Events in Bandracruz

One of the biggest shopping cum food festival as well as a hub of fun activities and performances, The Lil Flea is coming back to Mumbai with its 6th edition!

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When in Mumbai you know there's no lack of places to be and celebrations to be a part of. So we are always looking for the next best thing, the biggest celebration, or an epic event which will make us forget about the everyday life and live in the now. With Holi around the corner, if you're looking for the biggest and the most fun Holi parties and events to attend in Mumbai, we have your back.

The 7 events happening in Mumbai are sure to make your Holi celebrations all the more special! So read on and thank us later!

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Given our monotonous routines, the bored part of us is always scouting for things to explore, places to be at and such expeditions never seem to end. Honestly, how would it?! Mumbai has no dearth of events and with a plethora of things to do here, there's always a constant FOMO hacking our minds.

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When in Mumbai, having nothing to do is a rare occurrence. Truly, the city always finds ways to keep us amused and on our toes, with an array of activities and events at our disposal and more than often, we're pampered with choices like no other. Be it a food festival, a music gig or a stand-up show, Mumbai mostly presents to us, the best of anything and everything.

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Mumbai is rightfully termed as the city which never sleeps. With the plethora of options we get to choose from, the city truly never lets us go to bed disappointed or bored! Mumbai always has us excited for the next big thing and these days, it seems like the city has taken an oath to make our life hep and happening.

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We're truly garateful to Mumbai, for presenting us with a plethora of exclusive events to attend and honestly, the party never stops here in the city. A home to prominent stars and a host to several well-famed personalities, Mumbai is yet again on a roll to provide us with an experience we can't forget.

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When in Navi Mumbai and bored, just know that you ain't looking at the right places to be at! This city anchors tons of events and activities to keep us on our toes and with each passing day, Mumbai has been hosting prominent names too.

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When in Mumbai, it's really difficult to be bored, thanks to all the hep and happening events in town! No matter how finicky you are with your time and energy, you'll surely get something or the other to cling on, to keep yourself amused.

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Are you the always on the lookout for new and fun pop-up markets where you can shop to your heart's content? Do you scourge the city for cutesy little things that can add an element of quirk to your life? If you're the kind who's always looking for new places to shop at and find reasonable stuff, we have just the thing for you.

Bandra's X Mas Pop-up, Fashion VoGue is a Christmas pop-up in Bandra where you can find all sort of Christmas related decor and lifestyle products as well as clothing, furnishing and apparels.

Fashion VoGue's Christmas Pop-up

When in Mumbai, there isn't a lack of local markets where you can find all sorts of amazing stuff. Yet, if you're looking for something specific to Christmas and decor a Christmas pop-up is the best place to do so. Which is why, you need to head to the Banda's X Mas Pop-up to shop the best of Christmas decor and apparels.

The pop-up market will begin from 10 AM onwards on December 6th at Khar Gymkhana and we're pretty excited to shop here. From posh looking candle stands to pastel planners for the new year, beautiful chikankari sarees and jewellery that you can rock every single day, the pop-up comes loaded with all sorts of awesome things you can buy.

Knock Knock

If you're looking for some fun and yet reasonably priced collectibles that could adorn your home, stationary counter of your wardrobe, the Bandra's X Mas Pop-up is the perfect opportunity for you to get it all. Plus, the pop-up will have all sorts of people, entertainment and food, which makes it so much more fun than simply doing the same thing online. So pick up those shopping bags and be at the Khar Gymkhana on December 6th.

Date: December 6th

Time: 10 AM to 8 PM onwards

Venue: Khar Gymkhana