Humanity doesn't stop at giving money to the poor: Rajshri Deshpande

Rajshri Deshpande helped 60 year old partially blind homeless man get a shelter home.

Not all heroes wear capes and actor Rajshri Deshpande has proved it yet again! Internationally recognised for her stellar performances in critically acclaimed films like Angry Indian Goddesses and Sexy Durga, she has also excelled in playing the role of a humanitarian with the same ease and humility. Rajshri found a homeless man on Yaari Road, Mumbai at around 10 in the morning when she was out for a cup of coffee. With sheer promptness, Ms. Deshpande arranged for a medical test, a police clearnace, and found a shelter home for this man with the help of her friends and various officials.

Know the story

Actress Rajshri Deshpande was out for her morning coffee when she chanced upon a homeless man sleeping right outside her regular coffee place. When the manager of the cafe called police to have this unrelenting man leave from the place, Rajshri immediately jumped in for his rescue. On further probe, she got to know that Rajesh from Lucknow had been sleeping on the Mumbai's Yaari Road pavements, side walks and near the beach for the last 13 years. He has been abandoned by him family and was working for a laundry service in the city first and then shifted to doing Bhangar work. Partially blind due to cataract, this 60 year old man had been begging on the roads of Versova for years now.

Analysing the categorical error in this situation, she made up her mind to right the wrong and did not settle at just providing food and money to him. She immediately asked him to wash and sanitise himself and arranged clothes for him by contacting her friend. On her written need of assistance, the Versova Police took Rajesh to the Hospital for his medical tests. During this time, Rajshri got in touch with a shelter home near Matunga and they promised Rajesh's admission if all reports and documents were cleared.

Within 4 hours, Rajshri got his tests and clearances done and by 3 in the afternoon he was lodged at the Vande Matram Shelter Home for the Homeless. While speaking to Knocksense, Rajshri said, 'It is each and every person's responsibility. When we see the homeless and needy, we give them money and food and that is it, we think our work is done. We all are so engrossed in our lives, but it took me 4-5 hours; I met him at 10'O clock in the morning, by 3'O clock he was at the shelter home.'

We Salute Her Spirit

This is not the first time when Rajshri has helped the city's homeless. In July itself, Rajshri had helped another 72 year old man in Bandra find a shelter home too. Apart from this, Rajshri Deshpande has been actively involved in various social and public welfare projects. She has adopted two drought affected villages in Marathwada and is working for 30 more during the raging Covid-19 pandemic. She is an exemplary role model who has instiled humanity in people through her benevolent deeds.

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