Shubhi Garg’s “pickeratpace” starts a new talk show in Lucknow after completing 5 years

Shubhi Garg’s “pickeratpace” starts a new talk show in Lucknow after completing 5 years

Shubhi Garg’s ‘Picker At Pace’ completes 5 years; Will start a talk show in Lucknow

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Lucknow as a city has seen a varied number of changes happen to it. From the metro lines to the shift in the food culture, the influx of fashion and opening of big brand names in the city. One such vital change and shift in culture will have to be the blogging and the micro influencers who have shaped the minds of everyday people. Unlike the advertising and pushing a campaign through set agendas, micro influencers make people “see” how something can be useful, is useful or will become useful in our lives.

Lucknow has been a little slower to micro influencing scene than other cities, yet we’ve had our own shares of influencers and micro influencers. One such being, Shubhi Garg.

Shubhi, who started blogging back in 2014, has gained much popularity and created a name for herself. Her handle “pickeratpace” has garnered 52 thousand followers on Facebook and 33.5 thousand on Instagram. Now, the lifestyle and fashion blogger has completed 5 years of blogging and promoting local businesses.

Shubhi Garg’s “pickeratpace” starts a new talk show in Lucknow after completing 5 years

Shubhi, who has been sharing her ups-downs, a piece of her life and her outfits through her social media handles, has become a go to person for lifestyle tips. She recently came back to Lucknow after a brief hiatus, following which, the blogger has been hitting her career marks with a flair unlike we’ve seen in other micro influencers in Lucknow.

The Talk Show: Lucknow’s Most Favourite with Picker At Pace

After completing her rollercoaster ride of 5 years as an influencer, Shubhi is ready to take on a few more things. The Lucknow blogger has decided to start her very own talk show, a place where she will not only share her story, but would invite others, the known faces, the famous people of the city, who would chime in and share their stories.

The show would primarily be aired on her Facebook page “Picker At Pace”.

Shubhi has also been actively giving away prizes and hampers to her loyal followers and fans who have followed along for her journey and life.

We wish her well, and hope that anything she does brings her success.

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