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Lucknow ranks 6th in the list of most polluted cities in India; Masks, air purifiers a must to stay safe!

Parul Agarwal

It’s been 3 days since Lucknowites have been inhaling the toxic air and if met department is to be believed, there is going to be no relief from the dense smog till November 17.

‘Muskuraiye aap Lucknow mei hai’ is a common phrase associated to Lucknow, but with the current status of the environment, we do not know how to smile without breathing in the hazardous air. It is shocking and shameful that Lucknow has become the sixth most polluted city in India.

For the fourth consecutive day, Lucknow woke up to dense smog. Morning joggers, school and college going students are facing difficulties and here is what a student of Amity University, Kartikey Misra had to say about the alarming situation-

Sadly, the onset of winters gave no reason to enjoy. The first few days of the season are so suffocating due to dense smog.

Lucknow ranks 6th in the list of most polluted cities in India; Masks, air purifiers a must to stay safe!

Another resident of Lucknow, who lives in Indira Nagar, Amit Agarwal, said-

These days it is getting tough to travel from one place to another in Lucknow. Today, while going to Hazratganj for coaching, I felt irritation in my eyes and throat.

The gas chamber that the city has got converted into, has led to several accidents, due to decreased visibility on the roads and can cause several health hazards. While, the Delhi govt has already started taking measures to control the situation, Lucknow administration seems less concerned about the air we breathe and about the people’s safety.

The Delhi govt has taken a stand and put construction projects on a hold and has shut down schools temporarily. There are a lot of activities that lead to air pollution, and it is high time, the government gets alert and take action to clear the sky of Lucknow. Air purifiers are a must to keep the toxic air away and make sure you carry masks while moving out, to prevent any disease or allergy or infection from the smog.

Varanasi becomes the most polluted city in India

After Delhi and Lucknow, the polluted air has now reached Varanasi, making it countries most polluted city. The Air Quality Index of the city of Ghats, measured 491 on Friday at 4pm, which is only 9 short of an emergency condition.

Masks & Air Purifiers a must

Air Purifiers and Masks becomes a must to stay safe this season. Mi-branded air purifiers are available on sale. You can also grab air masks from your nearest chemist store.

We can all work together to save the environment by checking our own activities and creating less waste. Share this article on your walls with #NoMoreSmog and help the authorities wake up and take some action.

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