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Pits & trenches due to gas pipeline work raise problems for residents of Lucknow's Indira Nagar

The monsoons have amplified the difficulties caused by caved in sidewalks for pedestrians.

Residents across various areas of Indira Nagar in Lucknow witnessed the digging of pits and tunnels for the layout of kitchen gas pipelines on the streets, in the past 6-12 months. The inefficiencies of the construction work to restore the land that was dug up in the process, have surfaced now causing problems for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. At some places, trenches have been a trouble for a long time and now, the monsoons has only amplified the difficulties.

Inadequately restored roads, an impediment for pedestrians!

During the course of digging pipeline tunnels, the restoration of the roads was not executed properly. Due to the lags, broken pathways and pits have cropped up outside numerous households, ushering problems for the citizens. Additionally, the tiles were not laid efficiently, which have sunk now, giving way to new difficulties. If it rains for long, water gets accumulated in the pits and trenches and it may turn out to be dangerous foot-walkers.

The rainy season demands better roads to escape obstruction and ensure safety, and the current state of sidewalks and roads in some areas of Indira Nagar has only made this a more urgent need. Given the ongoing weather conditions, the quality of roads may deteriorate in the upcoming days due to myriad reasons.

Need for urgent action to resolve the situation!

Here, it is very important for the concerned officials behind the project to take cognisance of the situation and deploy necessary measures as soon as possible. Usually, such issues are dragged under the carpet as small problems and they only come to the notice when a mishappening occurs. Thereby, it is essential that the roads are mended not only to ease the problems for the local residents but also to prevent any accidents.

Mumbai local trains on Main & Harbour Line to be affected today due to a mega block

Special local trains to run from Panvel to Kurla via Platform 8, during the Sunday block.

The Central Railways has announced a mega block for local train services on Sunday, to conduct regular maintenance work. The suburban rail services on the Harbour Line of the Mumbai local network will remain closed for almost 5 hours today. Additionally, there will be a ten-hour jumbo block on the up-slow route between Diva and Thane on the mainline, in connection with the 5th and 6th line, read reports. Check all block timings and traffic regulations here:

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UP to soon get a new 200-acre-wide data centre park

The new data centre will come up in Noida's Sector-28

In a bid to cultivate Uttar Pradesh's commercial landscape, the state administration has planned to develop data centre park in Noida. This structure will reportedly spread over 200 acres of land at Sector 28 of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority and attract investments from IT industry giants in India and abroad. The plan is expected to roll out by the end of August.

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