Lucknow's Acharya Ravi Sardana explains the art & science of Tarot Reading & Reiki Healing

"I practice a form of divine guidance."- Acharya Sardana

About 15-16 years back, when stuck in a tricky situation, Acharya Ravi Kumar Sardana saw an advertisement in a newspaper about a Tarot Card reader in Mumbai who was hailed as India's top reader. It was none other than the highly-regarded Dr. Kunti Nagwekar. So he took up classes under her guidance and now in 2020, Lucknow's Acharya Ravi Sardana has risen as a popular name in this field.

" have to believe in its power."

Apart from being a tarot card reader, Acharya Ravi Sardana is also a proficient reiki healer- one of the very few in the city. He acquired the skill of performing this form of alternative therapy from Anotonio Merego, back in 2005. He was a reiki master from Spain who was on his India trip during that time when Acharya Ravi met him. Furthermore, Acharya Ravi Sardana took lessons from Dr. Jiten Bhatt, who has patented the form of Pyra Vastu and is a leading professional in his field.

Explore and understand the field of Tarot Card reading and Reiki in detail, through this intriguing interview with Sardana'ji-

How can we benefit from Tarot and Reiki? What kind of guidance can be derived from Tarot and how can Reiki healing help us?

Tarot Reading and Reiki Healing are two entirely different aspects. Tarot card helps us to take the right decision when we are in dilemma. When we have more than one option, tarot is there to guide us. Tarot helps us to choose our career, life partner, business partner, where to invest our money, the correct time to proceed for a journey, decisions on buying a house or any property- the list is endless! We can say that Tarot cards are our guiding star, who sail us smoothly through our troubles. Whereas Reiki Healing is the process which helps us to get rid of our pain and sufferings, be it physical or mental. As we know, the entire world is made up of energy only (of course in different forms). In Reiki Healing, we channelize this cosmic energy into the body of the person who has asked us for it. Since this is the purest form of energy, there is nothing but positive effect.

After a session with you, will we be able to make effective decisions, say for example, regarding our career or education field ?

This is the beauty of Tarot Card reading; it guides us in every problem. If we are unable to choose subjects to study, Tarot is there. If we are unable to choose our career, tarot is there again. If we are confused regarding which partner will be suitable for us, tarot is here to help. In short, Tarot Card reading helps you to make even the smallest or the biggest of all decisions. One more important point about Tarot is that you can ask any question which comes to your mind. But of course, question should be positive; no negative question is allowed.

What kind of diseases can reiki heal us from? Can people suffering from mental health issues also benefit from it?

Reiki helps to recover from any kind of ailment, whether it is physical or mental. Whether you are suffering from any chronic disease or of a temporary nature, this healing can help you. If someone is undergoing any treatment in any hospital for any ailment, reiki healing speeds up the recovery process. It can be taken simultaneously with any kind of medication.

If you are stressed and burned out, Reiki can bring you to normal. Reiki also solves emotional imbalances. It is also very helpful to patients with terminal diseases like cancer. It provides instant relief and can be performed anywhere because Reiki is beyond time and space.

How different is a Tarot consultation from an astrology one? Can you please take us through the process of tarot reading?

Tarot consultation is one-on-one and astrology says that you are governed by your stars. Tarot cards help us to come out of from that situation which is negative as per our stars. There are different type of pictures on tarot cards. These pictures carry certain meanings. Combination of these cards can mean various things. If a person is asking his/her question while sitting in front of me, he/she picks a card from the deck. While he/she is picking the card. his/her conscious and subconscious mind should be involved in that question. Then the subconscious mind directs him/her to pick the card, which is the most suitable for him/her. If the person is online, I pick the cards according to my intuition. It is very important for a tarot card reader to be intuitive. For different kind of questions, we do unalike spreads . It is a very helpful tool to take any future call

How to contact you for the above services? Please tell us about your fees and consultation procedure.

My mobile number is 9284576827 and you can also alternatively mail me at, between 11 AM to 6 PM. After receiving the consultation fees, which we take in advance, a time slot is allotted. Charges for Tarot Card reading are- one question at ₹500 and for three questions, I charge ₹1,000. Thereafter, in multiples of Rs.1,000.

For distance Reiki healing I charge ₹1,000 per session. For permanent treatment, I charge ₹5,000 per day (minimum 7 session required). Regular reiki for 15 days will cost you ₹12,000 and for 30 days, it will be ₹21,000.

Acharya Sardana is based in the Vrindavan Yojana colony near Raebareli so if you want to meet him for sessions or have queries regarding this field, you should contact him ASAP!

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