Co-own Amrut Farm in Lucknow, city's FIRST fractional ownership property by BRIK itt!

Co-own Amrut Farm in Lucknow, city's FIRST fractional ownership property by BRIK itt!

BRIK itt, touted as the first PropTech company in India, is bringing you the privilege of fractional ownership.

Instituting a radical real estate project and a related investment model, BRIK itt has breathed life into its flagship project in Lucknow- Elite 165 Farm Resort, the first-of-its-kind in the city. Positioned at the Nagaram Nigoha Marg, this upscale farm resort comes blanketed in a mesh of superlative amenities and it also plays the part of a favourable and pragmatic investment tool.

BRIK itt's platform renders fractional ownership in holiday and vacation-based assets, which translates to partial proprietorship of a physical estate; this game-changing acquisition model backed by a luxurious farm resort, allows you to co-own plush holiday homes at the fraction of its cost!

BRIK itt Model Explained: The revolutionary building block in Lucknow's real estate sector

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BRIK itt, touted as the first PropTech company in India, is bringing you the privilege of fractional ownership in exclusive private and residential real estate. The enterprise's patent BRIK model powered by new-age technology, enables investors to own world-class premium assets, at a reduced cost and there are 3 options to choose from- Gold, Platinum and Titanium. Its latest undertaking in Lucknow, Elite 165 Farm Resort (Amrut Farm), has grabbed the attention of investors, owing to its long-term wealth generation scope and stable production of higher returns in the future.

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As per its module, BRIK itt splits each property into 11 equal fractions, known as BRIKs and consequently, interested shareholders are eligible to buy these fractions in any of the listed properties- Amrut Farm in Lucknow being the latest one. Other regions where BRIK iit has laid its foundation, comprise of Goa, Kasauli and Lonavla, among other exotic vacation destinations.

In accordance with the BRIK model, each of the 15 modular cottages at Elite 165 Farm Resort are registered as SPV and split into 11 equivalent fractions- hence, the name! This eco-friendly boutique stay offers 165 BRIKs, which construes that only 165 exclusive investors can be a part of the Elite family and its related privileges, including easy liquidation, buyback option, a lifetime of free luxury holidays and so on!

Other entitlements of a BRIK owner cover priority access to each BRIK itt property, rewarding rental returns ranging from 6%-30%, 30-day annual usage rights, five-star property management provisions alongside complete furnishing and an AI-based Digital Dashboard.

About the Elite 165 Farm Resort

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Also regarded as Amrut Farm, the resort premises is situated at a distance of 45 minutes from Lucknow city and this retreat comes with a plunge pool, clubhouse, mini-golf course, squash court and a play area for kids. Further to enhance the experience of holidaying here, there are provisions of cycling, fishing, beekeeping, archery, snooker and rainwater harvesting as well! Round the clock concierge and on-demand cooks are also available for the members of the Elite 165.

BRIK itt's Elite 165 Farm Resort in Lucknow, driven by sustainable development, is here to add to your investment portfolio and if you are a hedonist with a taste for the finer things in life, then this BRIK framework will retain your interest! This lavish property enables you to own part of it at just 10% of the actual cost, as per your actual use while reaping high returns and all of this, starts 5 lakh onwards.

'Flexible real estate' option, unlike any other!

With this venture, BRIK itt is bringing you the concept of flexible real estate unlike any other, wherein you can avail of bigger and greener spaces right here in Lucknow, as and when your mood demands! Be it a birthday party, an anniversary celebration or any other event that you'd like to celebrate away from Lucknow's usual din and amid an intimate setup, then Amrut Farm should be the haven of your choice.

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