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You know what they say- breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what they don’t tell you, is where to find what, when hungry and in Lucknow! From malai chai to jalebi, dhokla to idlis, Lucknow has options for all your breakfast cravings.

The streets of Lucknow have a lot to offer even when it comes to a wholesome breakfast. So we’ve risen to the occasion to let you know about 7 breakfast items you can chomp on & where to get them from when here in Lucknow. The best part? These breakfast places in Lucknow will suit everyone’s pockets and won’t leave your gut gutted.

Khasta Kachori

Another breakfast staple up here in the North, Khasta Kachori is a famous street food which is often served with hari chutney, maseledar pyaaz and aloo ki sabzi. No matter how you serve it, Khasta Kachori majorly appeals to spicy food lovers!

Pair this up with a cup of hot chai and you’ll be feeling full for the next 4-5 hours for sure. To snag the best plates of Khasta Kachori, you gotta head to Rattilal’s, Ajay or Bajpayee Kachodi Bhandar here in the city; thank us later. The laal aloo ki sabzi is amazing BTW!

Chai aur Bun-Makkhan

The eternal Lakhnavi classic, Chai aur Bun-Makkhan is what brings the society together. Every nook and cranny of the city has a stall with people from all walks of life, crowding here and there, at odd hours too. A kulhad full of good chai engages people, like no other in the city.

Boiling tea on the stove and fresh buns stacked neatly, waiting to be devoured with a generous spank of butter, is what pulls us all in and you don’t need to be hungry to eat. Lucknow is brimming with chai places but if you want chai which would speak to your soul, go for Keval, Shukla, Sharma Ji ki Chai and Prem for sure.

Chole Bhature & Lassi

Chole-Bhature is an award winning pair which makes our mornings better and our inner Punjabis awaken, at the mere whiff of the chole, being curried to perfection. The fresh bhature, being nudged in the hot oil and ballooning up to be dipped in gravy, is a sight to behold. All of it served with extra achaar, pyaaz, nimbu and chillies, just makes it all the more drool-worthy and a glass of lassi afterwards, seals the deal.

To catch up on this delightful breakfast experience, you’ve gotta head to Lucknow’s most trusted, Shri Lassi Corner because they do it like no other in the city. They’re usually booked out, given the tiny space yet massive popularity, so go over early for this one. Alternatively, you can also try out Sardar Ji Ke Mashoor Chhole Bhature to begin your day on a delicious note.


No matter how angrez you are and how you like your eggs on the side, the moment you bite into a morsel of steaming hot paratha, your inner desi is bound to be awakened. Be it aloo, pyaaz, gobhi, panner or keema parathe, you cannot just stop at one mouthful of it, specially if it’s served hot from mom’s kitchen.

But if you wanna explore your options, we’d suggest you to check out Parathe Wali Gali, Punjabi Choolha and of course, the youth-favourite corner, Bhole- The Chai Nashta Point.


Feathery yet fluffy dhoklas sitting on a plate, doused in chutneys and drizzled with mild spices- just the mere thought of it, makes our tum-tums rumble. A Gujarati specialty, dhoklas are quite popular here as well. They’re light on our stomachs and on the calorie-count too, so even fitness freaks can indulge in this, once in a while.

To satiate your dhokla cravings, you can check out Chitchor Mithai Shop, Bhatia Matthi Wale, Chhapan Bhog and oh, Shree Rajbhog too!


South Indian breakfast options are known to be another raging favourite here in Lucknow and the reason is justified! We have Southie hubs like Tamil Nadu Dosa, Anna Dosa Point, Curry Leaf, Kerala Cafe right here in the city, who are known for their offerings.

Go over to these places and relish a fine plate of of idli-uttapam and you’ll know why we throng here and there for our breakfast scenes. Pair the tender idlis with a spicy bowl of sambar and kick the heat with coconut chutney; to have a taste of breakfast from God’s own country.


Another breakfast dessert combo which Lucknowites swear by, Dahi Jalebi is available in abundance, at even the tiniest sweet shop in Lucknow! This combination of sweet jalebis mopped up in khatta dahi is an early morning palate pleaser and we cannot ever have enough.

To hog on this delish match, head to Netram to get the best taste. The Jalebis and Jalebas at Chappan Bhog are a must try too!

Knock Knock

When in the City of Nawabs, you’re never out of options to keep your palate on a foodsploration streak! So now that we’ve mentioned the best places to grab your brekkie from, we see no excuse for you to skip out on a nawab-like breakfast.

