Mumbai Metro update: New ‘Unlimited-Ride Passes’ can save you a ton on the daily commute

Metro One is making travel cheaper with its unlimited ride passes.

Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL) is a popular metro route, used by thousands on a daily basis. Though started with a few hiccups along the way, Mumbai Metro One, has today become a dependable mode of transportation in the city. Since it connects to major points of Mumbai- Andheri to Ghatkopar, the metro sees a daily ridership of nearly 5 lakh commuters.

Many of these commuters choose the metro as an ideal transportation for their daily grind which means, they end up spending a sizeable amount on the rides. To make commuting cheaper for those who have to travel on the same route daily, Mumbai Metro has come up with monthly unlimited ride passes.

What's the update?

Mumbai Metro One just launched its 'unlimited rides monthly passes' to make commute cheaper. The metro network already offers a '45 rides pass', where a rider has to pay for just 30 rides on a specific route and can take up to 45 rides on the same. The new passes will ensure that commuters get unlimited rides from their journey station to the destination, without having to buy the ticket or recharge their metro cards.

These passes are specifically designed for those who need to make frequent travels on the same route. Say, a rider who gets on at Andheri and gets off at Ghatkopar every single day would've had to pay for the rides daily but with the new unlimited pass, the rider can easily make as many rides as he/she wants and pay only for a portion of it.

Upgrade your '45 ride pass' to unlimited at just ₹25!

The monthly passes will be available for 4 routes that usually allowed the '45 ride pass' earlier; with an additional charge of just ₹25, commuters will be able to upgrade their pass into an unlimited one.

Which means, passengers travelling between Andheri and Saki Naka can pay ₹800 rather than ₹775, to avail unlimited rides along the route and henceforth for other routes as well. Ghatkopar to Marol Naka/Airport Road will also cost ₹800 rather than ₹775, Ghatkopar-Andheri will be ₹1,125 rather than ₹1,100 and Versova-Ghatkopar will cost ₹1,400 rather than ₹1,375.

According to a report by TOI, the 45 ride passes are being used by over 50,000 of the commuters, to make over 1 lakh rides. With the unlimited monthly pass, riders will now be able to make as many trips as they need, without having to think about the price or their frequency.

Knock Knock

If you live in Mumbai, commuting is truly a battle and finding a way to avoid the usual traffic is a blessing in itself. If you get to save some cash while at the daily grind, it becomes much more lucrative. The unlimited monthly passes will allow riders to forget about the frequency of their trips or even the hassle of standing in queues and buying tickets.

Mumbai scrapes-off fine for not wearing masks while driving private vehicles

Fines will still be imposed on people travelling mask-less in public transport and/or public places.

In a fresh set of guidelines issued by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on Sunday, people will no longer be fined for not wearing masks inside private vehicles. In a directive issued by the BMC, all clean-up marshals were asked to exempt people in personal vehicles from the no-mask fine, priced at ₹200. However, this relaxation has not been extended to people travelling in public transport including taxis, rickshaws, buses and trains. Fines will also be imposed on people without face masks in other public places, stated the BMC.

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Abhishek Walia's latest show in Jaipur promises an evening of giggles and chuckles

The event is scheduled for the 6th of February at Jaipur's L.O.L cafe.

Have your new year vibes given up to the monotony of life already? Or, are you fed up with the uncertain times moving slowly through the pandemic? Then, light up your spirits for we know what you want! After your crazy laughter went on an uninformed vacation a long time ago, we know that your heart has been craving for an evening of exuberance, and comedian Abhishek Walia is coming to Jaipur with his brand new show, just to take care of that!

What's the cool thing all about?

Claiming to be an evening that would twist the obnoxious Kalesh in everyone's life into a laugh ride, the event promises to entertain its attendees with a live roast performance. The 1.5 hours long show would tickle its audience with the wittiest insights from the most usual experiences of life.

After winning The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 5, Abhishek Walia has made it to the hearts of young people across the country. A University of Delhi Alumnus with a history of working as an analyst and a trained anchor too, Abhishek has worked in a lot of fields before finally realising what his calling was. Having garnered millions of views on his roast acts available online, the artist shines bright in the Indian comedy circle.

For long we have been hooked to our youtube screens for all our doses of laughter amidst the lockdown and an outing like this, will surely provide for a fresh change for the head and the heart.

Knock Knock

Whether you are thinking of clearing your mind or dreaming of a memorable fun-time with your bae, this event definitely deserves your attention. To book your spots in the room of giggles and chuckles, find tickets here.

When: 6th February, 6 PM onwards

Where: L.O.L Cafe, Ashok Nagar Jaipur.

For the first time in Lucknow, ‘Gur Mahotsav' soon to be a sweet reality!

A haven for sweet-lovers, this fair will have stalls of jaggery, chocolates, sweets, candies and kheer up for grabs!

For the first time ever, Lucknow will host a 'Gur Mahotsav' showcasing the branding of jaggery and its related products. To be held in the city sometime next month, the festival was earlier set to take place last year. However, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed.

A haven for sweet-lovers, this fair will have stalls of jaggery, chocolates, sweets, candies and kheer up for grabs! Bringing progressive sugarcane farmers from every corner of the state to Lucknow, this fest will also work as a central platform where agro-producers will be able to meet specialist producers and people from the food processing sector. This confluence will help the different groups to share their knowledge for symbiotic growth.

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In an attempt to benefit the children with special needs, the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has decided to implement a 50% reduction in the examination fees for them. Reportedly, a circular issued by the secretary of the Goa Board stated that the examination fee shall be decreased to 50% of its current value for all the specially-abled children who will sit for their class 10th or 12th board examination through an accredited secondary or higher secondary school.

No practical examinations fees for examinees with special needs

The amended fee amount stands at ₹ 525 for students who deposit within the stipulated time while it would be ₹ 1,025 if the late fee is added. These students will also be exempted from paying the fee for practical examination. Additionally, a reduced fee of ₹ 300 would be charged for providing the statement of marks and the passing certificate.

The board's resolve attempts to grant an advantage to the kids with special needs. Though the decision regarding the concessions was taken by the Goa Board's executive council in January last year, it is being extended to the students from the forthcoming board examination.

Not the first benefit scheme of the state board

As practised by all other boards of education, the Goa board also provides other relaxations to these students appearing for 10th and 12th examinations. Facilities like the help of a scribe are provided based on the nature and extent of disability.

The latest intervention is not the first of its kind in Goa. Since 2005, the Goa Board has kept a separate set of provisions for children with special needs. The scheme that underwent revisions in 2008 and later in 2018 is targeted towards providing financial aids to regular schools for establishing resource rooms and executing all-encompassing methods of education. Also, allowances are offered to the parents of these children for being able to avail facilities like physiotherapy.

A sanctum of serenity, Jaipur's  first-ever desert park, Kishan Bagh to open soon

Being the latest addition to the sprawling landmarks of Jaipur, this park is all set to shine like a jewel in the ornamented heritage of the city.

Fascinated by the marvellous architecture and culture of the historic city, tourists in Jaipur often lose out on exploring the mystifying deserts around it. To their rescue, comes Jaipur`s first-ever desert park, an innovative venture by the city development authority. Instituted in August 2016, Kishan Bagh may open its doors to visitors anytime soon as the works by the JDA and the forest department are nearing completion.

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