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Chances are that if you have a health conscious friend, they've rattled about the health benefits of clean eating, way more than you've actually thought of eating junk for the day! Considering healthy grubs are an essential factor in today's lifestyles, most of us are always on the lookout for eateries which serve heart-healthy and delish dishes.

Keeping this in mind, fitness-driven restros are changing the current dine-out scenes in Mumbai with their healthy offerings and in this legion, you can totally count in Earth Cafe @ Waterfield.

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There's no denying the fact that the marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most loved and adored cinematic universes out there. The fans of MCU are one of the most ardent, passionate and loving nerds who can go super involved discussing the Civil War. If you too are a fan of the movies and can seem to never have enough of Infinity War and Endgame, this eatery in Bandra West is exactly where you need to be!

Designed on the Marvel theme and name after the villain of this decade, there's no better place for you to be at, this party season, than 'House of Thanos' in Bandra.

The outer space experience

The House of Thanos is the place to be for those who just cannot have enough of the Marvel Universe and need some more of it in their lives. The eatery is a welcome addition to the culinary scene of Bandra and its unique concept is something we can never get tired of!

Since the cafe is Marvel themed, you'll find the interiors here to be pretty chill. Modern, new age and uncomplicated, the place give you a feeling of being seated in a huge space ship. The furniture and minimalistic decor making sure that you get the eerie, outer space vibe and we have to say, it is as good as it is simple.

Italian, Keto & Juice Bar

Sticking to its theme, just like the modern and new-age interiors, the food at House of Thanos too, tells the tale of changing times and the changing eating habits of people. It isn't a shocker that an eatery named after the villain whose life's mission was to restore balance to the universe, offers a balanced menu with a balance of indulgent and healthy.

The cuisines offered by House of Thanos are the familiar and highly indulgent Italian, the modern take on eating healthy- Keto and a full fledged Juice Bar. Which in short ticks all our boxes!

We can indulge in a pasta or two on the cheat days and sip on some fresh cold pressed juice, while the Keto section of the menu has healthier options for your daily grub intake. What we call a win-win in every single way.

Knock Knock

If in Bandra and looking for a place to chill at, House of Thanos is just where you need to be. The food, the concept and the place is unique and we have to say makes for a perfect date spot for anyone who's dating a MCU fan or is a fan of the universe themselves. So, this Christmas, ditch the usual buffets and brunches, head out to House of Thanos and get your dose of food with a side of Marvel charm.

Perhaps, one of the most well-reputed book cafes in Mumbai, Food for Thought is all about keeping your mouth busy and mind stimulated! This quaint little in-house cafe is tucked away in a corner of an old-world book store- for intellectual discussions, hot coffee or pancakes and good reads.

Nestled in the busy streets of Fort, this cafe offers us respite from the rat-race in the city which never sleeps – a place where you can blithely be lost, away from the generic cafe crowd.

What’s the Vibe?

With mint-coloured walls decked with portraits of classic books and the best hot chocolate in town, Food for Thought is a haven for bibliophiles and foodies alike. The library is stocked with piles of books on tables and with all the sweet aroma around, the cafe is hard to miss.

Sometimes they even host screenings and when here, you might even stumble upon local authors and fellow bookworms and we’re sure, it’ll be nothing less than serendipitous. While catering to the connoisseurs of regional literature, this bookstore also has an abundance of books focused not only on bestsellers but for everyone's preferences.

When here, don’t go without taking a mouthful of the Japanese Pancake, Pastas and Pizzas coupled with their sensational hot chocolate and Chocolate and Raspberry Tart. They have even stocked their menu with Sindhi delicacies and the portions are hearty, service is quick and pricing is economical- what more do we want?!

Knock Knock

So this season, head over to this cosy corner to grab a few bites and a couple of good reads to keep yourself busy and how! Best for a solo reading time along with the company of a cuppa or two, Food for Thought is where you should be at.

Location: 45/47, Kitabkhana, Somaiya Bhavan, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai

Timings: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM

Cost: ₹1,000 for two people (approx.)

Christmas is right around the corner and so is the season of gift giving and merry making. With the New Year and Christmas upon us, gifting is one of the biggest challenges that people face. With so many options to pick from and so much to think about, we're often left wondering what to get for the people we love?

If you too are facing a similar conundrum, fret not. Sassy Teaspoon, a newly opened patisserie and bakery in Pali Hill, Bandra, has some of the best Christmas hampers to pick from. So get your Christmas cheer on because gifting has never been this easy!

