Located at an approximate distance of 100 km from the capital city, Kamshet is a scenic village that is one of the lesser-known attractions of Maharashtra. A haven for air sports aficionados, Kamshet makes for a perfect weekend getaway as it is surrounded by beautiful places, such as Bedse Caves and Pawna Lake. Further, if your travel interests range from camping and trekking to paragliding, there are regions near Kamshet, offering these facilities. So check out this list of 7 places around Kamshet to make the optimum utilisation of your leaves!

Pawana Lake


Very close to Kamshet lies the beautiful Pawana Lake, which is a great option for picnicking and camping enthusiasts. With a postcard-perfect landscape, abundant flora and fauna, this site is suitable for those who enjoy the calm and solitude of nature. It is the perfect place to relax while you are away from the cacophonous din of the city.

Location: Approx. 16 km from Kamshet

Buddhist Bedse Caves


Host to a number of caves, such as Bhairi Caves, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves and so on, a visit to Kamshet is incomplete without visiting the Buddhist Bedse Caves. Said to be built in the first century, these caves offer a visual delight with their ancient carvings. Upon entering, you will witness the carvings of elephants and horses on the walls of the temple which have a mystical allure to them. A must-see portion of the cave is the beautifully carved ceiling and pillars that arch the monastery inside.

Location: Approx. 9 km from Kamshet

Bhaje Waterfall


The cascading Bhaje Waterfalls are named after the most prominent Bhaje caves. If you seek to enjoy lush greenery and immaculate water flowing down rocky hills then, you can take a hike to view this waterfall in all its majesty. Among all the touristy locations of Kamshet, this is the one that will give you the cinematic feel of Baahubali.

Location: Approx. 13 km from Kamshet

Shinde Wadi Hills


Among the famous Kamshet attractions is the Shinde Wadi Hills, as it is one of the best paragliding sites. Spotted at a height of 200 feet, these hills are perfect for the sunrise and sunset chasers! The greenery and refreshingly cool winds will definitely fill you with serenity while making you fall in love with this spot.

Location: Approx. 10 km from Kamshet

Andra Valley Dam


Counted amongst the most beautiful and blissful places near Kamshet, Andra Valley Dam is an earthfill dam located on the Andra river which towers at a height of approximately 133 ft. The calm water, palm trees, gorgeous windmills and the majestic view of the setting sun makes it a picture-perfect spot for your Instagram uploads.

Location: Approx. 22 km from Kamshet

Tikona Fort


Set atop a mountain is the Tikona Fort and, as its name suggests, it is triangular in shape. After completing an hour-long arduous trek from Tikona Peth village to the fort, you will be rewarded with the scenic view of Pawana Dam, Kathingad and Lohagad, if you add this place to your itinerary.

Location: Approx. 20 km from Kamshet

Ekvira Devi Temple


For people who are looking to find some religious comfort during this weekend getaway to Kamshet, you cannot miss out on the Ekvira Devi Temple. A place revered by the local fishermen tribe of Koli people, this temple is considered to be constructed somewhere between the first and second century AD. Dating back to the times of Mahabharat, this temple is located atop a hill and you have to ascend almost 500 steps to view its arched ceilings and stone architecture.

Location: Approx. 13 km from Kamshet

Knock Knock

You are in luck! While you can travel around Kamshet any time of the year, the best season to visit is from October to May. So, don't waste any more time and plan a trip this weekend to feel your adrenaline rush amidst the breezy aura and plentiful scenery of Kamshet!

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