Centaurus is Lucknow's newest quirky café and we're here to spill the beans

Centaurus is Lucknow's newest quirky café and we're here to spill the beans

New place in town!

One of the latest cafes that has caught our attention in Lucknow is Centaurus, a whimsical, and aesthetically done up place, which combines the best of visual spectacle with delectable food.

Centaurus is a chill café where you can kick back with friends, go for a date or flaunt to your Insta followers. The light, soulful vibe of this place, makes the perfect joint for a laid back session.

Add a pop of colour to your hangout sessions

Boasting a muted yet contrasty modern setting, Centaurus does things a little differently. The walls are adorned with pastel colour shades, which look amazing in photographs, and there are some tasteful art pieces adorned on the walls. To one side is a compact dance floor where you can bust out a couple of moves too.

The space and setting here makes it perfect for group parties and themed gatherings. There's ample space for you to enjoy a peaceful one on one with your better half too. Whether you're here for the aesthetics or for the food, you're in for a memorable time.

A Foodie's Sanctuary

Speaking of food, they have a good range of cuisines to choose from, and once you try it, you're gonna be hooked. Be it Mexican, Indian, Japanese, South East Asian, Chinese, Continental or Fusion dishes, they've got it all!

Since we were in an especially zesty mood, we decided to vary our classes, and went for a Sushi, a few Indian starters, Tacos and a Chinese Sizzler.

The Mexican hard shell tacos here are perfectly fried on the outside, and have a scrumptious and loaded filling. Topped with spicy, flavourful sauces, this dish is a must-try at Centaurus. Speaking of spicy, the Chicken Kali Mirch had us appreciating the various spices and diverse flavours, along with the tender consistency itself.

Sushi can be a hard dish to nail down, but at Centaurus, you're getting a near authentic taste and texture. The rice is just sticky enough, and is perfectly rolled to house a vegetable tempura, and sauces which give it a rich taste. What titillated our tastebuds further was the Chicken Dum Biriyani, which was rich in taste, and can satiate even the most rigid biriyani buffs.

We decided to wash it down with a couple of drinks and desserts. The Rosemary Mint Mojito was especially vivid, while the Paan & Strawberry Smash were quite refreshing. On the sweets side, we went bananas for the Banana Boat.

Knock Knock

From plush seating, to a service first idea, Centaurus is all about pampering you. There's also valet parking, which further helps you forget your worries and just kick back. Come with your friend group, or your better half, and entrench yourself at the vast offerings here at Centaurus

Where: UGF ASHA APARTMENT -1 WAY ROAD, Ram Mohan Rai Marg, Lucknow.

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