Listen up people, sneaker boutique VegNonVeg has opened shop in Delhi & it’s all the rage!

No one can disagree to the fact that sneakers are the most comfortable kind of footwear. Having a few good and trustworthy pair of sneakers become very important, especially with athleisure fashion making its way into mainstream fashion.

Brands like Balenciaga and Gucci have come up with their own brand of “high fashion” sneakers so as to up the ante on comfort and fashion. And it is suffice to say that a basic white sneaker will not cut it anymore. So if you have been on a lookout for the coolest sneaker of all time, head to VegNonVeg’s new outlet in Safdarjung, Delhi.

The king of sneakers VegNonVeg, is known for making over the top sneakers that sceam cool. They are a multi-brand sneaker boutique where you can shop for top quality sneakers that have been customized to give you a fashionable edge over others and yet keep you and your feet extremely comfortable.

We are in love with the use of colour and the design definition they bring into their shoes and honestly we cannot wait to grab a bunch.

Take my money, take my life, just give me those super cool shoes.

The best part about the boutique is, that they have every amazing sneaker brand under their roof. From Nike Air, Fila to the coveted Yeezys, they have it all and more.

So if you have been on a lookout for awesome sneakers, your search ends with the new VegNonVeg outlet in that has opened in Delhi. Get your groove on with some uber cool sneakers and flaunt your fashion comfortably.

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