7 reasons why 90’s kids can’t get off the Pokemon bandwagon

7 reasons why 90’s kids can’t get off the Pokemon bandwagon

Rishabh Pachory
Akanksha Singh

Rishabh Pachory

Akanksha Singh

Us 90’s kids will always remember Pokemon as the greatest animated show of our childhood - Ash Ketchum and his group of friends, catching new pokemons and earning badges!

With the recent release of Detective Pikachu trailer, we got a chance to relive our passion for the show which was a huge part of our childhoods. It brought back old memories in new forms - a Pikachu with fur, a Mr Mime as a lifelike character, a lost looking Charmander, a horde of Bulbasaurs wading through a gushing stream and a rather ferocious looking Charizard. It just made us want more.

Which is why, we take you on a trip down the nostalgia lane and try to explain why we would never have another series as good as Pokemon.

The Tournaments

The tournaments were arguably the most exciting parts of pokemon. We would wait eagerly for the exciting episodes of Ash finally reaching a gym to battle it out with the strongest Pokemon trainers and earn badges. The battles had us sitting on the edge of our seats, carefully observing each move. They taught us that no matter how small your Pokemon, with the right training and encouragement, it could over come the most frightening of opponents.

Every episode taught us something new

Pokemon sure was a kids show, but even if you watched it as an adult, you’ll realize that it has many lessons of friendship, kindness and love, weaved in through the episodes. The most beautiful parts were the most simple ones: Ash caring for Pikachu, Brok feeding all the pokemons their favorite food and Team Rocket always sticking together.

Speaking of team Rocket...

"Prepare for trouble... and make it double": Team Rocket

Team Rocket may have failed in capturing our favorite heroes, but they always managed to keep us entertained. Just when you thought things were becoming a little heavy or there wasn’t enough excitement, Team Rocket swooped in to provide hilarious relief. It was always a sight to behold when a Pokemon would send them flying into space as they said their final words “we’re blasting off again!”

Team Rocket phirse haar gayi...

Because Pika Pika

Let’s face it, Pikachu is the most famous (read cutest) Pokemon. He is so famous in fact, that he has become an icon of the series itself. Pikachu has won our hearts by being on Ash’s shoulder, electrocuting Team Rocket to space on many more occasions, all while remaining adorable. Even if one doesn’t know Pokemon, they definitely know Pikachu.


Be it the sweet singing Jigglypuff, the adorable Bulbasaur, the stubborn Charizard or the cute as a button but deathly Togepi, Pokemon was cuteness overload. The Pokemons were so adorable and tiny that it was hard to not love every single one of them, even the one’s that weren’t as lovable (read Team Rocket’s Meowth). The Pokeverse is one of the cutest fictional universes out there and no-one can tell us differently.

The Games

Pokemon games gave us all a chance to live the mystical journey of being a world class Pokemon trainer. They made the Pokeverse accessible and closer to our hearts. Finding a rare Pokemon, battling it and eventually catching it was just pure bliss. More recently, Pokemon GO managed to bring back the “Gotta catch ‘em all” spirit.

The Memories it gave us

For a kid growing up in any part of the world, Pokemon was a staple diet. In India specifically, nobody could make you leave the TV set when Pokemon would air at 5:00PM. The rush and excitement to discuss the latest episode with your pals and the joy of trading Pokemon cards with a friend had us feeling euphoric!

The world of Pokemon continues to expand and leave us awed at it’s magnificence, even a decade after the commencement of the series. Surely, this list will entice the child within you and get you all geared up for the upcoming film, ‘Detective Pikachu’.