Underwater drones will now be used to map drains, in a bid to fix Mumbai's drainage issue

To ensure that water bodies in Mumbai are not flushed with toxins or the drains aren't choked and waiting to overflow, Mumbai has employed underwater drones

Drainage issues are persistent in every city, Mumbai included. This includes overflow, bursting of pipes and much more. This is majorly owed to the fact that the city and its drainage system hasn't been particularly planned for. The entire drainage system hence empties out unchecked sewage into the Arabian sea, rivers and lakes. What makes it particularly difficult for the authorities to check the toxin flow, the sewage and the amount of garbage being drained into the water bodies, is the fact that most of these drains have been added haphazardly.

To ensure that water bodies in Mumbai are not flushed with toxins or the drains aren't choked and waiting to overflow, Mumbai has employed underwater drones which will map the drains and check the flow of water.

What's the update?

Mumbai civic bodies have employed the help of underwater drones built by Fluid Robotics to counter Mumbai's incessant drainage issues. These underwater drones check the flow of water, structure of pipes, any defects in them and can also do geographic information system (GIS) mapping.

These innovative drones are pretty use friendly as they are easy to assemble and carry several sensors which send the feedback remotely to the operating device. The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has already used these drones to generate the first GIS maps that for the network of drains that link the Mithi river.

The underwater drones can be physically sent inside a drain or sewage pipe, to collect all sorts of information which can include the chemical composition of the drains. This along with the water flow sensors will provide information about the kind of toxins and sewage that is present in the pipes. The defect sensors will also prove helpful in checking leakages which will help the civic authorities save gallons of water.

Knock Knock

These drones have not only made the entire mapping process much easier, but can in future, be employed for a number of other projects which will help improve the drainage system and keep the water bodies in the city clean. A tender has already been floated by the civic authorities in Mumbai to find start the mapping of all lakes in the city.

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