Events in Juhu

When it comes to comedy events or any other happening event, Mumbai is one city that has it all. To add to all that, one of our favourite comedians, Kanan Gill is going to perform in town once again and we really can’t hold our excitement in. You can catch him live on July 31 at Nahar International School.

From his roots as a comedy YouTuber on his series Pretentious Movie Reviews, his style of comedy has expanded and he has implemented new content into his sets. We’re absolutely loving the way he is coming up as a comedian and it seems that we’re not the only ones.

He’s been performing in various venues across the globe and has made a name for himself in the international circuits. In fact, he also has his own Amazon Prime show and was also a judge in the hit series Comicstaan.

His own comedic style is relatable and that is why it resonates so well within us. Each of his quips find a place in us and stick with us in even our darkest moments. Since he himself was an engineer, his commentary hits all the way home. Apart from that, his illustrious career has shaped him into the master comedian he is today.

If for some reason, you’ve never seen him live, then this is your perfect chance to do so. Seeing him live and in the flesh while he delivers his one liners and jokes is an experience in itself and should be witnessed at least once. Once you’re done with the show, you’ll surely log on to YouTube and watch some more of his stuff because you really can’t get enough of it.

Kanan Gill will perform live in Mumbai on July 31 at Nahar International School. If you want to catch him in action, book your tickets here.