Chocolate covered nuts, dainty Christmas cakes, Macaroons and more

If you've been wondering what to get your picky sister, your pesky family friends or your little brother who has been the sweetest guy all year, we have the answer for you. Sassy Teaspoon in Bandra is offering exciting Christmas hampers that can put a smile on anyone's face.

These hampers consist of some of the cutest and the most fun items that would not just spruce up your gift table but make you drool!

The hampers include traditional fixins such as Christmas cakes, gingerbread cookies, chocolate coated dry fruits, funfetti cookies, and a horde of new and exciting things including, spicy apple chutney, chocolate sauce, cranberry brittle and a bunch of other fun stuff.

Plus, everything here is delicious as can be and is decorated to encapsulate the true Christmas spirit, the colours and the joy. So be a good gift-giver, get the people you love a bunch of wonderful stuff and be the loving Santa you are.

Knock Knock

Sassy Teaspoon at Pali Hill is the place to be when looking for a gift hamper for your loved ones. The best part about these hampers is the fact that they are a hundred percent customisable, so you can pick any thing you want and create your own box of joy. Merry Christmas everyone!

Location: Shop 3, Ground Floor, Pali Darshan, 16th Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

When in Mumbai, there are endless places and food options to pick from. The city leaves you spoilt for choices, be it a budget place or a premium outlet, there are a ton of options and new places for everyone's needs. If Mumbai is a carnival, BKC is the most exclusive ride in the city, the kind of food outlets here are so fun and posh, you cannot miss out on the amazing places and the food.

Foo is the newest spot in BKC and we just cannot get enough of their Asian fare.

Posh and stunning

There are a ton of beautifully designed places in BKC that would do nothing less than take your breath away and Foo is no different. Designed with an open outdoor space with small booths, view of the bar and wooden furniture, the outdoor seating is big enough to be declared an outlet of its own.

The indoor seating is ten times more grand and posh than what the outdoors may appear like. The upscale furniture, the grand setting and the vibrant colours make for a beautiful ambience which is a meal for the eyes.

Food for the soul

While the interiors and the decor will set your mood, the food is sure to set you in good spirits. Foo serves what can be rightly called 'Premium Asian'- Asian food that is made and served with the utmost care and complexity. Simple dishes that would caress your palate, making sure that you taste every sublime flavour and indulge in every texture.

On our first visit here, the pan fried chicken gyoza with their clean and classic flavours as well as the foo bao with a spicy chicken filling and a peanut sauce, made us all the more excited for what was to come next. We also indulged in the Nikkei tacos with a scrumptious chicken filling and a creamy guacamole.

We moved on to silken tofu with chilli bean sauce, the Thai green curry and the hakka chicken which we paired with foo butter Japanese rice, all of which had big flavours and a comfort that we have come to associate with Asian cuisine.

Apart from the said items, the soft shell crab roll sushi, the red snapper in oyster sauce and the black marble sesame cheese cake come highly recommended.

Knock Knock

Foo is a great place for anyone who wants to indulge in a bit of delicious Asian fare. The place is wonderful for anyone who is planning a big date, especially with a foodie. So head to Foo Mumbai and indulge in a delicious Asian extravaganza.

Location: Ground Floor, The Capital, G Block, Behind ICICI Bank Building, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

Right across the iconic Sterling theatre in South Bombay, you’ll find a vibrant restobar inviting you inside and we’re sure that your curiosity will pull you in.

The Goose & Gridiron here in Mumbai is another well-famed date spot which looks straight out of a fairytale and once you step in, exudes London’s Oxford Street vibes. This spot offers the perfect ambience for an after-work unwind, friendly catch-ups or even business chit-chats!

Replete with fairy lights, light-pink ceiling fans and Ivy plants curling the arched frameworks, Goose & Gridiron- Bar & Kitchen is aesthetic AF!

What’s Buzzing?

They offer both indoor and outdoor seating so if you wish to chill out amidst the historical backdrop of the Fort Street, sit back comfortably in their patio and indulge in a conversation.

For cold evenings when you’d want some warmth to rub off on your skin, take a seat inside against the terracotta brick walls and head to the fully-stocked bar counter after. To replicate the ol’ English feel, they even have high tables at the bar where you can enjoy your banter with bae over their crafty cocktails or even the clever beer-tails!

Amidst the various delights on their food and beverage menu, their ‘Coffee Rosgulla’ is an absolute stunner! Maybe after wolfing down delicacies like Feta Jalapeno Cigarillos, Ricotta Ravioli and Chicken Roulade, go for the decadent Coffee Rosgulla.

