin soon. The low prices have us especially pumped since we can buy our party outfits for the holiday season in advance. So, what are you waiting for, get your shopping bags out and go crazy, because we're surely going to!

Date: 13-15 December 2019

Venue: 14/76, Sadr Bazaar, Mirpur, Kanpur

Check out their Facebook page for more info: /a>

If you have the answer to that question, Punjabi Chaap Corner in Govind Nagar is going to reward you with discounts. The deal is simple- the number of pushups you do in a minute is directly equivalent to the discount you'll get!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, indeed it does and once you taste the chaaps here, you'll definitely not go back to any other chaap store. So what are you waiting for! Burn some calories and go grab that discount!

What's happening?

Think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate push up king? If so, just enter the One Minute Pushup challenge by Punjabi Chaap Corner and eat away to your heart's content. Here, the rules are simple- the number of push ups you do in a minute, get you the same amount of discount on your whole bill.

Want to save some money on chaap? Well, this is your time to shine. Since you're actually building up an appetite before hand, that discount is bound to come handy when you're stuffing your mouth. Once you're hogging those chaaps, all the hard work is going to pay off indeed.

About Punjabi Chaap Corner

Offering an upmarket vibe and an airy ambience, Punjabi Chaap corner is the go to not just for chaaps, but also for all things snacky. They've got a range of stuff for you to try out here and this challenge is a great way for you guys to get into this place.

They offer you a wide range of chaaps, so go ahead and experiment all you want. If you're feeling rather inquisitive, try the burgers and sandwiches, which are perfect for a light pick me up at any point in the day.

Knock Knock

When something cool like this happens in our city, we're all for it. This time, Punjabi Chaap corner has brought something for the fitness freaks in town and it is time to rise up.

When: December 03

Where: Punjabi Chaap Corner, Govind Nagar, Kanpur

For more information, check out this link.

Are you into baking but feel that you could do with some guidance? Are your cupcakes, cookies, breads and cakes not shaping up quite the way you expected? If so, then we have an answer to your problems. In Kanpur, there’s an upcoming workshop, solely dedicated to baking and all of its intricacies, no matter what you're whipping up.

Kitchen Sweet Treats' baking is hosting a baking workshop on the 24th of November, where you can hone your baking skills and surprise your friends with some awesome cupcakes.

What's buzzing?

The cupcake making workshop is one that focuses on each and every aspect of making cakes. All the way from making the batter, to adding the right ingredients and in right amounts, to shaping and placing frosting on it, the workshop covers all. Even if you happen to be an experienced baker, a visit to the workshop won’t go in vain and you might actually learn something new.

Here, the art of making cakes is not just presented as a form of baking, but as a colourful, kaleidoscopic form of presenting your edible creations.

What can you learn?

Here, you’ll learn how to make the best classic milk-cakes while on another occasion, you’ll be taught how to make the most flavourful marble cakes, topped with the most intricate icing techniques.

The trainers here are experienced and have devised their own methods of creating the most perfect cakes. A few of them even use a secret recipe, which makes the cakes even more mouth-watering than ever. In addition to that, the work space always smells like a baker’s market and you really won’t think twice before joining.

Well, the next time you plan on calling your friends over for tea, surprise them with your newly learnt skill of making melt-in-the-mouth baked treats.

Knock Knock

Kanpurites are known for their love of food, especially sweets! Once you learn how to make your own cakes, you can go ahead and 'bake’ someone’s day better and light up your Insta feed as well.

When: November 24, 2019

Where: Triveni Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur, India

Book your tickets here.

Winters are here and finally, we can look forward to a string of holidays waiting for us amidst the daily schedules.

If you’re a resident of Kanpur, you're hands-down lucky AF because the city is adjacent to too many touristy spots that are perfect for a much-needed break. So keeping the oncoming vacations in mind, we’ve listed down 5-weekend getaways from Kanpur.


