YourSpace| This 23-year-old La Martiniere Alumni becomes Lucknow’s youngest RJ!

YourSpace| This 23-year-old La Martiniere Alumni becomes Lucknow’s youngest RJ!

Parul Agarwal

Since the golden age of Radio, being an RJ has never been out of fashion. Remember the “Gooooooooood Morrrrrrrning Mumbai” in Lage Raho Munna Bhai”? RJ’s have always enthralled us and we (atleast most of us) have fantasized using the mic and talking to the world at some point or the other.

Well, not long ago, this dream came true for a young Lucknowite. This 23-year-old La Martiniere Girl’s Amulni, Harshita Gupta, recently started working as an RJ with Radio Mirchi.

If you haven’t yet heard her, then watch this short clip and read about her journey from college to radio.

Here are the excerpts of the Knocksense’s interview with Lucknow’s rising star!

Parul, Knocksense: What was the feeling like, when you first went on-air?

RJ Harshi: When I went on air for the first time, I was really having butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited about the fact that just by switching-on one button, entire Lucknow will be my audience.

As a radio Jockey, her job is not limited to talking on the mic, but it means much more. Radio is a medium to reach the masses and to convey things that need attention.

RJ Harshi’s CareCrow campaign is one such initiative!

Parul: Did you always know you wanted to be an RJ?

RJ Harshi: It was while I was pursuing graduation at Amity Noida, that I got introduced to radio. I instantly developed a liking for the subject and wanted to explore it more. It was then that I took up an internship at Fever, for a month. I got a lot to learn and really wanted to extend my internship, but fate didn’t have that for me and I had to return to Lucknow.

She didn’t know, but fate had something else planned for her

YourSpace| This 23-year-old La Martiniere Alumni becomes Lucknow’s youngest RJ!

Parul: How was coming back to Lucknow? and did you manage to get back to the radio?

RJ Harshi: I wanted to come back to Lucknow because it had already been three years in Noida, I wanted to be with my family and in my city. Soon I applied for an internship at Red FM in 2016.

Parul: How was your time at Red FM?

RJ Harshi: In those two months of internship, I learned a great deal about radio. I learned how actually radio works, programming and much more. However, not being able to find any scope of a job, added with people telling me how difficult it is to get into radio, saddened me.

Parul: How did you land up in Radio Mirchi?

RJ Harshi: Even though my internship was later converted into a full fledged job at Red FM, I was not completely satisfied with it as the job kept me away from my dream of being an RJ.

During this period I got a permanent tattoo in Sanskrit, ‘सर्वं करणोद्वमस्ती’, which means whatever happens, happens for a reason!

It had been two and a half months, working as an Assistant Producer at Red, I was still hopeful of getting what I wanted. Some time passed, and finally, I got a call from Mirchi, about an RJ vacancy. I immediately sent all my links and then began the waiting period. Finally, in December I got a call, that I had been selected as a radio jockey at Mirchi, that too in my very own city. I couldn’t have been happier.

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