Traditional rosgullas wrapped in a blanket of creamy sweetness, which hits the sweet spots, Coffee Rosgulla clearly makes any coffee date so much better and different!

Knock Knock

So if you have a date pending with bae or have been meaning to take her out, mark this eatery and head out! The ambience is gonna lift your mood and the grubs will definitely seal the deal- a recipe for a perfect date on a winter evening!

Location: Opposite Sterling Theatre, Murzaban Street, Fort, Mumbai

Timings: 12noon – 12midnight

Cost: ₹1,800 for two people (approx.)

Mumbai is a carnival for foodies, epicures and experimentalists. The city has an extremely varied selection of cuisines and food choices to offer, most of which are hard to find elsewhere in the country. No matter what you're looking for, whether it is traditional Maharashtrian, authentic Japanese or Ethiopian, when you are in this city, you can have it all.

Mumbai is a city full of surprises, so if you are looking for an adventurous experience, Uno Maś- Tapas Bar and Kitchen in BKC, Bandra is where you need to be.

The stunning interiors

Flirty, regal and European themed, the interiors at Uno Maś are a stunner and put a spell on our senses the first time we visited the place. Every minute detail is put together with much care, be it the sophisticated French furniture, the wide windows, the many seating areas or the intricate ceiling lights and metallic mirrors.

Food for the soul

Much like the interiors, the food served here at the Uno Maś will mesmerise you and leave with a warm feeling on the inside. The Spanish grub served here is unlike anything else you've had or will have in the city. The experience can only be compared to a fiesta, which you'll surely be having upon visiting the place.

We tried the patatas bravas, croquet de gambas, and paella de polo. While the patatas bravas deliciously tempting with crisped up baby potatoes doused in a spicy bravas sauce and topped with a creamy garlic aioli, the croquet de gambas took us by surprise. What we expected to be a glorified prawn tempura turned out to be a delicately prepared prawn roll, made with fluffy potatoes, fish flakes and served with and aioli tartar sauce.

Yet, Paella de polo took the crown and how! The saffron flavoured rice dish is as exquisite and rich as it can get, the chicken broth added a robust rounded to the dish, while the succulent pieces of chicken and pork adding a whole lot of texture and taste. A simple dish made elegant with its ingredients.

The restaurant has an expansive menu and though we tried a select few dishes, there's much to discover and taste in the menu. The chip and dip platter, albondigas, paella de marisco and pasta del dia are a must try.

Knock Knock

Uno Maś serves a selection of dishes that are fresh, delicious and tempting. These will leave your palate asking for more, while the interiors and the ambience provide a charming background to the flavours that are heightened because of the setting. All in all Uno Maś is where regality and simplicity come to hold hands and the beauty of the two combined, makes for an unforgettable dining experience.

Location: Unit 2, Inspire BKC, MGL Gas Pump Service Lane, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai

When you think of winters, it’s mostly about the chill that sets in to make you lazier and the thoughts of something warm and comforting instantly starts floating around.

So to keep yourself warm from the insides, you can indulge in a dish from Tibet, which has traveled a long way while leaving an influence on other food cultures too. Thukpa is a tender blend of warmth, flavour and wholesomeness which is just the right fit for winters in Mumbai.

On this note, we’ve chalked out 5 places here in Mumbai which serves thukpa- the comfort food crown prince which is loved by all, especially during this season!

New Sernyaa

New Sernyaa is the place for you if you feel like eating a home-style Tibetan meal. So if thukpas are your weakness, this place hits the nail right on the head. The classic thukpa here is the real hero which shines through all moods and we can never get over this place. Served in its traditional attire, their thukpa is all about clear soup with noodles, seasoned meat and hearty veggies; although simple, it attracts crowds from all over. So if you're a true-blue thukpa fanatic, your Mumbai visit will be incomplete without dropping by here!

Location: 8, Ashok Enclave, Chincholi Bunder, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai

Timings: 12noon – 12midnight

Cost: ₹900 for two people (approx.)

The Darjeeling

A cosy little den of Tibetan delicacies, The Darjeeling is the ultimate place to go whenever you’re craving some thukpa lovin’! This eatery is surely living up to its name because it has brought the true taste of the hills, along with it. Here the thukpa is well-famed; its simple yet packs a punch at every slurp! Try out the Phagsha variant from their menu and we’re sure, you’ll be roped in for seconds.

Location: B-41, Unit 2, Boolani Estate Owner’s Premises, Co-op Society, New Link Road, Opposite Citi Mall, Veera Desai Area, Mumbai

Timings: 1pm – 12 midnight

Cost: ₹600 for two people (approx.)

Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti- The Himalayan Kitchen here at HKV has introduced South Delhi to the wonders of Tibetan, Nepali and Bhutanese palates and how! Yeti has been our staple, whenever we’ve wanted to devour a hot bowl of thukpa with a side of momos during winters. Go for the Yeti Special Thukpa and the Dry Fried Thukpa to rediscover your love for this Tibetan delight.

Slake your thirst with their Yeti Special and Blushing Mojito and we’re sure you’d be looped in a matter of seconds, once it settles on your palate.

Location: 4, 5th Floor, Rohan Plaza, 5th Road, Near Union Bank, Khar, Mumbai

Timings: 12noon – 10pm

Cost: ₹1,100 for two people (approx.)


Another popular thukpa point, Momomia is a recent addition to the legion of thukpa points in the city! Quaint set-up and delicious comfort food, Momomia serves thukpa which is absolutely lust-worthy and to pair it, get some momos along! Wash it all down with their Peach Iced Tea and we’re sure, you don’t want to miss out on this gem here.

Location: Shop 1, Ground Floor, Saraswati Building, Vasant Sagar, Kandivali East, Mumbai

Timings: 11am – 11:30pm

Cost: ₹300 for two people (approx.)

Thotrin Cafe

Known for their hearty portions and authentic flavours, Thotrin Cafe is the place you should be at, to beat the winter chills in a delicious way. They serve only vegetarian thukpa but the blend of the noodles and veggies in the laps of a clear soup, is worth a try. Although the facade of the eatery isn’t too impressive, they have garnered a cult following of thukpa lovers in Mumbai.

Location: Shop 2, Kolivery Village, Opposite St. Roque, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai

Timings: 12noon – 11pm

Cost: ₹650 for two people (approx.)

Knock Knock

If we know anything about love, one of the forms would definitely be warm thukpa served in a snuggly bowl, topped with julienned ginger and an assortment of greens.

Visit any of these places for the best thukpas in Mumbai and satiate your cravings with endless servings of this treasured Tibetan delight!

With the winters rolling in the city, nothing beats the feeling of a cup of hot coffee keeping us warm! Winters are anyway synonymous to tons of caffeine running in our veins and over the years, even the humble joe hasn’t escaped the clutches of recasting.

You’ll witness a lot of diversity when it comes to coffee, looks and tastewise here in Mumbai. It has been molded to fit our evolving tastes and of course, for our social media too and with new cafes popping up, there’s no dearth of coffee variants.

On a quest to find Instgrammy cafes and their offerings, we’ve chanced upon a stellar French-themed cafe which looks straight out of a Parisian lane- serving us Pink Latte! Here’s all you need to know about the Le 15 Café, which has been appealing to the Mumbaikars, who appreciate everything related to the culinary arts and aesthetics.

What’s Brewing?

Le 15 Café looks straight out of a dream sequence of La La Land- you know, the kinda cafes where you meet your long lost lovers or catch feelings for a stranger at the other table. The vibe is fresh and relaxed, which prompts you to stay a little longer.

This aesthetic AF place, whips up a Pink Latte which has become a huge rage amidst all because of its cuteness. Yeah, even we didn’t know that we can use the word ‘cute’ for coffee but here it is!

This latte it’s legit bubblegum pink but the taste pertains to a regular cup of frothy java teaming with the heady aroma of the fresh beans! Coupled with just the right amount of sugar, all whipped into a foamy concoction, this Pink Latte is served in their signature white cups and it has our hearts.

For the Tummy!

If you want to explore the menu beyond their pink coffee, go for the Poached Egg Waffle, Avocado Croissant, Croque Madame and their Florentine too, is a beauty! The portions are hearty and the quality is top-notch so if you’re looking for foodgasms, you’ll find it right here.

Knock Knock

Perfect for a brekkie session or a date with bae, this cafe is bound to make you fall in love with food, coffee and Mumbai, all over again! They’re also quite famous for the macaroons they sell so while on your way back, pack some for your random sugar cravings.

Hop in here to catch up on a Sunday brunch or head over to grab some desserts after dinner and we’re sure, you’ll never be disappointed. The warm hospitality, pretty interiors and the comfy vibes exuding out of Le 15 is truly like none other!

Location: Shop 18, Lansdowne House Building, MB Marg, Near Regal Cinema, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

Timings: 9am – 11pm

Cost: ₹1,200 for two people (approx.)