With the shaadi season en route, you’re either on the guest list or you’re the person who is actually tying the knot for life. When it comes to accessorising for such events, fancy jewellery is always our go-to option.

Jewellery compliments the wearer of course but it amps up their natural style too. Whether you’re donning a customised ring or a traditional maang-tika, the chosen pieces actually reflect the owner’s persona.

Finding the right trinket within a budget and according to the occasion becomes a task and to ease out our woes or rather, to spoil us with choices, Lucknow’s Jewel Palace has pitched in and how!

Designer Collections & Free Jewellery Insurance

This season, Jewel Palace is offering us stellar lightweight designer jewellery options so be it for the bride or the attendees, you can actually pick up a thing, two, or a dozen, when here.

Their feathery light jewels actually can be donned on a regular basis, worn to office parties, formal events and it can double up as a gifting option too, if you’re looking for the perfect gift. Although 70 decades have passed by, they’ve actually changed their offerings keeping the contemporary times in mind yet they’ve still stuck on to purity of the olden days. The price range is affordable too- gold rings start at just ₹4,995 and you can bag chains here, starting at ₹8,995 only.

Jewel Palace is also providing free jewellery insurance on every purchase above ₹10,000 and as for the pricing, it cannot get any better than this! Starting from ₹200 to ₹20,00,000 and above, Jewel Palace has articles for everybody’s purse, purpose & personality.

For The Bride-To-Be!

Jewel Palace has also launched its exclusive Adriti Wedding Collection recently, which encompasses light-weight kundan jewellery! It profoundly appeals to brides, who want to maintain a fine balance between traditional and contemporary fashion choices.

The folks here also provide dedicated bridal appointments wherein they provide full jewellery consultancy, for a better fit. They guide you on your journey of purchasing your wedding jewellery because later, it translates to a piece of nostalgia and family heirloom.

Jewel Palace helps you to find finery which will complement your body, face and the overall attire of course! To jazz up your excitement, they are even offering a special discount of flat 50% on the making charges of bridal jewellery.

Knock Knock

Over the last 70 years, Jewel Palace has risen to the zenith of its prominence and it speaks heaps about this brand’s credibility. They leave no stone unturned to make us feel comfortable with our choices and their artisanship is simply unmatched.

Their subtle yet glamorous collection has our hearts and no matter which side of the party you’re on, Jewel Palace will definitely have something for everyone.

Location: Shiv Plaza, 551/JHA/38, Kanpur - Lucknow Rd, Ram Nagar, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005

Contact: 0522 433 0770

P.S. Closed on Thursdays

Surely 2019 has lot more facilities and technologies which have made our lives easier and of course, pushed Lucknow towards development!

But we the desi kids always have a longing to ride a time-machine, to just go back to the period when we were blissfully unaware of the 21st-century chaos and monotony. It was the time when the alarm rang to wake you up for school and not the office, tiffin was from Mom’s kitchen and not Zomato and we were 100 pounds lighter.

So to put you face-to-face with the 90s nostalgia, here are 7 blasts from the past which would give you major throwback goals, if you’re a true-blue Lucknowite.

Long queues outside Anand & Novelty cinema

Currently we have several online portals to book our movie tickets and we can even choose our seats, at the click of a button. But back in the day, watching a movie depended on our patience to stand in a queue.

You know what is even more annoying than standing a looooong queue for a movie? The halls running out of tickets by the time you reached the counter. For situations like these, we had to be dependent on ‘black’ tickets, which came at a hefty price.

The craze for movies has always been a trend in the country; so much so that there have been instances of Lathi-Charge at such venues, in the past! When Gadar had released at Anand Cinema Hall, there was a shortage of tickets and the charge had followed due to the chaos. During the screening of Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, people waited outside halls for a whole month to get their tickets- bhaisaaab crazy times!

The Wheel of Fortune & Free Kulfi

As a 90s kid, we’d prefer kulfis from thelas more than ice-creams from Baskin Robbins, any day! There were kulfi walas who roamed the locales and summer afternoons were incomplete without their blaring calls resonating in the streets. We would gather our chillars and then head straight to the door, lest we lost him.

These vendors always had a Wheel of Numbers where you could guess a number and spin it; if the number popped up as you had imagined, you’d get a free kulfi! How kul was that?!

The 1st Pizza Hut & GPO tak lambi line

When Lucknow was alien to the concept of Italian food, Pizza Hut set up its base in Hazratanj and introduced us to the world of a cheesy love-affair!

