Shah Rukh Khan is coming to Lucknow on Dec 15th & here is how you can attend the event!

Shah Rukh Khan is coming to Lucknow on Dec 15th & here is how you can attend the event!

The ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan will be in the city for Signature Masterclass and we are about to lose all of our sanity!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Who doesn’t love Shah Rukh Khan? Who isn’t crazy about the smooth talking, handsome Rahul/Raj? We set our dating standards according to his movies, if you aint got that smooth flow, those grand gestures and that hair! (Oh the Hair!) Who even are you?

Shahrukh’s biggest fan Vishal Singh aka Vishahrukh Khan, is from Lucknow. People of Lucknow are crazy about him, they want to be him, become him, become like him, they want to get inspired from his success and make something out of themselves.

Which is exactly what Shah Rukh is going to talk about during his visit to Lucknow on December 15th for the Signature Masterclass.

Signature Masterclass is an initiative started by Signature, the popular alcohol brand. It was started to get successful names and aspiring people together under the same roof. Celebrities share their success stories, talk about their journey to fame and all the hardships in between. These conversations/Masterclasses help people realize their dreams and give them an insight into the journey of their favorite celeb.

Shah Rukh’s rise to fame was no different than that of many others before him. He had to struggle, he had to deal with his fair share of hardships, he had to fight tooth and nail for everything that he wanted to achieve and he had to do it all with a smile on his face. Perseverance is a lesson that time teaches you and once you learn it, you get to become the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to.

Shah Rukh’s story that has inspired so many before and to hear if from the king himself, well it would be something different wouldn’t it?

So, make sure to be at the Signature Masterclass and learn the lessons of life from the master himself.

Tickets: Available on BookMyShow, starting at ₹ 700

Location: Club Regal (Shalimar Paradise, NH - 28, Faizabad Road, Safedabad, Near Golden Blossom Imperial Resort)