753 special new trains hit tracks in Mumbai raising operating fleet availability to 88%

Carrying capacity of the locals is still diminished at 27.5% of total potential to respect the norms of social distancing

In a bid to facilitate services to the escalating crowd in Mumbai locals, the Railway authorities on Monday added a special fleet of 753 trains to its local services, surging the total to 2,773 routes on the city's suburban network. Around 552 of these additional services have commenced on the central line, while 201 have begun under the western operations. Now, 1,572 routes, instead of the earlier 1,020 are functioning on the central network and Western services have been boosted to 1,201 from the previous 1000.

New Trains to stagger crowd in Mumbai


Railway officials have pointed out that with this special addition, the suburban train system has revived to about 88% of the total 3,141 services which were being operated before the outbreak of COVID-19. Out of these, Western Railways operated 1,367 trains, while the 1,772 services ran on the Central Line. Earlier, a decision to launch 610 trains was taken on Sunday, but the count was soon raise to 753 by Monday to stagger crowds, preventing overcrowding- both in the trains and at the stations.

The frequency of the local services has been subsequently raised at periodic intervals to cater to the increasing passenger count, maintaining social distancing for the safety of the passengers. Since its resumption on June 15 for essential workers, the trains have gradually allowed travel to lawyers, staff of foreign consulates and students by this means of public transport. Now, local trains have opened for the general public also, after the directive for the same was passed by the Maharashtra Government last month. Women have been advised to not travel during peak hours. However, owing to the guideline of social-distancing, the local facilities can ferry only about 22 lakh passengers unlike its pre-COVID potential of 80 lakhs.

Mumbai Railway authorities have provided the state government with inputs as directed by them and are now awaiting their reply for deciding the modalities for providing services to commuters in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. They have also appealed to the passengers to adhere to the "medical and social protocols as mandated for COVID-19" and not fall prey to any rumours regarding local travel.

After being in the limelight for winning the title of the cleanest city in India, several times in a row, Indore is making news once again. The city has got its first-ever zero waste ward and with this has set another example in cleanliness, that other cities need to take inspiration from. The ward developed by Basix Municipal Waste Ventures spans over 4458 homes and includes areas like-Safainagar, Badribagh, Shyam Nagar, amongst other nearby areas. It has channelized the system of waste disposal in the city.

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Extension granted to Mumbai lawyers to travel in local trains 'till further advice'

Mumbai locals might resume services for general passengers from December 15.

In a joint press-conference on Thursday, the Central and Western Railways have extended travel permissions granted to lawyers practicing in courts and registered clerks of advocated to travel in the local trains in Mumbai. These officials are now allowed to use the suburban transport system following the state established travel protocols, 'till further advice'. Earlier, on October 26, the Railways had permitted the lawyers to use the Mumbai locals on days of hearings, until November 23.

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From sipping on Pink Tea to strolling at MD, 6 reasons that make Lucknow winters much-awaited

Clearly, there are ample of reasons why we're obsessed with Lucknow ki sardi.

Winters are definitely our favourite when in Lucknow, given that the city catches a much-needed break after the sweltering summer months and this season brings along an array of things, to warm our hearts and souls. The chilly air brushing against our hair, warm kisses of the sun making up for it, foggy evenings amidst the backdrop of blurry lights, colliding heat of roadside bonfires, kadak adrak chai with toasted moongphali on the sides- we can go on forever! Clearly, there are ample of reasons why we're obsessed with Awadh's winter season but we have come down to 6 of the best ones.

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In view of intense lock-ins and traffic jams at Kanpur's prominent intersections, a report, proposing constructions of flyovers at Vijayanagar, Fazal Ganj, Govindpuri Jaipuria school crossing was filed at the Madalyukta. However, the conclusive analysis of a survey reveals that there is no need to build a flyover at the Fazalganj intersection if there is one us at Vijayanagar. Conducted on the proposal of a district MP, this Mandalyukta survey has paved the way for the beautification and widening of the intersection to declutter roads. A proposal in this regard will be floated at the Mandalyukta soon.

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Covid-19 recoveries supersede fresh tallies in Mumbai

Here's what you need to know-

Mumbai's daily coronavirus statistics have brought a huge respite from the active spread of COVID-19 infection in the city. Superseding the number of 876 confirmed cases, recoveries in the city boomed close to a double 1694 cases on Thursday. Though the tallies have shot up drastically after the low-negative-plunge on Wednesday, Mumbai's healing trends guard the city from the suspected 'second wave'.

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