Meet Ashish, the man whose hardwork and sacrifice Lucknowites know as ‘The Chocolate Heaven’

Meet Ashish, the man whose hardwork and sacrifice Lucknowites know as ‘The Chocolate Heaven’

Team Knocksense

With the mushrooming cafe culture, we at Knocksense thought of bringing to you the people behind our awesome hangout places.

Most of you must have already had a taste of The Chocolate Heaven but now its time you meet the man behind this award-winning cafe. Ashish started this cafe in Lucknow with his brother, who is currently living in Bangalore. Like us millennial, Ashish was in dilemma to follow his passion and open a cafe or go for a secure life and pursue MBA. Well, we really to thank him for following his dream and giving us our first chocolate-themed cafe in Lucknow.

1. How did the idea of Chocolate Heaven come to you? What were you doing before starting the cafe?

Ashish: Cafe culture was not there in Lucknow when I started Chocolate Heaven. But with cafe coming up all around metro cities in India, I was inspired to bring the same to my city ( Lucknow). I had completed my graduation and was preparing for MBA but then I and my brother thought of putting this up and I dropped my MBA plans to follow my passion.

2. Why did you keep Chocolate as the center of attraction?

Ashish: A Chocolate cafe never goes out of style. The chocolate can reach the heart and the soul of all age groups. Also, there wasn’t any chocolate-themed cafe in Lucknow. Thus, the idea of TCH, a Heaven full of chocolates and cheese too sounded unique.

Meet Ashish, the man whose hardwork and sacrifice Lucknowites know as ‘The Chocolate Heaven’

3. How has the response been so far?

Ashish: The response has been tremendously awesome. The Chocolate Heaven was the “Best Cafe” winner of Lucknow’s Biggest People’s Choice Food Awards by Hindustan Times. This says a lot about the love people have towards TCH. We have people from age group visiting us and enjoying our delicious servings.

4. What were the challenges that came your way?

Ashish: Everyday is a new challenge. Our main challenge is to keep improving and innovating in what we offer. Earlier reaching out to our target audience was a big challenge and now keeping up with the quality is.

5. What do you have to say about the growing cafes in Lucknow?

Ashish: It is great to see so many cafes opening up. This tells about the demand of this culture in Lucknow and people are accepting it. Lucknowites are getting more options to discover new food. People are loving it. Also, this shows the potential market of Lucknow. I am very enthusiastic about this growing cafe culture.

6. What are the changes we will get to see a revamped Chocolate Heaven?

Ashish: There will be a lot of new changes soon. We are bringing in new interiors. We are even working on expanding our menu.

7. Lucknow is still deprived of places like Dunkin and Mad Over Donut. We really need a place that serves good donuts. Now since Chocolate Heaven is all about chocolate dishes, can we expect you to become the pioneer of donuts in Lucknow?

Ashish: Yes, definitely we will get that trend too. You might find donuts on our new menu. Please stay tuned and visit us often.

Wow, so we may get to eat good donuts in Lucknow soon. Also, do visit The Chocolate Heaven for awesome food and for the love of chocolate.