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The spirit of patriotism runs high in every Indian as the country celebrates its 74th Independence day to commemorate India's freedom from the British Raj in 1947. The struggle of our forefathers and their spirit is etched in the date August 15 and the day continues to instil dreams and hopes among people!

However, this year, the celebrations slow down as Lucknow observes a weekend lockdown to control the spread of the coronavirus in the city. Yet, the spirit lies undefeated and the city of Nawabs continues to shine and shimmer in the lights that light up the entire town! As the lockdown restricts you to step out and witness this grandeur and beauty, Knocksense brings to you exclusive photos of some of the most visited landmarks of the city!

Vidhan Sabha 

Kapil Roy/Knocksense

Lucknow Vidhan Sabha building is one of those points that becomes every Lucknowites favourite on August 15 as it dazzles in the pride and glory of the tricolour lights and decorations every year!

A close up! 

Kapil Roy/Knocksense

The spirit remains undefeated even though the threat of a global pandemic looms over the city. The details and beauty of the decoration witnesses no slack and the light glimmer in hope of a brighter future.

Nirman Bhawan PWD 

Lights in the tricolour theme also dawn the Nirman Bhawan, Public Works Department at MG Marg.

Nagar Nigam 

Kapil Roy/Knocksense

The office of the Municipal Authority of Lucknow called the Nagar Nigam also glitter up in decorative lights of red, white and green pledging its alliance to the Indian Tricolour - promising growth, prosperity and peace in the city

Gandhi Park

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India's struggle and celebration of independece are incomplete without the presence of the Mahatma Gandhi and the Gandhi Park in the city pays respect to the Father of the Nation with lights and flowers!

Dr. BR Ambedkar Statue

A key player in laying down the foundation and the stepping stone of the Nation was Dr. BR Ambedkar- a name that is immortal in the spirit of India's ideologies and policies. The statue of Dr. Ambedkar at the Atal Chowk in Lucknow also lights up in vibrant decorations as India celebrates its freedom

Kalidas Marg

Apart from administrative structures, the roads of the city also glow in tricolour on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day

Fountain of Hope

Kapil Roy/Knocksense

The city lights in the hopes, dreams, and the vision of a brighter and better future

City of Stars 

Kapil Roy/Knocksense

Every roads and lamp post tidy up even though they remain empty amid the weekend lockdown.

Jai Hind

A starry and beautiful Lucknow signify the essence of what this day stands for, the spirit of being free, and the spirit of being an Indian! We salute all those who fought for the the Nation and its freedom and pay our respect and gratitude to them. Vande Matram!

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