Weather in Lucknow has taken a pleasant turn owing to the western disturbances and we're not sure if we're supposed to pack our woollens just yet. The city witnessed heavy rainfall and hailstorm today, leaving Lucknowites in a sunshine state of mind.

Covered with hailstones, the roads in the city looked utterly picturesque and the residents of Lucknow took to their social media accounts to document this rare sight.

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Air pollution today has become a major issue. No matter which way you turn, most cities/states are fighting their battle with air pollution and it often seems that pollution is winning around all ends. Lucknow is one city that has been battling with air pollution for a long time. The air quality in the city is abysmal and often has crossed even Delhi in pollution rankings. The air quality is degrading by the day and it often seems that there's no respite in sight for the people of the city.

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The intense cold wave that gripped the North India did not seem to be ending, while the cold winds, rains and cloudy skies made matters worse for most cities. Lucknow too had been reeling under the spell of cold, but thankfully, the days of cold mornings and colder nights are past us.

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a week long spell of clear skies, sunny days and pleasant weather in the state capital. So bring out the sunscreens because the city is getting hotter as we speak!

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Lucknow has made immense progress in the last few years, yet there are still a plethora of things that Lucknow needs to deal with. Lucknow's smart city project has played a huge part in changing the face of this city and it might soon bring us a better and cleaner Lucknow.

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Lucknow has been struggling with waste management, hygiene and cleanliness for long. While the cleanliness drive has brought in several big changes in the city, we are yet to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. In its bid to make the city cleaner, Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) joined hands with IIM Indore to implement the Indore model of cleanliness in the city.

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Winters in Lucknow is definitely not reclining; with out-of-the-blue rains and chilly winds dominating the city, we ain't putting away our winter clothing anytime soon.

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During winters, getting out of bed definitely becomes a task. The added pressure of getting ready on time while beating the chills, makes us desperately crib about it. Especially if you're a working professional, you can't really do much about it given that we all have adult responsibilities to undertake.

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Lucknow was reported to be the most polluted city a few days before Diwali and even after four long days of the festival, Lucknow still finds it difficult to breathe in the city.

The air quality in Lucknow was recorded at 326 on Wednesday, October 30.

The aftermath of Diwali and the increase in vehicular pollution, owing to the festivals, can be held directly responsible for the deterioration in the air quality.

What's the update?

The air quality index (AQI) of Lucknow showed constant deterioration and stood at 326 on October 30, 2 days after Diwali. The air quality which was recorded at 186 on October 26 shot up several notches and decided to rest in the "very poor" category for good.

The Diwali fireworks, changing weather, high humidity and low wind velocity are a few factors that can be attributed to this radical shift. The entire city has been covered with a thick layer of smog and it is increasingly difficult to breathe in the air.

How to cope with the pollution?

Lucknow is a city in high gears of development and we see a ton of construction and vehicular movement owing to the same. With most of the residents out and about, pollution is one of the biggest health hazards. If you're someone who is travelling in crowded areas, we suggest covering your face or wearing masks.

The Pm 2.5 and Pm 10 concentration in the air can cause not only respiratory issues but also redness and itchiness of the eyes. We would recommend our readers to go out in public wearing glasses, especially if their eyes are particularly sensitive.

Also, consult a doctor immediately if you're facing trouble breathing or are experiencing skin rashes or eye infections among other things.

Knock Knock

The air quality has become a major concern for Lucknow and the people living here. Necessary precautions are a must before stepping out of the house, till the situation improves.