There was an instance of the crowd going bonkers about this new release in the city and believe it or not, just to enter the outlet, there were snaking lines till the GPO. We didn’t know what a pijja was and now, our diets are mostly about pizza [peet-sa] whenever we gotta order in. People are more loyal towards Pizza Hut than their partners, apparently.

Doordarshan & Chill

Now we have Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime wageirah wageirah to keep us company but pehle nah, it was Doordarshan and chill for us!

And we didn’t call bae for it; we called the whole mohalla to be a part of our Sunday serials and whoever had a coloured TV, the crowd used to throng there. Doordarshan gave us hits like Shriman Shrimati, Ramayana, Udaan, Dekh Bhai Dekh and so on and we’d still watch ‘em any day, over Gopi Vau’s atrocities or Simran’s zahreelay laddoos.

Rover’s ka Mutton burger & the first CCD

Cafes ke naam pe, initially we just we had a CCD which was a major hangout spot for students and oldies, alike. CCD was the ultimate place for us, where our first date happened, where we went after bunking classes and this place saw our tears too! It has been there with and for us, over the spanning years and our first mulaqaat with fancy kaffee took place here.

CCD has also taught us that it actually pronounced ‘mo-ka’ and ‘mo-cha’; so if we’re fluent at our Starbucks orders, you know who owns the credits.

Similarly, Rover’s was our initial eatery where we used to hog on the best mutton burgers in town and their Chicken Frankies were also quite a hit; in fact, it still is. After college hours and post-midnight, this is where you’d find the ‘cool kids’ in town.

Pagers & Phone Booths

Pagers and phone booths honestly feel pre-historic now, given the digital evolution we’re constantly facing! The last beeps we heard were way back in 2012 and since then, they have declined in numbers and usage has fallen too. Now we have cellphones to heed to our needs and even a 5yo child these days, has one for fun purposes!

Phone booths have witnessed our love stories, heartbreaks, long-distance relationships and the walls of it, have heard tales as old as time. These booths kept us connected to people and the queue for it has inculcated a serious sense of patience in us. Think twisted wires, phone directories, limited call times and expensive bills.

Gomti Barrage- End of Land

When Lucknow hadn’t faced the force of transformation, for us, Gomti Barrage was the end of the city and beyond these boundaries, we didn’t know what existed. This used to be a chill spot for people and for variations, people opted for Kasturba Gandhi Park and sometimes, the Nimbu Park too. In fact, Hathi Park has also seen quite a footfall because there were major power outage issues and for the sake of hanging out, these were the spots.

This was the time when Indira Nagar was also spreading its wings to form a sprawling colony, which it is today and the Gomti Nagar area was still unbrushed.

Knock Knock

When Twenty One Pilots sang, “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days; when our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out”, we felt those words in our bones.

This was the era of long winters which began in October and stretched till February and makkhan malai used to go to our tumtums directly, before our social media handles.

All in all, the 90s was a really good time for us when it comes to living life to the fullest but if only we were in a Robert Schwentke movie (he directed The Time Traveler's Wife).

It is no news that air pollution is a leading concern of our modern society. With the onset of winters pollution has reached 'severe' levels in most cities and Lucknow hasn't been left untouched. The city is breathing in toxic air and the situation is alarming. The pollution is not only triggering existing respiratory issues but also giving birth to new cases of respiratory diseases, skin allergies and eye infections.

The situation is so dire that even our homes have not been left alone from the aftermath of this. Thankfully, new technology has enabled us to at least have a clean and pollution free environment indoors. Air purifiers and humidifiers have become a more essential to our homes than ACs. With the increasing pollution air purifiers have become a necessity. Honeywell is one of Lucknow fastest and biggest selling air purifiers, that is making our homes cleaner and safer.

Why even buy an air purifier?

We all know that we're breathing unhealthy toxic air which has become one of the major causes of diseases including respiratory issues, dry and itchy eyes, dry throats and skin allergies. The air quality index or AQI of Lucknow has constantly been in the 'very poor' category, fluctuating in the 330-370 range.

A haze of pollution has blanketed the entire city and breathing outside has become a full fledged task. The same has been happening inside our homes too, the blanket of pollution has invaded our homes and it is severely deteriorating our quality of life.

An air purifier hence, has become more of a necessity than a luxury. If you live in a household with small kids, elderly and sick people, having a clean indoor atmosphere is a must.

Why Honeywell?

