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On this International Yoga Day, learn about THESE 5 lesser-known yoga facts!

Ancient yogis and philosophers believe that each individual has limited number of breaths in their life.

Call it a philosophy, science or the art of living, yoga's traditional roots have found their ground all across the world as one of the most effective means of having a balanced body, mind and soul. Its popularity has scaled beyond the Indian epicentre, thanks to the multiple celebrity endorsements and testimonials, to aggregate a global following at present.

Dated back 5,000 years, there's a lot to this science that does not meet the eyes - with its philosophy lost, found, translated, inferred at a varied graph in the long span. And though its widespread mechanics and history are too overwhelming, we have got you these 5 amazing facts about yoga, to help you grasp its origin, scope, reputation and significance.

A tale as old as time

Yoga is an ancient science of wellness and the very first mention of this word- with the same contemporary meaning, can be traced back to the Katha Upanishad, composed in the fourth to third century BCE. This appearance is also the evidence of yoga's origin & primary centre in India.

There is a type of yoga for everyone

The art of yoga is multi thronged; it promotes the overall wellbeing of an individual, from physical and mental to even spiritual wellness. And thus, it is but obvious there is no one set rule that works for all!

Yoga is an umbrella term that covers a range of yogic practices. These range from Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha Yoga to Kundalini Yoga among several others. This gives each practitioner a chance to find a set of practices that they can term as their own elixir!

Won't be a 'stretch' to call yoga expansive

There are around 84 classic yoga asanas - which means if you try one each day, you'll not run out of new poses for almost 3 months! Besides, asanas form only one of the 8 limbs of yoga. So what are you waiting for? Try something new every day.

The rhythmic beats of yoga & eastern spirituality 

While social influencers like Swami Vivekananda (1893) and Paramahansa Yogananda (1920) harboured the idea of Yoga in the west, it was not until the 70s that the yoga fascination grew here. In 1969, Geroge Harrison from the Beatles released the Hare Krishna Mantra and the rest is history! The frenzy and love for yoga surged by leaps and bounds, with his fans shifting to the jam of eastern spirituality!

The yoga stamp

In honour of the first International Yoga Day on June 21, 2015, the Indian Postal Services released a commemorative stamp to authenticate the significance of yoga in India and abroad! This got the attention of hordes of citizens around the nation and beyond, further adding to the popularity of this practice.

Knock Knock

Ancient yogis and philosophers believe that each individual has limited number of breaths in their life. Therefore, it makes proper sense to take each breath slowly and deeply, to stretch our time- which is exactly the essence of yoga! This International Yoga Day, make sure you're doing your pranayamas right, for a happy and healthy life!

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