Special kids to run ‘D Café’ in Lucknow and right here is your life inspo!

Special kids to run ‘D Café’ in Lucknow and right here is your life inspo!

Lucknow is truly setting new standards in the cafe culture of the city!

Prerona Lisah

Prerona Lisah

‘Muskuraiye kyuki sheher badal raha hai.’

Children with multiple disabilities will now set new examples of courage and perseverance in the city by helping in operating a cafe!

D Café is first of its kind cafe in Uttar Pradesh where kids suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism will assist the staff by taking orders from customers and serving them too.

Special kids to run ‘D Café’ in Lucknow and right here is your life inspo!
Drishti Samajik Sansthan- Facebook Page

Drishti Samajik Sansthan is a home to over 200+ abandoned children who are facing multiple challenges and they have trained several children with mild to moderate disorders to help out in this initiative.

D Café was inaugurated by the women and child welfare minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi at Jankipuram extension, near Bhawani crossing, on January 25th and the popularity of this joint is on the rise rapidly.

Shalu Singh and Atharv Bahadur of Drishti Samajik Sansthan, who have supervised the kids’ training stated that they would be assisting the cafe staff for about 2-3 hours a day, everyday.

In the opinion of Atharv Bahadur- “This initiative will help them interact with new people, learn the skills needed for running a business, develop confidence and move towards self-sufficiency.”

Shalu Singh was also quoted saying, “Often students with multiple disabilities face extreme limitations in their ability to walk, talk and engage with people. They may also have severe cognitive challenges. We have trained these children using a range of specialized tools. They also benefit from peer tutoring and, when possible, regular school activities and events.”

This challenge will be bravely undertaken by Anjali, 14, and Pooja,15 — both suffering from mental deficiencies. Another special child, Poonam, 12, is still undergoing training in taking orders and serving customers.

“As their mentors, it is our responsibility to not only help them overcome their disabilities, but also make them understand how they can bring about a positive change in their life. We are happy to see that they have defied their challenges and are eagerly awaiting the opening of the cafe,” said Atharv.

“This is a unique concept where children with multiple disabilities will take ownership of the café,” Saurabh Chaurasia was quoted saying who is also the area-incharge of Amul.

The company is supporting Drishti and its president Dhiresh Bahadur in this indomitable initiative.

Special kids to run ‘D Café’ in Lucknow and right here is your life inspo!

The children of Drishti are continuously striving to defeat their disabilities and this is a lesson for all of us that no challenge is too big to be faced if we have our eyes set on the greater good!

These children of Drishti are teaching us important lessons through their eyes and hard-work so quickly head over here to support and cheer them in their venture.