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Mumbai is undeniably a wonderful city to live in. Run on the popular “Live and let live” ideal, Mumbai is the ‘city of dreams’ for people across the country. The city where it all begins, the city that never sleeps, the city we all want to live in.

Living in Mumbai is a constant struggle, with everything super expensive and people busy with their fast-paced life, Mumbai can be daunting, at times. Which is disappearing somewhere for a weekend seems like the perfect way to reignite our love for the city and all the commotion that has become a significant part of it.

Yet, going away on an expensive weekend getaway is more of a luxury which people who are struggling to find means in the city cannot afford. Which is exactly why, we have the perfect getaway plan for you- camping near a lake, far from the city and in the midst of nature. All that including three no-holds-no-bar meals for only ₹1100.

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake Camping Trip

Pawna Lake is situated around 15 kilometers away from Lonavala and is surrounded by lush greenery, trees growing thick and the surreal view of sun setting over a lake. We have to say, he scenery alone should be sufficient in beckoning you towards the lake and go happily on the camping trip.

Here you can hear the tiny part of yourself whispering words of encouragement which are drowned by the loud city noises, the traffic, the horns and people yelling on top of everything. Camping along the banks of the lake and taking a dip in the cold cold water can prove to be therapy enough for your burdened soul.

The itinerary

The camping adventure for any given day begins at 4 o’clock in the evening and lasts until 11 AM the next day and includes a plethora of free activities which you can partake in to make most of your time.

You can report to the camp at 4:30 in the evening after which tea and snacks are arranged at 5 PM after which you can enjoy the sunset and spend a cozy evening with music and barbeque between 7-9 PM, after which dinner would be followed by bonfire.
Then the nightly activities begin which can last how-ever long you desire. Following which you can enjoy a great breakfast and a stunning sunrise at 7 AM the next morning, have your breakfast at 8 and checkout at 11 AM.

The itinerary has been prepared in such a way that it is perfect for a small weekend getaway, yet if you’re looking to extend your vacation you can book the same thing over for two days and stay among the nature, have plenty of good food and unwind.

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