Hunger strikes at odd moments, we could be heading to work, out of it, going to a friend’s place or simply after a few drinks. Who is to say that we’ll have the time to have a proper sit-down meal with the luxuries of fine dine. For days when the hunger to have something quick, yet tasty strikes us, The Budapest Bakehouse is the perfect place to head to.

You can find a quick savoury cone to satisfy your hunger pangs or delve into a rich chocolate ice cream cone for sweet indulgence. Well sign us in!

What is exactly a chimney cone you ask?

The chimney cone is a baked cone bread that is filled with a spectrum of delicious fillings. The Budapest Bakehouse that is run by a chef from Budapest is the best place to grab these quick and easy snacks from.

The chimney cones are not only light, they are tasty and you can experiment with a variety of flavours and fillings when you feel like having two things at the same time. The savoury chimney cones are our favourite things to have. We especially love the baked mac and cheese cone, the chicken hot garlic with its spicy sauce and juicy pieces of chicken and the peri peri paneer with kick of spice and a ton of flavour.

We would also suggest the dessert cones. The cones here are made of cake and are heaped with a generous serving of various flavours of soft serve ice cream. The ice cream is not only soft and extremely delicious but also quite satisfying in the Mumbai heat.

We would recommend the Japanese Matcha cone that comes with an extra helping of matcha kitkat, the dark knight with its rich and indulgent chocolate and the refreshing mango for its refreshing tropical fruitiness.

So, the next time you want to indulge in a light snack or want to have a little sweet bite, head to The Budapest Bakehouse and have yourself a chimney cone to satiate all your qualms.

Former cricket turned actor Brett Lee was recently spotted in Mumbai’s Khar unveiling the franchise module for the world’s foremost bicycle brand Giants India. The former cricketer unveiled not only the business module, but a range of limited edition bicycles from the brand.

Who is Giant India?

Giants India gave its distribution license to Element Retail back in the August of 2018. They launched their first flagship store in Mumbai, spreading very rapidly across other cities in the country.

Now that the company has launched a new business franchise module, who better than healthy lifestyle advocate and fitness freak Brett Lee, himself. With the new module, the company plans to increase its visibility in the Indian market and ride on the fitness wave that has gripped the nation.

With more and more people looking towards better and long lasting fitness solutions, bicycles can prove to be a wonderful solution to all of the issues people face. They are not just good for your health but also extremely beneficial for the environment. It is only natural that the company chose to have Brett as their official face.

Brett seemed quite enthusiastic while unveiling the bicycles, he even rode one for a few minutes and let the paps click away. Speaking about the bicycles he said that he has always believed that a life built around fitness should be something that we all strive for. He also mentioned that he is excited to partner with one of the most known bicycle brands in the world.

Giant Bicycles are known to be high quality and made for a distinct purpose with special attention payed to the material used and the kind of terrain the cycles will be rode on.

Cyclone Fani has hit Odisha and has devastated the southern state, now the cyclone has moved towards West Bengal to wreak havoc and remind people that nature indeed is extremely strong. The cyclone that originated in the Bay of Bengal is fiercer than any cyclone Odisha has seen in the past 20 years. And if the weather and atmospheric conditions remain the same, Mumbai could very soon have a devastating cyclone.

Acclaimed author Amitav Ghosh has been writing and warning people of the impending climate change that may catch Mumbai and its people off guard.

To say that Mumbai is overcrowded will be an understatement, with so many people migrating to the city of dreams the density of Mumbai is off the charts. With such a high population density and every inch of it occupied, the threat has become very real. Amitav urges people to realize the kind of effect even a small cyclone can have on the city, let alone something as terrible as Fani.

Ghosh has been very active on social media, making sure that his voice and the plight of hundreds of people is heard across all platforms. The author even in his book, The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable, warns of the said threat.

The uptick in cyclonic activity in the Arabian Sea is so recent that there has yet been no need for large scale evacuations on the subcontinent’s west coast. Whether such evacuations could be organized is an open question. Mumbai has been lucky not to have been hit by a major storm in more than a century”: an excerpt from his book read.

The Fact is

Mumbai has been lucky in the past, it has been extremely lucky. But if we take in account the climatic change and the emergency like situation that has risen in the world, with the temperatures rising and the glaciers melting, Mumbai is awaiting its reckoning.

It is true that the efforts of Odisha government have been highly acclaimed and they have done a laud worthy job to evacuate the coastal region. Yet, if it comes down to Mumbai the poorly planned city will have to suffer severe repercussions.