The word Mahoba is derived from ‘Mahotsav Nagar’ or the city of great festivals. Mahoba shares its cultural roots with Khajuraho because it too, is known for its erotic caves and sculptures carved during the Chandela rule. This town is home to several monuments and religious sites which serve as a bridge to the rich history it descends from.

The famous Shiv Temple here, dominates the landscape around the Gukhar Mountains and the Kakramath temple, located on an island in the Madan Sagar Lake, also attracts a fair share of devotees. If you’re a history buff, you cannot afford to miss out on the Rahila Sagar Sun Temple, which is a 9th-century shrine and is located in the western side of Rahila Sagar. It oozes with history and serves as a muse to artists as well.

You should also check out the Chandika Devi temple and Gokhar Parvat, which houses shrines dedicated to Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religions.


Situated in the Chattarpur district, Khajuraho is an old heritage city which was christened with such a name, due to the abundance of khajur trees (Date Palm) found in the area! Counted amidst UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Khajuraho is a hotspot for Hinduism and Jainism.

You can cycle to various stunning temples and monuments while enjoying the easy-going traveller vibes here and of course, this town suits even student-budgets. When around, do visit the Western Group of temples, Chaturbhuj Temple and the Parshvanatha Temple for sure.


Orchha is known for medieval architecture and this historic town, is seated along the banks of Betwa river. A favourite spot of innumerable photographers from around the country and beyond, Orchha is a beauty which should be on everyone’s to-see list.

Popular for temples, palaces, havelis and forts, Orchha serves those who have a passion for history, archaic architecture and of course, a zeal to explore the unknown. Every spot has a different story and all of it, makes your travel even more insightful.

Make sure to visit the Jehangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, Phool Bagh, Ram Raja temple and to amp up your retreat, opt for boating or rafting on the laps of the Betwa river.


Reputed for being a host to the Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur will usher an experience upon you, which will be a mix of adventure, history and warm hospitality!

A welcome change from other crowded getaways, Bharatpur is the place for you, if you have been wanting to recline amidst tranquility and when here, local cuisine is a must-try. You can even spend a few hours at the Bharatpur National Museum or the Deeg Palace and if you’re an eager bird-watcher, this spot is a treat for you.


Flaunting a surreal heritage that not many areas in India can match up to, Chitrakoot is of extensive religious and mythological eminence. This spot situated in the Satna region of Madhya Pradesh, is a home to hills and temples, which have risen as a touristy destination.

Kamadgiri Hill is one of the celebrated tourist destinations in Chitrakoot; another being Hanuman Dhara, followed by Gupt Godavari, which is a cavern temple and an acclaimed locale here.

When in Chitrakoot, you’ll also hear about the Sati Anasuya Ashram, which holds an extraordinary prominence. This area is a verdant stretch with the river Mandakini, keeping the scenery company and it is truly, the perfect getaway for anyone looking for serenity.

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So now that you have these sites in your list of options, make the optimum usage of your chhutiyan! Assemble your WhatsApp groups, fix a budget, look up the dates and just head over to give yourself a much-needed break before the new year starts.

Kanpur Literature Festival is coming back to the town once again to give us a literary respite and open new avenues for local talents and artistes. Kanpur Literature Festival 2019 will start from November 30 and bring a plethora of celebrities and famous literary figures to the city of Kanpur.

This year would be the second instalment of KLF. While the last year was star studded and full of great insights, KLF 2019 is sure to surpass all your expectations!

What's the buzz?

Kanpur's very own literature festival, a celebration of great authors poets, literary enthusiasts and young talent, is back in town once again. The KLF 2019 is second instalment of the festival and we're prepared for this one to be bigger and better than the last!

Kanpur Literature Fest 2019 is dedicated to Kaifi Azmi, this being his centenary year, as well as on Mahatma Gandhi & Kasturba Gandhi (for their 150th anniversary). This year's festival will also focus on contemporary discussions on Ramayana, journalism and feminism in the context of postmodern India. Apart from the debates, discussions and lectures, the festival will also have cultural events, musical evening will be the highlights of the same.

