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Ensure safe & secure travel in Lucknow Metro with THESE 7 tips from UPMRC!

Opt for Go smart cards, for a 'contactless' entry in Lucknow Metro.

As the city reverts to normalcy, the revival of operations by Lucknow Metro has ushered umpteen benefits for daily commuters. To ensure a safe and hygienic commute, UPMRC officials have deployed several measures too. Amongst the notable developments, the UV-ray sanitisation of travel tokens is a flagship initiative taken by taken for the safety and security of travelers.

Prioritising commuters' safety with checks & balances

Recently, the UPMRC apprised from its Facebook account that the metro facility recorded a four-fold hike in ridership within 15 days of its restart. Notably, this accomplishment has been a result of the multiple initiatives undertaken by the UPMRC officials to safeguard its passengers, completely. As a part of this, all corners of the stations are sanitised regularly and the employees are also screened regularly through thermal checks.

Additionally, all travelers are also scanned and sanitised before their entry. Given the extensive list of measures being deployed by UPMRC, the organisation stands true to its claim that Lucknow Metro being the safest means of local transport. While the authority has amped up the guard, you can further help in toughening up the shield by adhering to the following 7 steps!

Masks and gloves mandatory

Though it must have become a habit till now, you cannot simply think of stepping out without taking your mask, gloves and sanitiser. During the journey, you have to make sure that the you are properly masked facilitating a safe travel for you and your fellow passengers. Multiple experts have pointed out the benefits of double masks, so it always to advisable to cover yourself in the best possible way!

Avoid touching staircase & escalator railings

You must always remember that infected surfaces are one of the major sources for the spread of the virus. Therefore, it is important that you do not touch the railings of the staircase and escalator and other tangible things at the station complex. It is only when we all align our behavior to such basic norms that we can escape from the deadly virus!

Maintain minimum hand contact with coach objects

When you enter the coach, you have to be more vigilant about your actions. While metro coaches come equipped with multiple amenities, the UPMRC officials have appealed to the passengers, to avoid contact with grab poles and grab handles. Given the frequent usage by multiple people, these objects can give you the virus.

No crowding in the lift

The UPMRC has requested commuters to make sure that not more than two people use the lift at the same time. Additionally, citizens must stand at the highlighted spots ensuring sufficient distancing. Overall, it is important to practice caution at all areas of station premises and this can only be possible when we monitor our activities repeatedly.

Ensure social distancing while travel

The authorities have marked the seats which can be used by the passengers during travel. Therefore, it is pertinent that commuters only take the specific spots and maintain the gap of at least one empty seat between two people. Besides, social distancing protocol must be followed meticulously while standing in the coaches too. With the increasing footfalls in the metro, the citizens must take extra care to clamp the possibilities of a third wave!

Seek 'contactless' entry with Go smart cards

You can upgrade your safety net by opting for a Go Smart card. As per UPMRC, you will able to get a contactless entry as the AFC gates will open without tapping the card. Besides this, you will also be able to avail of a 10% discount for your travel and buying tokens for your friends and relatives would be easier too. So, if you happen to travel frequently, you must get hold of Go smart card and become a smart commuter!

Sanitise your hands before & after coach journey

Hand sanitisation is one of the strongest weapons against the COVID virus. Given the contact and exposure experienced in the metro coaches, you must sanitise your hands thoroughly before entering the coach and after exiting it. Thereby, a handy sanitiser is amongst the first things you need before stepping out!

Citizens' cooperation, the need of the hour!

Now, that the metro authorities have taken sufficient measures for our safety and well-being, it becomes essential for us to ensure cooperation wherever needed. Amid all other things, COVID appropriate behaviour and strict adherence to the stated guidelines and protocol is very important. Remember that the fear of a third wave is constantly lurking around and we must not give any opportunity to the virus, to bounce back into our lives!

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