Out of the many trailers and teasers released, here’s our pick of the best few that you cannot afford to miss.


Shazam, the newest superhero movie, has everyone super excited for the never seen before DC hero. The comic and animated series fan are going crazy with anticipation because Shazam does carry an image of a deadly combination of fun and badass. Through the trailer, one thing we can be sure of is that Zachary Levi’s clumsy attempts to be a superhero will leave you in splits. In cinemas on 5th April.


With this movie, Salman Khan has introduced two new faces to Bollywood, Zaheer Iqbal (Kabir) and Pranutan Bahl (Firdaus) will appear on the big screen with an enticing love story based in Kashmir. It is the story of Kabir and Firdaus who fall in love with each other just by listening to the stories that described themr and not even meeting once, in person. With an interestingly different plot, this love story is expected to be a whiff of fresh air. In cinemas on March 29th.

X Men Dark Pheonix

Sophie Turner plays Jean Grey in the movie where her character is shown struggling with her telepathic and telekinetic powers. She struggles to manage her uncontrollable powers while rescuing the world waiting for the Doomsday because of a space mission that went wrong. As interesting and nail biting as the trailer looks, the movie is expected to be even more enticing. In cinemas on 7th June.


Director Anurag Singh has done it again with another masterpiece starring, Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra. Kesari is a movie that is based on a true story about the battle of Saragarhi which was fought by 21 fearless Sikhs against 10,000 Afghans in 1897. The trailer itself gave us goosebumps and major patriotic vibes which only increased the anticipation of watching the movie. In cinemas on 21st March.

Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds as Detective Pikachu. What more could anyone ask for? The movie released its second trailer last week and both, Pokemon fans and the fans of Ryan Reynolds can not keep calm. Pikachu itself has a cult following and seeing the cutesy pokemon spit out Ryan Reynold’s sarcasm is beyond entertaining. In cinemas on 10th May.

A jewel gracing the shoreline of Mumbai, Queen's Necklace dazzles amid the brightest in the city

The dazzling lights that illuminate Marine Drive at the night, justify the moniker attached to it.

Right from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi to Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Marine Drive has been immortalised by the Hindi cinema industry and why not?! A sheer spectacle of beauty, driving along this treasured pathway at night can give you the feel of travelling across foreign locations, such as Hong Kong or Singapore. The dazzling lights that illuminate the Marine Drive during the night justify the moniker attached to it- Queen's Necklace. Let's explore the details of this spectacular coastal promenade which attracts tourists from all over the world!

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The expansive collection of THIS iconic bookstore in Goa is simply unmissable for bookworms

Established in 1936, Singbal's Book House is touted as the oldest bookstore in Panjim.

The thrill of travelling stems majorly from the fact that it involves exploring a strange world that captures the imagination like none other! So next time you travel to Goa in search of an adventure into the unknown, include a visit to Singbal's Book House in your itinerary. Here you will have the chance to explore books that will enable you to enter myriads of worlds with every page-flip. Located within the Panaji Conservation Area, this bookstore will add a unique dimension to your heritage walk around the city. Until you finalise your travel plans, here is a virtual tour to Singbal's Book House to pique your interest!

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New COVID care centre to be set up in Indore's Radha Soami Satsang Beas Campus

With 1,552 new COVID detections on Tuesday, Indore's daily count has multiplied by 1.5 times from the previous day!

Representational Image

Alerted by the accelerated spread of COVID infections in the city, Indore district authorities are implementing measures to increase healthcare facilities for the affected individuals. As per the latest reports, the administration has announced that a COVID-19 care centre shall be set up in Radha Soami Satsang Beas ground on Khandwa Road. Planned to be used as a quarantine facility for asymptomatic patients, the centre will be equipped will all basic necessities.

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Kanpur's Old Ganga Bridge shut down indefinitely, all vehicular movements suspended

The bridge was established during the Birtish times over a period of six years.

After multiple defects were detected in Kanpur's old Ganga Bridge, it has been closed for the public indefinitely. Constructed during British times, the bridge catered to heavy vehicles despite being in a dilapidated state. Recently, a report prepared by expert officials pointed towards its dangerous condition, concluding that the pillars have lost their strength. Making a note of this, the authorities have decided to shut down this establishment.

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Goa to receive funds worth ₹129 crores for 8 highway development projects

Stretching over a length of 39.7 KM, these highways will augment the network of road connectivity in the state.

Aiming to boost the highway construction projects in Goa, the central government has allotted funds worth ₹128.66 crores. Entailed in a recent announcement by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, this financial provision shall propel the establishment of 8 highways in the state. Stretching over a length of 39.7 Km, these highways will augment the network of road connectivity in the state.

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