Mumbai centre to decipher myths & unravel truths underlying UFO appearances!

Notably, this development marked the World UFO Day, 2021, being celebrated today across different countries of the globe.

Unlocking a new avenue of study, a scientist from Mumbai has set up a centre for deciphering the myths and uncovering the truth about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Notably, this development marked World UFO Day, 2021, being celebrated across different countries of the globe today. According to a report published by the US Department of Defense and the Director of National Intelligence in June 2021, the existence of UFOs has been attested.

Scientist with 25 years of experience in astrobiology

It is noteworthy that the Pentagon Report could not explain 143 of the 144 UFOs sightings that have been researched in the past decade. IARF Head and scientist Pushkar G. Vaidya said, "Against this backdrop, the Indian Astrobiology Research Foundation has launched the 'IARF-Centre of Excellence for UFOs (ICEU)." As per the first plans, ICEU will establish a navigable record collecting information about all UFO appearances covered by the Indian Media and otherwise.

This centre would allow people to log their accounts of UFO sightings which will be further checked by experts at ICEU. "The ICEU will conduct primary research and surveys on UFOs across the country and involve the people and international scientists on UFO discussions within the scientific parameters," explained Vaidya. Remarkably, the scientist has over 25 years of experience in astrobiology and related aspects.

Past and present occurrences to be studied at the centre

While UFO visuals have been observed in India since the 1950s, no unforeseen subsequent event has been reported. Amongst the most famed ones, the UFO sightings of November 1996 above the Kandivali suburb of northwest Mumbai garnered significant attention. Additionally, such observations were also reported from Thane (adjoining Mumbai), Bengaluru, Kerala, Assam by individuals and amateur groups of UFO hunters.

Now, such events will be studied deeply at this centre in a bid to unravel the hidden mysteries. Besides, the experts would propound upon their source civilisation and expected impact on India and humanity as a whole.

Unknown aspects of the universe relevant to the Indian context

"The World UFO Day is celebrated this day (July 02) to commemorate the controversially famed UFO crash on July 2, 1947, at Roswell, New Mexico in the USA Since then, UFOs have grabbed public imagination and led to a lot of interest even among the global scientific communities," Vaidya said. He wrote the book "In Search Of Aliens" (1997) as a sixteen-year-old teenager, which is a shining testimony to his deep interest in the field.

Vaidya informed that the entire subject is very relevant in the Indian context. Under the ambit of astrobiology, the origins, evolution and distribution of life in the universe is delineated, which generates curiosity over the unknown and undiscovered aspects of the macrocosm.

- With inputs from IANS

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