Honeywell is a leading air purifier brand, they have been working on air purifiers for some decades now and have nailed the technology required to make our homes pollution free. Honeywell has a complete range of indoor air purifiers that makes our homes safe for the sick, elderly and the kids. Providing a pollution free environment, not for a single room but anywhere you want it.

The Honeywell purifiers come in a wide range of variety, from a mini version specifically for your car to a full sized version that can take on a small apartment. Medium and smart purifiers made specifically for small rooms and nurseries.

The sizes and the variations help you find the perfect fit for you home so that you and your family can breathe in clean and pollution free air.

Knock Knock

If you're worried about the effects of pollution on your health and that of your loved ones, an air purifier is your friend, especially during the winter season. With the pollution level crossing all charts and air quality deteriorating day by day, a clean and pollution free home is the only haven we can hope for. Honeywell is helping Lucknowites have the safe space, the haven they have been looking for.

So don't wait for the pollution to make a home in your home, get your Honeywell today.

Looking to get your Honeywell Air Purifier?

Contact: 9953533498, 9839025055

Find it at: Ramit Enterprises, 13/44 Prag Narain Road Riviera Colony

Diwali is almost here and we’re all feeling the vibes around with lines of fairy lights hanging here and there, the smell of pre-winters in the air and of course, the aroma of freshly made sweets!

We’re all gearing up for one of the most awaited festivals here in the North and shopping is an integral part of every festivity! Even the smallest of all the markets here are abuzz with chaotic excitement, so you can imagine the sight here at Bhoothnath.

Bhoothnath Market, here in Lucknow has risen to become the Mecca for shoppers during this time of the year and no matter what your budget is, you’ll find something here for sure. The roads are all crowded with hawkers and a spread of various items, ranging from vibrant diyas to organic colours for rangoli, paper lights to gifting items.

Let the Lights Guide You!

As soon as you enter Bhoothnath Market, you’ll witness a range of colourful stalls, adorning the busy streets and the rush is surely overwhelming. Bring along someone who can bargain well, or else you’re bound to be at a loss here.

As you walk in further, dodging the requests of the initial sellers to take a look at their items, you’ll find sprawling stalls of lights, home decor articles and other things you don’t need but will probably end up buying anyway.

The light stalls here in the market are innumerable- anywhere your eyes rest, you’ll find shops which are selling fancy lights, ranging from the fairy variant to paper ones. Keep treading towards the main market and you’ll find doll diyas too, which are trending this season. Brought to the markets here from Rajasthan, you can buy these dolls at ₹60 a pair.

Looking for Home Decor?

Bhoothnath is the hub of home decor items, no matter what time of the year it is. Because of the oncoming festival of lights, they’ve stocked up even prettier items this year.

As you walk on the road, which runs parallel to Babian Restaurant, you’ll find stalls which have copper and brass items, which make for pretty home decor. The prices start at ₹70 for a copper plate and can go up to ₹1,500 for a set of 8 brass utensils.

Rang De This Diwali!

Diwali is incomplete without a rangoli at our doorsteps so you can stock up on the colours here, available in various shades. We even found several shades of blue alone and the pricing starts at ₹20 for 100 gms and if you can bargain, seal the deal at ₹15.

You can even find organic colours, which come with a pocket pinch of ₹35 for 100 gms.

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye?

What is a celebration without sweets?!

If you’re searching for a sweet-shop here at the Bhoothnath Market, which would make for a box full of yumminess, then you can’t miss out on visiting Chandrakala Sweets! They have fresh gujiyas which have been curated especially for this festive season and their boondi ke laddoos made of desi ghee is a sure-shot crowd puller.

The prices are nominal here but the quality of their offerings are superior! They also have a small space for you to sit inside and if you’re looking for something savoury, go for their batashe!

Knock Knock

So when in Lucknow, if you need to stock up on the last moment knick-knacks before the guests arrive, Bhoothnath Market is where you need to head to. It fits all budgets- be it a piece of intricate chikan kurta or ethnic earrings, lights or utensils, this market has you covered.

P.S. Carry enough cash along with you because most of these hawkers, do not take online transactions or cards.

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With tons of invitations flowing in, house cleaning sessions, putting up fairy lights and other preps in progress, you know Diwali is on its way!

Diwali is also synonymous with a time where you gotta look-out for the perfect gifts for the hosts of parties or stock-up your shelves for the visiting guests. Since these are mostly family events, finding an inclusive gift which is also exclusive, becomes a task!

To cap down your stress about the gift-exchanging process with your friends and family, we’ve listed down 7 places in Lucknow, from where you can pick your Diwali presents!