The KLF 2019 will also provide for a platform to the young, raw and budding talent of Kanpur. The residents will get to meet writers, poets, artists, filmmakers, journalists and enhance knowledge as well as gain exposure in the fields they desire.

Knock Knock

The KLF 2019 is sure to be a big hit, especially for those in the city who have a thing for literature and writing or literary events. We are extremely excited for the this year's festival and hope that we get to experience an unforgettable event.

Date: November 30- December 1

RSVP and know more details of the event here

'With Birbal, it's possible', is a one of a kind play that adapts age old Akbar and Birbal stories & it's happening in Kanpur. It's an opportunity to relive our childhood memories in the form of a well performed play. In fact, it would also be a great way to treat your kids to something new, as it is mainly geared towards them.

Prepared to be hit with a rush of nostalgia as you see your favourite stories and characters come to life. Bring ur sibling or kid and treat them to the perfect day out.

What's buzzing?

By this point, most of you would be bored of the usual stand up and music shows but this play comes as a breath of fresh air. Focusing on the innate simplicity of Akbar and his wise companion Birbal, the show gives you back a slice of your childhood. As for the kids, it adds something new to their childhood and, as we all know, there's a moral behind that.

A conversion of Akbar and Birbal's short stories into plays, each story will have a different setting, style, cast- all of which makes for a more engaging and enthralling experience.

What does the play entail?

The play follows several incidents in the lives of one of the wittiest people, Birbal. All of this incorporates the aspects of theatre, writing, acting all together and brings a wholesome event that you wouldn't want to miss.

Apart from just following the characters around, the play will also focus on throwing light on some of our day to day activities and how mindless they tend to seem. It also reinstates the fact that there is a lesson to be learnt in everything, only if you're willing to look at it right.

Knock Knock

Though most of Akbar and Birbal's tales focus on dealing with simple things, a few of their dilemmas really make you think about the human psyche. Since each of the actors is skilled and well versed with the lore, we can expect an unmissable show from these guys and a definite treat for the young ones.

When: November 24

Where: Chhatrapati Maharaj Auditorium

Book your tickets here.

Often times, we're so bogged down by our own thoughts that we often need to just let it all out. Doesn't matter to whom but it's something that all of us have a craving for.

If you're of that sort, then head over to Kalamkar, which is a really fun and mesmerizing open mic show in Kanpur that's all about poetry, story telling, rap and stand up comedy- as long as it all comes from a place deep within you.

What's happening?

An event that lets you spew out your innermost emotions, in the most artistic expressions is coming your way. Here, you can perform a bit of poetry, stand up comedy, rap your troubles away or just tell a story that struck a chord with you.

What's neat is that the audience is just like you, so you don't have to hold anything back. Nothing is more cathartic than just letting it all out to a room full of understanding and non-judgemental strangers. Though it sounds a bit bleak, you'll have to try it to see how relaxing it actually is.

Apart from that, it also gives the budding local performers of Kanpur a great pedestal to showcase their art and expression, not just in one form, but many. You never know what might just launch you into a successful career, but this certainly could be a great stepping stone.

In case you're interested and want to perform, all you've got to do is call up the number below, give them a few details and you're all set. Since it's an open mic, you can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it has heart.

The best part is that even if you're not a performer, this is a great place for you to catch a break and listen to people who are going through mostly the same things as you. You're bound to find something here that resonates well within you so it's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Since you're the artist at this show and it's up to you to dazzle the audiences with whatever you've got

Knock Knock

If you're one of those who likes spreading joy, ideas or anything that comes to your mind, then you've got to take a chance at this. If you're not of that sort, then be sure to pay a visit and enlighten yourself with the multitude of activities going down here.

To perform call at +91 88400 59185

When: November 17

Where: Pind Canada, Kakadeo, Kanpur

Book your tickets here.