Coronavirus Mumbai: City 'sleeps' as the virus affects the 'dreams'

Covid 19 in a tough terrain: 93 serial blasts, 2005 Mumbai floods and 26/11- the city has seen worse. The dream of Covid-19 is all set to fail!

Coronavirus scare in Mumbai: Office in 'work from home' mode, joggers banned from coming out, Juhu beach out of bounds, doors of Siddhivinayak locked, IIT Bombay virtually shut and people now only connected through a 6-inch device- Mumbai is now on a brink of a lockdown.

But is there any light at the end of this long tunnel? Yes, the government and the authorities are pulling every plug to keep us safe and well the government actions are yielding positive results! Read on to find out more-

The biggest piece of positive news for any government in the world currently is to curb the community spread of Coronavirus, which the authorities in Mumbai are able to do. Though, a patient had tested positive on Wednesday, Mumbai still has just 15 cases in India, which is almost 0.00008% of Mumbai's population.

While most of the city is in a lockdown, the administration has made sure that all essential services remain open. Our nearest grocery store, hospitals, chemist stores and our small nukkad cafes are still operational.

On Wednesday, a 68-year-old woman, who is a close contact of an infected US-returned person, tested positive. From Thursday, in order to contain and measure the spread of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) BMC labs will start testing 350 samples daily.

The Maharashtra government has also urged the citizens to avoid non-essential travel across the city. The Maharashtra Chief Minister also warned people that shutdown of local trains will be unavoidable if the number of cases in the city grows.

Here are 10 ways to protect yourself from Covid-19 in Mumbai

1. Physically disconnect yourself from the social world!

Social distancing is necessary to prevent community spread of this virus. Stay at home if you or somebody in your knowledge is developing Covid-19 symptoms, take him to the nearest doctor as soon as possible.

2. Wash hands

Washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds is extremely important. Use any soap and rub it on your hands for 20 seconds and then rinse it. There are many videos on the internet on how to wash hands properly. Google one if you are confused.

3. Carry an alcohol based sanitiser

Always carry a alcohol based sanitiser and use it before touching your face, eyes or nose.

4. Wear masks before stepping out

Use N95 masks before visiting any marketplace. It is advised to wear N95 masks before stepping out.

5. Visit WHO website for all official information

Don't trust the Whatsapp forwards and visit WHO website for details and advice

6. Maintain a distance from everyone

Maintain a 6 feet distance from everyone. PS avoid local trains, buses and metro for commuting.

7. Prefer take away or home delivery over dine in

8. Don't take the symptoms lightly

If you have any symptoms, go to your nearest doctor as soon as possible. It might be a seasonal flu, but in current scenario, it is really important to see a doctor.

9. Always wash or sanitise your hands before meeting people above 60 years, they are at maximum risk

Also, do help the elderly in getting clean groceries. It is better if people above the age of 60 stay indoor.

10. Virus stays towards the ground so always wash hands after touching your shoes/slippers

Or carry a sanitiser and rub your hands after touching every low lying item.

Overall, there is no need to panic. Covid-19 is nothing but a small roadblock and we will defeat the virus soon. Watch this space for more Coronavirus related updates.

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