The Garden Bakery

Keeping in mind the festive fervour around us, The Garden Bakery has introduced Diwali hampers for you to gift or own this season. You can stock up on the dry cakes like the Nutella Fudge and the Chocolate Fudge variants and when looking for bite-size pleasures, go for their Diwali cupcakes! You can get these cupcakes customized here at the bakery and they've also introduced festive flavours of cakes and pastries, like Honey Almond and Rasmalai too.

The Garden Bakery also has Chocolate Coated Dry Fruits so when here, you can expect to see Almonds, Raisins, Cashews, Butterscotch nuts, doused in chocolate, pleading to be eaten. So if you’re looking forward to attending a couple of invitations this season, come over to The Garden Bakery to take your pick from their delicious Diwali gift options! Be it a toddler or an elderly, these treats from The Garden Bakery is sure to make everyone delighted.

Location: B 1031, Behind Bhootnath Market, Indira Nagar, Lucknow

WK Life

Whenever there is an occasion which requires thoughtful gifting, we always head over to WK Life first because this store never allows us to return empty-handed. WK Life is a life-saviour when it comes to helping us out with gifts, within a budget too and all of their products are chic, durable and oh-so-awwdorable! WK Life is famed for the everyday gadgets they manufacture and their lifestyle products strongly appeal to the youth.

This festive season, they are giving us a 50% off on selected products and you gotta snag this chance because we’re sure you have a list of things your siblings need, this Diwali!

Location: One Awadh Centre, Lucknow

The Chocolate Room

If you’re a true Lucknowite, The Chocolate Room is bound to be one of your go-to spots for a quick gift-pick session. This season, they’ve again come up with Diwali hampers because in a bid to win a person’s heart, good sweet treats are always a safe bet!

So this Diwali, come over to The Chocolate Room and select the kinda hamper you want because they have ‘em according to everyone’s budgets! Here the prices start at ₹199 and go up to ₹2599, so if you want to keep it simple or go all-in, TCR will be of great help!

Location: 32A / 33A / 34A , Pragati Bazar, Kapoorthla, Aliganj, Sahara Ganj Mall, Lucknow


This bakery has been serving Lucknowites with delish desserts for over 18 years now and our festivals are all incomplete, without a visit to Pat-A-Cake! Their craftily curated Diwali hampers are not only good lookin’ but delicious too. So let go of the regular mithai ka dabba and shop for these gift hampers to make a sweet appearance!

Location: 17-1A, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Parehta, Gokhale Vihar, Butler Colony, Lucknow

The Hazelnut Factory

Regarded as one of the best bakeries in Lucknow, The Hazelnut Factory always has something for everyone’s moods and budgets of course! When here, go for their hampers if you’re looking for gifting options this Diwali and we’re sure, that the recipients will be over the moon. The laddoos are always our first pick here and THF also offers interesting variants of this good ol’ delicacy! Choose from the French Laddoo, Cranberry Laddoo, Mango White Chocolate Laddoo or even better, just buy ‘em all!

A loaded box full of fancy treats can never go wrong and the pastel packaging is so good that it’ll find a comfortable space at the shelf for a long time to come.

Location: B-192, Ground Floor opp Ram Krishna Math, Nirala Nagar, Lucknow


No matter what the occasion is, Sugamour always treats Lucknow to some of the finest desserts and bakes! This year too, they’ve introduced Diwali hampers which is making us invest in 3-4 of them at a go because they all look so amazing and the taste is hitting the bulls’ eye too.

We’d definitely recommend the hampers here if you’re looking for Diwali presents and we’re sure, Sugamour will leave you spoilt for choices.

Location: Asha Apartment, 1, Ram Mohan Rai Marg, Gokhale Vihar, Hazratganj, Lucknow

Cake ‘o’clock

A home-grown brand which has been taking over the other bakeries in town, Cake 'o' Clock has been winning hearts with their stellar bakes, which look like pieces of art! This delivery-only brand supplies cakes, cupcakes, gift hampers, sweet table displays at events and so on- you name it and they’ve got it.

So this Diwali, order their customized festive box which will include home-baked focaccia bread, coffee cake ball box, banoffee jars, amidst the other treats it comes with. You’ll also find salted chocolate coated dry fruits and babka bread too and if this doesn’t make you wanna grab 2-3 of them ASAP, we don’t know what will!

Just give Shriya a call at +91 95544 44462 to place your order and watch how she'll effortlessly bake your day better!

