There's no denying the fact that the marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most loved and adored cinematic universes out there. The fans of MCU are one of the most ardent, passionate and loving nerds who can go super involved discussing the Civil War. If you too are a fan of the movies and can seem to never have enough of Infinity War and Endgame, this eatery in Bandra West is exactly where you need to be!

Designed on the Marvel theme and name after the villain of this decade, there's no better place for you to be at, this party season, than 'House of Thanos' in Bandra.

The outer space experience

The House of Thanos is the place to be for those who just cannot have enough of the Marvel Universe and need some more of it in their lives. The eatery is a welcome addition to the culinary scene of Bandra and its unique concept is something we can never get tired of!

Since the cafe is Marvel themed, you'll find the interiors here to be pretty chill. Modern, new age and uncomplicated, the place give you a feeling of being seated in a huge space ship. The furniture and minimalistic decor making sure that you get the eerie, outer space vibe and we have to say, it is as good as it is simple.

Italian, Keto & Juice Bar

Sticking to its theme, just like the modern and new-age interiors, the food at House of Thanos too, tells the tale of changing times and the changing eating habits of people. It isn't a shocker that an eatery named after the villain whose life's mission was to restore balance to the universe, offers a balanced menu with a balance of indulgent and healthy.

The cuisines offered by House of Thanos are the familiar and highly indulgent Italian, the modern take on eating healthy- Keto and a full fledged Juice Bar. Which in short ticks all our boxes!

We can indulge in a pasta or two on the cheat days and sip on some fresh cold pressed juice, while the Keto section of the menu has healthier options for your daily grub intake. What we call a win-win in every single way.

Knock Knock

If in Bandra and looking for a place to chill at, House of Thanos is just where you need to be. The food, the concept and the place is unique and we have to say makes for a perfect date spot for anyone who's dating a MCU fan or is a fan of the universe themselves. So, this Christmas, ditch the usual buffets and brunches, head out to House of Thanos and get your dose of food with a side of Marvel charm.

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