Lowest number in 100 days! Mumbai reports 700 new COVID-19 cases

Mumbai's covid testing capacity marked at 9000 in a day

A day after achieving the maximum covid testing capacity of 9000, the city of Mumbai reported its lowest tally of coronavirus cases in a hundred days. With as many as 8776 tests, about 700 coronavirus cases were reported on Tuesday- its lowest single day tally in 3 months. The total case load of the city now stands at 1,10,182 with 21,812 active cases.

Minimum numbers with maximum testing

Achieving numbers as low as 700 in a day, after 100 days, the city of Mumbai finally gets some respite from the rising number of Coronvirus cases. The doubling rate of the city spreading over 68 days, Mumbai has embarked its journey to recover from the pandemic. The administration and health sighed in relief as the city recorded its lowest number in 3 months with a maximised Covid testing potency.

Mumbai is the only city to have liberalised testing for all, without the need of a doctor's prescription. Increase in testing capacities was pushed by licensing more labs, usage of antigen test kits and use of smart helmets. An increased testing was directly proportioned to an increased and improved recovery, however, this decrease in the number of fresh cases is a huge victory for the city of Mumbai that has emerged as the worst hit cities of Maharashtra and India. As many as 81,944 recoveries have been reported in the city with over 6,132 coronavirus deaths.

With a fall in the number of cases and increased recoveries, Mumbai may be awarded certain relaxations. The ongoing monsoon in Mumbai and the second wave of the virus also looms as a threat which may again lead to heightened transmission.

A legacy of 56 years, Bombay's Premier Kaali-Peeli fades in 2020

Premier Padminis now become a part of Mumbai's history!

Mumbai's taxi service, fondly and popularly known as the Kaali-Peeli, fades into history, after serving Mumbaikars for more than 5 decades. The iconic cultural and historic nostalgia that these cabs anchor in the proverbial sea of Mumbai's development is unmatched. The end of the 56 years old journey surely marks the end of an era in the city of Mumbai.

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In an impressive first move, Mumbai now has female figures on traffic lights

The UN Women body has also lauded this move.

For the first time ever, the traffic signals in Mumbai are upholding a step taken towards gender inclusivity by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) authorities. The aim of this initiative is to provide ample representation of women and to promote equality amidst the citizens. This has also put Mumbai in a deferential position of being the sole city in India to do so.

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BMC will soon detect Coronavirus using an AI-based voice testing procedure!

This testing procedure can calculate the results in mere 30 seconds!

The BMC is developing an artificial intelligence program to diagnose Covid-19 in the people of Mumbai, through the medium of voice testing. This non-invasive vocal band sampling procedure will be first launched at a Nesco Jumbo facility in Goregaon next week. This would be the pilot screening of the AI program that will sample about 1000 suspected and positive patients at the facility. Voice testing has previously been used in European countries like France and Italy for the detection of the coronavirus.

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Home isolation made mandatory for domestic travellers flying to Mumbai!

BMC issues new home isolation guidelines for travelers reaching Mumbai

In a order issued by the BMC, all domestic passengers travelling to Mumbai via flights will have to observe a 14 day home isolation to curb the transmission of the coronavirus. All Government officials will also fall within the purview of this new order that has regulated the travel and quarantine protocol.

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