Knock Knock

So this Diwali, ditch the boring gifts and head over to these 7 places to jazz up the festivities! These spots here in Lucknow, have something for everyone’s pockets and you’ll be having a hard time choosing because they’re all so gooooood.

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Diwali is right around the corner and the festivities have already begun. We're in the thick of the festival season which means, if you want to look good, you need to start shopping, now!

On our quest to bring you the best of festive fashion, we've curated a list of all the brands that Mahanagar's favourite multi-designer studio- Closet Our Designers Hub has in store for you.

The question is, Lucknow are you ready to look good?

1. Gulaal

Made for the real woman, Gulaal is a brand that focuses on everyday wear, that not only looks good but is comfortable too. The brand focuses on style, comfort and the ease of carrying the fashion that you're wearing, hence they keep their designs simple and their fabric relaxed.

A Rajasthani brand that has a deep connection to its roots, Gulaal offers few of the best cotton based designer pieces that will keep you looking fresh and glamorous. We are in love with the gota-patti suits and shararas!

2. Peach Tree

Made for the woman who likes to keep things simple, elegant and beautiful, The Peach Tree is a Kolkata based brand. Elegant designs that are aided with a splash of glitter and twinkle, the brand has made its home into the hearts of many.

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Kolkata's designers in stunning kurtis, dresses and more.

3. Soni Kudi & Nishpanna

The in-house designer brands of Closet-Our Designers Hub, Soni Kudi and Nishpanna are Kanushree's (the mind behind Closet) brain child. While Soni Kudi has designer pieces that can be easily translated into daily wear, Nishpanna has a variety of designs ranging from a kids collection to full-blown bridal wear.

These two brands are Kanushree's modern take on female and kids every-day glam wear and you need to check these out for the classic designs.

4. The Maple

The Maple is a brand for the modern woman. Someone who is a combination of class and contemporary ideas, with refined sense of fashion and an eye for the exquisite.

Driven by the idea to create something for the woman of today that is not just fashionable but also radiates luxury, The Maple is ideal for office parties, card cocktails and such elegant affairs.

5. Artisan Glory

A brand that looks to promote artisans from the deep villages of India, Artisan Glory is all about classic designs and easy-going fabrics. From handloom sarees, suits, stoles to just plain fabric, with artisan glory you can celebrate fashion that is eternal.

Explore design pieces that never go out of style, fashion that has always been and always will be. This brand is for those of us who are a sucker for the classics.

Knock Knock

With so much to offer and so much to explore, Closet Our Designer Hub is a multi-designer store in Lucknow where you can find everything you need to look good this festive season. Explore their rich indie collections, pick a few accessories and stand out from the crowd with your exquisite festive wear.

Address: C 142, Mandir Marg, Sector A, Mahanagar, Lucknow

If you're busy with the unavoidable Diwali shopping and have been wondering what to gift people this year. We have the perfect news for you! Our beloved quirky-cool brand Chumbak has just opened shop in Lucknow's Saharaganj Mall and we cannot hide our excitement!

About a month ago, Knocksense had reported that Chumbak is opening its first ever store in Lucknow and not even a month later, the Chumbak store has opened its doors to the city

Let's make this a Chumbak Diwali

Picture Credit: Pankhuri Agarwal

If you know anything about Chumbak, you know they are known for their fun, clever and quirky designs that can lighten up the most basic of homes. Their designs are fresh, fun and as cool as can be, which is why they make for the perfect gifts.

Be it a bohemian cat shaped cushion, a cutesy planter to put at the office desk, an old shaped mug for winter tea indulgences, or just a fun bag to carry around at the coming horde of parties, a gift from Chumbak is all you need to light up someone's Diwali.

Plus, who better to buy a present for this Diwali than yourself!? Treat yourself to a nice mug set, maybe a pillow or two and make the most out of the season of shopping and indulgences.

First ever in Lucknow!

This is the first ever Chumbak store that is opening up in the city and we cannot deny that it has us jumping up and down with excitement. The fact is that we just cannot wait to get all the cool accessories, home decor and cute serveware from Chumbak, throw an awesome Diwali party and show off all the cute stuff we've got.

Knock Knock

The Chumbak store has opened just in time for us to go and grab everything we need for the most epic Diwali. Head to the new store in Lucknow now and maybe you'll find the fun element that's been missing from your living room or office desk.

Happy Shopping people!

Address: Ground Floor, Saharaganj Mall, Hazratganj, Lucknow