Temperature in Lucknow plunges to a new low!

Temperature in Lucknow plunges to a new low!

With the onset of winters, the city has been bracing itself for ever intensifying cold. The icy winds have further exacerbated conditions with Friday being the coldest December day in 3 years.

Mercury dipped to 4.8 degrees on Friday plunging the city in throes of winters.

According to officials, Lucknow will see such kind of winter at least till Christmas and the temperatures could drop even more. They have also stated that the days will be clear and sunny but the mercury will remain a few degrees below normal. On the day that the temperature dipped to 4.8 degrees, the maximum temperature of around 22.3 degrees was also a couple of degrees below normal.

Temperature in Lucknow plunges to a new low!

Meteorological department authorities have mentioned that the primary reasons for these dips in temperature are heavy snowfall in the mountainous regions and the ensuing cold winds that are lashing the city.

Lucknow is plagued by dense fog every season. However, the met predicted that this year the state capital will experience only mild fog which will not disrupt normal life.

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