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Include these 5 easy ways in your daily routine to become COVID cautious in Mumbai

Prevention is better than cure, so let's re-learn the basics and break the chain of coronavirus!

The COVID scare in Mumbai is pacing with a renewed ferocity which spells danger for the city and its people. Standing at a crucial juncture, right at the edge of the second-stronger wave, prevention and precaution emerge as the only ways to retrace steps to recovery. There is a dire need to build a defence and re-learn steps to be COVID-cautious to weaken the grip of the raging pandemic. Here are the 5 things each one of us should comply with to weaken the infection chain:

Wear your mask properly

Your mask is a vital part of your war armour in this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is important to wear a mask in public places and in crowded areas, it is equally important that one should be wearing it properly - A face mask should ideally cover your nose, mouth and chin.

And no Mumbaikars, it is not a fashion statement, a chin guard or a turtle neck! So mask-up and build an effective guard against the virus.

Steer away from local trains

Local trains, without a doubt, are the easiest means of commute in the city. They are fast, they are cheap but they are also super crowded! This is not the time to eye that fourth seat or stand in the crowded aisles of the locals, this is the time to steer away from local trains, especially in peak hours.

When the 'lifeline-locals' only act as a threat to your life and health, walk shorter distances, get a kaali-peeli or a rickshwaw for a safer commute.

Spare some time and wash your hands!

The city of Mumbai never stops and to make sure that you're not caught in COVID-sneezes that slows down your life, spare some time out of your fast-paced life and wash your hands. Washing hands for 20 seconds can kill all unwarranted bacteria and boost personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently, after using the bathroom or coming in contact with foreign objects and surfaces. A sanitiser is your best friend if you're stepping out of the house!

Say no to Gardi

Of all the things that you need to avoid, gardi tops the list. Stay away from crowded places for you never know when you come in contact with a carrier or asymptomatic patients. Maintain optimum 6 feet social distance at all times to avoid the chances of contact transmission. Yes, that means no strolling at Marine Drive or Juhu Chowpatty!

Also, avoid human contact as much as you can and avoid touching surfaces that are frequently touched by others, such as door handles, elevator buttons, switches and so on.

Avoid clubs and bars

We've all missed going outside and spending quality time with our loved ones but Mumbaikars, this is the time to avoid clubs, bars and other such places. It can be a little taxing, considering the last year was a bore but mind over matter and caution over celebrations!

Knock Knock

Mumbai is reporting more single day COVID tallies now, than it did in the last year during the peak-phase which raises concern. If each individual does their bit and exercises personal caution, it will be much easier to douse the rising flames of coronavirus and flatten the elevating curve. We request all our readers to bring on their A-game and get ready for the second-round battle against the global pandemic.

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