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Highest single-day spike since June 4 reported in Mumbai on Sunday with 922 new COVID cases

Pandemic alarms ring in Maharashtra as Omicron tally rises to 141 cases

A fresh load of 922 cases on Sunday raised COVID alarms in Mumbai, marking the highest single-day spike in over 200 days. Reportedly, the city last recorded a tally as high as this on June 4, 2021, during the second wave threat of the pandemic. While the case positivity ratio saw a 21% jump since Saturday (757 cases), the BMC has attributed the exponential rise to increased testing in view of the emergent Omicron strain.

27 new Omicron cases traced in Mumbai

The daily scaling COVID tallies in Mumbai in the last week has pushed Mumbai on the brink of a health emergency. According to a health bulletin, the city is accountable for 27 of the total 31 Omicron cases detected in Maharashtra in the last 24 hours.

Two of the other 4 cases have been traced in Thane, while one each has been logged in Pune and rural Akola. With this, the state's Omicron count has surged to a total of 141 cases, raising concerns across.

New COVID restrictions in Mumbai

The state has already issued precautionary measures with new curbs for the upcoming new year festivities and the BMC has banned all celebrations and gathering in Mumbai. All NYE programmes, parties, functions, activities happening in either open or closed places shall be prohibited with the municipal limits of Greater Mumbai, the order read. Public gatherings of five or more people will also be suspended between 9 PM and 6 AM.

No more than 100 people will be allowed inside closed venues like banquet halls, the BMC circular read. This limit is extended up to 250 people in open sky spaces during marriage events, social, political and religious events. Besides, attendance in sports events should be capped at 25% of the stadium/venue capacity. The order further elaborated that entry in restaurants, gymnasiums, spas and theatres will be allowed at only 50% capacity.

All measures and curbs have been imposed to break the chain of coronavirus spread and avert the chance of an upcoming COVID peak. The public is encouraged to abide by pandemic appropriate behaviour, wear a mask and maintain social distancing at all times in public spaces.

KL Rahul likely to lead the debutant Lucknow franchise in 2022 IPL!

After starting his IPL career in 2014, KL had been leading Punjab Kings in the last two editions of the Indian Premier League.

The Lucknow IPL franchise is all set to make its entry in this year's Indian Premier League with KL Rahul as the team captain. Apart from KL Rahul, ahead of the mega auction that is set to take place on February 12 and 13, Marcus Stoinis and Ravi Bishnoi are also likely to be chosen by the debutant Lucknow franchise in this year's IPL edition. Read on to know more about RP Sanjiv Goenka Group-owned team Lucknow.

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Jaipur doctor features an award-winning international film!

Dr. Pooja Mukul, a renowned rehabilitation physician from Jaipur has featured in an international documentary called 'Price of Cheap'

In the recently held Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF), the audience was elated to see an international documentary starring the city’s very own renowned rehabilitation physician, Dr. Pooja Mukul, ‘Price of Cheap’ is a documentary that tells the stories of modern slaves hidden in fashion supply chains, directed by filmmaker and screenwriter, Barry Stevens.

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Are you dealing with post-COVID fatigue & other health problems? iTHRIVE is here with a plan!

iTHRIVE presents PCS Care, a holistic solution for post-COVID treatment

Moving forward with its revolutionary method of healthcare, iTHRIVE is here with the ultimate post-COVID care plan addressing all the aftereffects of this viral infection. Using its multidisciplinary approach, iTHRIVE's Post-COVID Recovery Programme- PCS Care tackles the underlying health issues in people with a history of COVID-19.

If you've started feeling low even after you're no longer infected with COVID, you are not alone. According to experts, people who have recovered from COVID continue to face fatigue and other underlying health problems including brain fog, heart palpitation or multi-organ conditions. To help people facing these troubles, iTHRIVE has a plan and that uses some simple herbs, nutrients, food and alternative modalities like meditation.

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With 31,111 fresh cases reported on Monday, Maharashtra's COVID graph marks a decline

Out of the total daily Covid cases detected in Maharashtra on Monday, Mumbai City reported 5,956 cases, marking a significant downfall from the fresh caseload noted on Sunday

After registering 46,723 new cases on January 12, the graph of daily COVID infection tally has been depicting a slight slump in Maharashtra. Registering a fall of around 10,000 cases from Sunday, 31,111 fresh COVID cases were detected across Maharashtra, on Monday. While this news brings a sense of relief for all, the rise in Omicron infection in the state has become a cause of concern in the state, claims health officials.

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2,716 fresh COVID cases & 1,420 recoveries reported in Lucknow on Monday

Ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, a total of 2,59,691 people have contracted the coronavirus infection in the city, so far

Amid the rising coronavirus infection, Lucknow marked yet another high on Monday with a total of 2,716 fresh COVID cases, taking the active caseload to 17,658. According to reports, Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow, also contracted the viral disease on Monday. With the active mark nearing the 20,000-mark now, the surge in cases has become a cause of concern for all. Read on to know more about the status of COVID in Lucknow.

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In an attempt to widen the coverage of vaccination among school students in Lucknow, the authorities have issued a new directive to the principals of all the schools in the city. As per the notice issued by the authorities on Monday, the school administration is now responsible for the vaccination drive that is set to take place on the school campus. Read on to know more about the vaccination drive of adolescents aged 15 to 17 in Lucknow.

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Chowmein gol-gappa from Lucknow is breaking the internet, would you try this bizarre fusion food?

While this new weird fusion food has divided the internet, what are your thoughts on it?

Moving over the iconic Tunday ke kebabs and Idrees ki biryani, Lucknow has a brand new offering for all the foodies who love to experiment with their food. Brace your heart for this one as it is not meant for the light-hearted (read stomach). Lucknow- the land of flavours presents Chowmein Gol Gappa! *drumrolls*

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